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  1. This is the WIP progress thread for my first ever mission, Subnautika, based off of and inspired by the sci-fi survival game Subnautica. Built in stock KSP, no mods required. The Kaurora was just beginning its 6-month long exploration mission to document the newly discovered ocean moon of Laythe. Built around orbit of Kerbin, the Kaurora began its journey to the green gas giant Jool and arrived about 3 months later. The crew consisted of 4 kerbals: Valentina, Bill, Bob, and Ryley. When the Kaurora finally braked into low Laythe orbit, however, it was hit by an unidentified energy pulse. All contact was lost. The Kaurora's 2 lifepods deployed. Ryley was alone in Lifepod 5 while the other three bundled into Lifepod 4. While descending through the atmosphere, Ryley was hit on the head with a stray panel and knocked out. Hit pod safely deployed parachutes and flotation devices and landed by the shoreline of one of Laythe's scarce islands. And this is where the mission begins. Ryley must investigate the strange circumstances of the Kaurora's destruction while plumbing the deeper and darker secrets of this isolated and (so it seems) lifeless moon. The mission is still in its early stages of development, and I'll post an alpha version as soon as I get the story working (fiddling with some recreations of Subnautica's buildings).
  2. IMPORTANT: This mod is now being continued by @ffx here: I've always wanted another gas giant for the Kerbin System, and after playing with OPM a lot, I decided to try it myself. After all, it's not rocket science, it's astronomy! I mainly made this because, recently, after I started getting interested into modding, I decided to make a planet pack, or at least try to. So, I'll be documenting my efforts here. Disclaimer: Valor is currently very WIP. It's not finished, and there will obviously be problems. Here's the current plan for the system (Ones with check marks are in-game already): √ Valor - Blue Gas Giant Blue Has Oxygenated Atmosphere Milo Orbits extremely close to Valor Should have a great view Mun-like √ Theta - Desert Moon High Ore Concentration Oxygenated Atmosphere Bonx - Rocky Moon Very High Ore Concentration Signature Black Stripes on it's surface (May or may not be related to Ore Concentration ) Binx - Tiny Moon in a near-polar orbit Gilly-like moon May be a captured asteroid/comet, we'll see Kipper Huge, reddish moon (bigger than Tylo!) 5 gees of gravity at sea level More ore concentration than Bonx! Has a set of rings, formed when it's own gravity ripped it's moonlet apart √ Orton An ocean moon that got frozen over Got ejected out of its orbit by a catastrophic event, once orbited between Kerbin and Eve Very very thin remnants of it's original atmosphere still exist To-Do List: Finish adding all the moons Add biomes Add Terrain Scatter Add EVE support Add Scatterer support Add PlanetShine support Add Kopernicus Expansion Footprints support Changelog: v0.3 - Added Orton v0.2 - Added Theta - Tilted Valor's rings by 10 degrees - Changed the internal folder structure slightly v0.1 - Initial release, added Valor. No Pics, No Clicks? Here ya go! Download: Spacedock Dependencies: Kopernicus Continued License: Valor is licensed under GPLv3 Installation Instructions: Just drag the contents of the GameData folder into your GameData folder. Q&A: Q: Is Valor compatible with OPM? A: No, as Valor's orbit is very similar to Sarnus's. However, if you get more hands-on, Valor makes a pretty good Planet 9 Analog Q: Is Valor compatible with MPE? A: Yes! Minor Planet Expansion is compatible and recommended! Q: Is Valor compatible with (Insert Planet Pack Here that's not listed above) A: I don't know. Test it out yourself! Q: I can't find this mod on CKAN! A: Valor is listed on CKAN as Valor Planet Pack. If you can't find it, you can always download from the spacedock link above. Q: How can I help? A: Anything is appreciated! Q: Is there a Discord/Chatroom for VPP? A: As of now, all VPP discussion resides at: https://discord.gg/NBjTwyhZsQ Q: Can we stop with the questions now? A: Um.... sure, I guess. Any comments, screenshots, contributions, and criticism is always accepted and appreciated! If you think something should be different, please tell me! Special Thanks to: @R-T-B , who helped me solve a bug with this mod, @DunaManiac, who graciously provided the texture of Orton, and also provided guidance, @Commodore_32, for providing feedback and screenshots. Thank you all very much!
