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Found 30 results

  1. I'm having a problem where the steerable landing gear on my planes overstresses at the slightest touch, preventing me from launching planes. This happens in both x32 and x64, in Windows. I couldn't accelerate planes at all on the lvl 1 runway, as it was so bumpy that it immediately exploded. Even on the lvl 2 runway as soon as a plane reaches about 100 m/s it overstresses and explodes. Latest attempt the landing gear overstressed as soon as the plane was placed on the runway, before I even started the engines. Any clues what I might be doing wrong, or if anyone else experienced that? Planes are very simple, 30 parts only.
  2. With the new IVA cutaway feature in 1.1, I was a little disappointed that we didn't have to option to only make the windows transparent. Using this feature, is it possible to create window-only transparency? If it is, could someone make it?
  3. Ugh, I just installed KSP 1.1 with it being fully released and opening a test save, I find this bug. My KSC is completely black, as I scroll through the blackness I can find and enter the various buildings, with the side bar buttons also working. Note, it isn't nighttime, there's nothing. I'll upload a screenshot in a second. Output log-
  4. Hello, With the IVA cutaway feature coming in 1.1, what I thought would be a great idea would be to make only the windows transparent, so we can see inside without the entire cutaway, just the windows, like this; Credit to @rbray89 for doing some fantastic work with EVE to make these windows work. Just my two cents, I feel this is a feature that is being missed out.
  5. So, I've been doing some vague benchmarking to see how I can get the best performance from KSP. To that end, I have been using Kerbokatz' FPS Viewer and Physical Time ratio viewer to see how the game is running under different platforms. I've got KSP installed on Windows Vista and Linux (Ubuntu 15.04). I flew the Dynawing stock craft, and watched the reported Physical Time ration, and here are the results: Physical time ratio, using a physics time step of 0.02. (Higher is better). Windows Vista, DX9: ~58% Windows Vista, DX11: ~50% Linux x64, OpenGL: ~50% Windows Vista, OpenGL: ~35% So, with my hardware, DX9 gets the best performance (though at the cost of higher memory usage as others have discussed). DX11 and Linux OpenGL, and Windows OpenGL is significantly worse. Another thing I noticed: Under DX11 and OpenGL, the performance drops to about 25% at the default zoom, but if I zoom out just a bit (so the craft fills about 1/2 the screen vertically) the performance increases to the above values. This doesn't happen on DX9. It performed the same regardless. Lastly, Physical Time Ratio Viewer has an option to display the physics time-step. I noticed that if I increase the physical time-warp, the physics time step goes up proportionally, but then doesn't come back down when reducing the physics time warp. The effect on performance is noticeable, so I don't think it is just the mod not recording it correctly. It seems like the mod is getting it right, and the game isn't resetting the physics time-step when warping down. Computer specs, for the curious: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 overclocked to 3.78GHz; Nvidia GTX 960, playing at 1080p with a few graphics mods (EVE, scatterer, Real Plume). Anyway, these are just some observations I made. Maybe they'll help someone else figure out how they want to run their setup.