  3. This is Septimus, a single-rotor express helicopter based on RuBisCO's eminent Compound Speed 2. First off: all credit to RuBisCO for the original, very beautiful Compound Speed 2, a stock helicopter in which RuBisCO invested countless hours tuning to be the perfect machine, incorporating a state-of-the-art KAL controller. The reasons for the "fork" are several but the notable quality of this work is that it can be flown with a single rotary wing plane and no counter-balancing agency other then airflow over the control surfaces and the Reaction Wheels (only 15% of one of those is required usually).
  4. Recent Changelog - 5/28/2021 -Ira and Byte overhaul progress -Updated to KSP 1.11. You need Kopernicus for this mod to work. Known issues -Bodies appear black in the RnD building, and the main menu body appears black when returning to the main menu. To Do -Fix gas giant atmosphere pressure curves and appearances -Add hidden planets (good luck finding em) -Fix seriously bad-looking terrain on some bodies -Finish Biome maps -Touch up early versions of some bodies -Make proper scatterer configs (gonna be a while) Download GitHub release page Screenshots and Bodies Myna, the new Mun. Very green. Klip, much larger and heavier than Minmus. Filled with hills and some sharp ridges. Grasse, a heavy rock close to Eve's old orbit. It doesn't look pleasant from space, but it makes for a great drive. Bedu, a gas dwarf close to Moho's orbit. It harbors two small moons, neither of which have atmospheres. Kase, one of them, can be seen here. Cinder, a moon made of popcorn. Confirmation needed. Argent, a planet so close to the sun that its surface has been blasted away. Touch up in progress. Aeris and its moon Sedra. I plan on reworking Aeris's terrain soon, but I think I'll keep the color scheme. Byte, a barren desert world with lots of craters. Bit, Moon of Byte. 1/8 the size, too. Vita and one of its moons, Ola (serious work needed on terrain at the moment) Joule, the new Jool (needs polar distortions still). Ohm, a large moon with a thin atmosphere. It has high peaks for its size, and a lot of islands. Amp, a very large rocky moon without an atmosphere. Rework is mostly complete, just messing with colors and a few areas of terrain. Spark, a spherical asteroid only a few km across. I'd remake it, but the surface is too fun. Volt, a large desert moon. The atmosphere isn't as thick as it looks, I'll fix it eventually. Ira, a small, dense ice moon. It has a thin-ish atmosphere, but planes shouldn't be too hard to land here if they're light enough. No oxygen. Elias, the current replacement for Eeloo. It will be moved out much farther than its current position. Any thoughts/criticism? Please share it with me, I need every bit I can get. Please don't redistribute this mod as your own. If you want to make any modifications to it and rerelease it, contact me first.
  5. Terras Ignotas "Sail past the stars and wonder" [Placeholder Logo] Terras Ignotas is a mod that adds 2 small star systems to explore, though more will be added and existing ones will be grown. It may not look the best, but improvements are constantly being made! Credits: Hadron, Ayse, Ionis, Gobek, most of Pumilio and Maezenis - @NickRoss120 Pumilio and Maezenis tweaks, Jac, Jil, Hil, Epochon - @DeltaDizzy Patches that need to work - @Mrcarrot Ideas and testing - @RedPandaz Troubleshooting Please provide us (in a zip file) with your KSP.log, output_log.txt, ModuleManager.ConfigCache, and the Logs/Kopernicus folder. You also need to tell us the version of KSP, Kopernicus, ModuleManager, and Terras Ignotas you are using. Kopernicus IS REQUIRED. <--- Github Download! SOURCE License is MIT Come check out our discord server for quicker support! https://discord.gg/xJNe4rj
  6. I was thinking of doing it so I made some sloppy ones so far. Note I have NO plans to 100% vetorize it all but I have these available for profile pics, background art, or if you want to continue where I left off and vectorize it all
  7. In order to make science less unrealistic and more challenging, I present to you the Science Elaboration System (original discussion thread here). This mod aims to make the road from experiment to parts more challenging, adding gameplay, without making things too grindy. A chart comparing the current science system to the Science Elaboration System (C)(TM)(SCIENCE!) Overview Planned features (subject to change): Multiple science types (at least one for every major category like aero, engines, science, structural, etc) Technology nodes and building upgrades need one or more of these science types to unlock (cost tweakable in settings) Science can be made by processing data in science labs (processing is slow and can be sped up by using high-tech labs or multiple cheaper labs) Processed science has to be transmitted or transported to the R&D lab (much like the current system but with more shiny buttons to press) Data is gained by science instruments, science multipliers are now data multipliers Lab efficiency: higher-tier labs need less data per science and work faster, but require far more power Lab bonus efficiency: research lab location (atmospheric planet or not, orbiting or not, etc) affects science production, relevant science types will get a production bonus or penalty Fast labs and large setups require serious power supplies (more than a single solar panel), perhaps detect mods like Near Future Electrical/Solar and Interstellar and adjust requirements Entry-level research lab with terrible efficiency. Support for science mods if feasible, include default configuration file Lots of options to disable or tweak parts you don't like Things I'd like your opinion on and may or may not be included (you can consider these more like statements rather than planned features, please react!): Data decays over time unless stored in a powered lab Data is a resource and can not be transmitted, but it can be moved in the way traditional science can (this requires you to bring a mobile research lab or a return rocket and will probably make things a lot harder, but maybe too hard. Maybe a inefficient autonomous lab is an idea?) Higher tier science types require lower tier science types as an ingredient Whatever feasible features you can come up with! Meta-research: faster and more efficient research for unlocked science labs Metadata: gain bonus data (unlock with research and strategies) NYFAQTWPBAFIIDNITN (Not Yet Frequently Asked Questions That Would Probably Be Asked Frequently If I Did Not Include This NYFAQTWPBAFIIDNITN) Q: Why is this WIP? A: This is the first major mod I'm making, and I need to figure out the Unity and KSP API, learn C# (I'm already familiar with C and have recompiled mods in the past), and likely reverse engineer other projects before I can start making my own stuff. As I am a physics university student, I barely have spare time, so this will take a while. Please do not expect (rapid) development. I am also still thinking about what I would like this mod to become and how that fits with your expectations. Q: Why do you want me to give you opinions? A: I value your input! You might see things from different perspectives and allow this mod to become better than the Science Elaboration System mod in the parallel universe where I didn't want your opinions! Q: Where will you be pushing code 'n stuff to? A: To this repo: https://github.com/asdfCYBER/Science-Elaboration-System. I tend to delay commits a lot though, so don't worry if there hasn't been a commit in a month. Q: Roadmap? A: https://github.com/asdfCYBER/Science-Elaboration-System/projects/1 Q: NOOOO DONT IMPLUMENT DIS STUPID FEETURE!!!(one)(eleven) A: ...that's not a question. I can't please everyone but I will try to add configuration settings so you can play the way you like. Downloads Heh, you can put a reminder on your calendar for next year or something.
  8. Turn your Kerbal society into a Type 1 Civilization by adding civilian exploration! Your agency, as research goes on, gains the ability to have civilians take part on your exploration. Once build, your ships, orbital or ground station will welcome civilian that will pay a rent to your agency, breed, grow their kids, get aged and die. You will also be able to train and recruit civilian to become regular kerbonauts. As this mod is still under development, all the functionnalities are not available yet. CKAN : install CivilianPopulation (Civilian Population 2.1.2) Download : ksp-civilian-population-mod-2.1.2.zip Github : https://github.com/rleroy/CivilianPopulation Credits This mod is a fork from "Newbier Newb's Revamp of Civilian Population" mod. It exists thanks to the collective work of : @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. Licenced under CC BY-NC 4.0. This mod requires Community Resource Pack. Any kind of help is more than welcome, pick a `TODO` above, do it, and I will be glad to accept your pull request. If you need help to understand how to build the mod, just ask ! Pictures Electrical parts - Netherdyne Reactor Unit DX-110 - Netherdyne Reactor Unit MX-99 Convert Enriched Uranium into Depleted Uranium, Xenon Gas and Electricity ! TODO : - Rebalance cost. - Rebalance conversion speed. - Big reactor animation won't stop. - Turn the lights off when the reactors are off. [WRN 00:08:25.564] [ShipConstruct for CivPopReactor]: part cost (15000.0) is less than the cost of its resources (432500.0) [WRN 00:08:25.598] [ShipConstruct for SmallCivPopReactor]: part cost (8000.0) is less than the cost of its resources (173000.0) Science parts - Netherdyne University. A command and research module. TODO : - Fix EVA problems when there is not ladder. - Implements training module that will allow to turn civilian into regular kerbonauts. Utility parts : Apartments - Civilian Large House mk2 - Civilian Small Apartment Complex - Civilian Large Apartment Complex - Civilian Contractor Dock Mk1 - Civilian Small House Living quarters for civilians. TODO : - Cannot go back in Small House. - Add ladder to Small House. [LOG 08:21:59.524] Load(Model): CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/surfaceAttachHouseSmall [ERR 08:21:59.599] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported [ERR 08:21:59.600] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported Utility parts : Farms - Hydroponic Garden Biosphere - Small Hydroponic Garden Biosphere - Netherdyne Farm Biodome Mk2 - Small Hydroponic Garden Module Use plants to grow food, purify water and air. TODO : - Remove biodome top attach point. - Animation on "Small Hydroponic Garden Module" does not work. Utility parts : Tanks - Small Fertilizer Tank - Small Waste Water Tank - Small Sustenance Tank TODO : - Calibrate those to a capacity of 1 day / kerbal. Utility parts : Drill - Netherdyne XL-9000 Mega Laser Drill - Netherdyne Laser Drill Laser drilling for surface exploitation. Ground parts - Cruiser Landing Gear - Cruiser Landing Gear Mk2 TODO ; - Fix legs deployments @see http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135250-landing-legs-in-11/&page=1 @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/BaseSystem/Parts/Wheels/LandingLeg.cfg Structural Parts - truss18x18NoCore - truss6x18 - truss6x6Core - truss6x6CoreL - truss6x6CoreT - truss6x6CoreX - truss6x6NoCore - bioSphereBaseNoWalls All seems ok. - bioSphereWindows - bioSphereWindowsLarge - bioSphereWindowsWide TODO : Cannot go inside, should improve attach points. - bioDomeBase - bioDomeBaseLarge - bioSphereBase - bioSphereBaseWallRing - parkbioDomeBase - parkbioDomeBaseRock - parkbioDomeBaseMetal TODO : Attachment point in the air, cannot go "into" the structure. Agency TODO : Add Netherdyne as an agency. @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/BaseSystem/Agencies @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - Sources/PlanetarySurfaceStructures/SurfaceStructuresCategoryFilter.cs Configuration for third party addons ------------------------------------ TODO : Kerbalism - Configure farms. Civilian behaviour DONE : Rent of civilian : 200 funds per civilian per day (6 hours). Civilian contractor growth : Every 85 days on Kerbin orbit, 170 around Mun or Minmus, never elsewhere, a civilian will be created on an activated Civilian Dock. Civilian recruitment process : The button recruit of the university will turn civilian living in this university into regular kerbals with a random choosen profession. Civilian breeding growth : If allowed (From a Habitat part or the contractors dock), Kerbals will breed. Females give birth after 320 (3/4 of a Kerbin Year) days of pregnancy. Males can breed from 15yo females from 15yo to 45yo. Civilian aging and death : Once a Kerbal reach 75yo, there (age-75)% chance per year that he dies from his old age any day during this year.
  9. I don't even know the logic behind demanding a license for a mod Stock whatnot Tweaks to stock parts It just adds additional bother to people Tantares Whatnot Fixes and tweaks to Tantares Mainstrream parts are now in all colors Nobody reads it anyway https://spacedock.info/profile/RAG License MIT (I don't know why would I need this)
  10. I'm sorry about the long wait but i'm finally doing it for real this time. I've already done some posts of my previous attempt which was interrupted by schoolwork... But here's the new Imgur album of the launches comprising the first of my probe vanguard to Jool (Because why not) Album Link Will update as work progresses. Launching the second support vehicle as I write this
  11. I'm not a 3d artist, but I do some mechanical design in 3d. And I like the orange and grey color scheme in KSP, which is not well represented among the space station parts mod. Also, I'm kind of bored of the cylindrical + toroids habs, and I'm a fan of modular configuration, or honeybees. A system you can grow around, going in all directions, not only along an axis. Also, if you can use the same part for space and landed bases, that's a plus. I've started to design some modules using FreeCad (yeah, not blender, but again, math, dimensions and mechanical constraints speaks to me, and I can export a mesh in whatever format I want, so I'll d the texturing, UVmapping and stuff using Blender). I've tried hexagons, but they're excrementsty at making a sphere with them, so I've gone octogonal (and triangles), to have a enclosure around a spherical modules. The color are really not final, they just helps me with having an idea of it. The blueish parts are the windows, and I need to decide what to do with the top, I'll probably do some door / inside hatch system. The idea is to be able to stack them around, either by the faces, or by the triangular corners, and to add functionnality to them by adding triangular modules and adapters (1.5m parts should fit on those triangle faces). I know it's not really going to be stock-like, but what do you think of it ? (yes, I need to add details, ladders, grab bar and stuff). I'm not sure about the top ring either, it kind of forces it to be the 'up' part of the module, while I'd like to have no such thing as top, and remains in a plug and play system.
  12. Noticing the Huge lack of 4 kerbal pods and 3.75m command pods in the game I decided to start work on a mod. Its called the onion mpcv because it was 1am when I started this and that was the best thing i could think of that sounded kinda like Orion don't judge me. This is Orion: Ultimate goal is to make all the parts for the orion mpcv, possibly the SLS and eventually more 3.75m command pods and cool stuff. So far I've been able to get the command module into the game. Here's the OnionCM next to the 1.25 and 2.5 pods for comparison. Going for stock-alike when it comes to textures though those windows are really pretty bad i'll have to work on my texturing. Holds 4 kerbs so you can bring Val along Top is made to fit your standard docking port and stock heat shield fits pretty snug. I'm considering integrating parachutes into the pod similarly to the way the actual Orion pod functions. I've also managed to create a LES shroud for the command pod which manages to fit the docking port on top and I have confirmed that the stock LES can lift the onion far from disaster if needed. I'm currently lost as to how to make my models appear smooth other than increasing tri count which is obviously not the way to do things, If anyone can point me in the right direction It would be very much appreciated. (the command pod looks smooth because its somewhere in the range of 3000 tris and has a dark texture. I hope to bring that number down to the 2000 range if possible so I have more wiggle room to actually recess the windows like on the real pod.) Last thing that's worth showing off at the moment is this un-textured model for a 3.75m nuclear engine. (I've seen many mods that include 2.5m variants but not 3.75m) I have many other models that I've whipped up but ill show those off once they have textures and are a bit more interesting to look at. Any advice is welcome, since this is my first attempt at developing a mod.
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrav31dnevhl7su/MIP.zip?dl=0 So this is a continuation of my Rald mod. I was going to call it IPM/ the Inner Planets Mod, but that might be too deceptive as its in no way affiliated with OPM, nor is it all that similar. The star of the mod is Rald: A planet/moon based on Mars, but obviously covered with water and a thicker atmosphere, as Mars may have been ~3 billion years ago... and covered with life. My current preferred location is where stock Duna is, but other configs are offered, as I think people particularly liked having it at Keosynchronous orbit. Supplied configs are as follows: I've additionally provided a config to move and transform Kerbin into Rald (the Rald-Duna version), and of course replace it with a clone of stock kerbin named "Bin" as demonstrated by GregoxMun: "Rald Space Program" note: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zaw8fcznam7sa4z/RaldSpaceProgram.zip?dl=0 The RSP config in the earlier link has some major issues. Use this one instead in combination with the Alien Space Program Mod. You still need to add the rald folder (which contains height/color/biome maps). The "default" config for Rald needs to be removed if the Rald Space Program config is used. In addition to Rald, I've added 3 new bodies, all derived from real world height maps as well (a lot of credit to the RSS mod and their sources is due here). Eki- Uses RSS Heightmap/etc for Callisto. This low gravity airless body is placed at Kerbin L4 as a "trainer" for interplanetary missions. Its always in pretty much the same position relative to Kerbin, so there is no need to wait for transfer windows when going to/from here Pact - Uses RSS data as well (Mercury, IIRC), but then modified, and procedural noise added on top. A Pallas analogue. More boring than Dres, mostly there to help portray the asteroid belt. Vot - Uses real data from Vesta. A vesta analogue. More boring than Dres, mostly there to portray the asteroid belt. With a Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas analogue in game, there are analogues for nearly half of the real asteroid belt (as ~46% of the real asteroid belt's mass is composed of just Ceres/Vesta/Pallas) Additionally, I made additional tweaks to stock bodies, some for gameplay, some to make them closer analgoues, some for a combination of reasons. A lot of the changes I made have a 3x rescale by SigmaDimensions in mind, but should also work well at stock sizes. Kerbin system Dres - reduced in size and gravity to be a better Ceres analogue. This also makes it easier to visit when playing in a scaled up system (when dV demands are higher). Its now the largest of 3 on rails asteroids, and no longer would qualify for full planet status (its a dwarf planet) Jool system Moho - Surface G increased to be the same as Mercury's Eve - Surface G decreased, atmospheric thickness increased Sun - Radius reduced, surface G increased (mass unchanged) I just updated KSP and mods yesterday and the Rald-Duna version was working in my 3x system (SigmaDimensions). I just moved these files into 1 folder today, compressed, and uploaded... haven't tested, maybe I screwed something up. Hopefully people can figure out where to put which files. Scatterer Supported Config file for resources of the Community Resource pack that are relevant for life support (CO2, Water, Oxygen) Vestigial config file for SigmaDimensions if you want to play at 3x like I do. Don't add files from the "alternates" folder to your game data folder.. but rather use those to replace the corresponding files if you want to change the location of Rald/Play Rald Space Program
  14. So, I've recently decided that since the old Antares Solar System really, really, reeeally sucks, and I've gained some experience in modding and want to revisit the mod, it'd be a pretty good idea to completely remake it from the ground up rather than reviving it. It's really just that bad. (Plus the acronym Antares Solar System spells out is ASS, so...) Now, I hear you asking: "Well, what's this mod going to be like?" What A:R is going to be is an accurate representation of what red giants and their surrounding, aged solar systems could be like. This means that not only will everything be really hot and really bright, but there will be planets veeery close to the surface of the star (Those close-in planets aren't destroyed because red giants are really super mega hyper uber omega undense. Like, we're talking way less dense than literally the Earth's atmosphere, especially near the outer edge of the star). This also means that Antares will finally have a realistic-looking color! That also means there will be no habitable planets or moons in this solar system. Also, Antares in this mod won't be representing the actual star in this mod, unlike last time (This mod's Antares is only a little more massive than the stock Sun, ~1 scaled AU in radius, no companion star(s) unless they're wanted, etc). So it'll be a pretty difficult-to-survive destination for the most part. Also, Antares is far away. Like, reeeally far away far away. Like, literally 0.0214 IRL light-years away from the stock system far away, so I'd definitely recommend that you use some kind of part mod(s) to get there. I also hear you asking: "Well, how does this improve on the old ASS in any way?" Well, for one, the textures aren't made in literally MS Paint and/or ripped from Google Images this time around. And for two, I'll actually be asking around a little for help with this thing instead of going alone and making a pile of crap. And three, I've learned how to make normal maps that actually work right with KSP so that the starlight hits the planet/moon right. There will also be more things to explore in Antares: Remade, with the current planet total being 5 and an escaped moon (so like, 5 1/2 planets, I guess). That means there's more of a reason to actually visit this solar system! I've also rescaled the stock system--all planets, as well as the stock Sun (aside from Kerbin, Eve, and Laythe because I don't know how to change the ocean height right now ) are 1/10 size and 1/100 mass, and the planetary (and moonary(?)) distances are all 1/10 scale too, rather than 1/11. I can also also hear you asking: "Well, how far along are you in making this? When's the release date?" Currently I have the two outer gas giant planets, Akete and Anterrie, in a somewhat finished state. I'm currently working on the many moons of these two planets before moving on to the three inner, rocky planets and their moons. Currently in a bit of a roadblock with one of Anterrie's moons, but hopefully I'll figure it out without needing help. I've found a workaround for the pictures. Pictures are of Antares and Akete, a gas giant significantly smaller and less massive than Jool: (Note: the weird lighting on Akete is because of the stock Sun lighting it up. I've fixed that now, planning on taking some more pictures soon) I don't have a specific release date in mind, but hopefully I can put out a first version sometime before KSP2 drops. Finally, I can hear you asking: "How can you hear all these things I'm asking? Are you in my house or something?"
  15. A really nice stockalike set of parts specialized for building ground bases anywhere in the Kerbol system. (PLANNED) CONTENTS: A spacious habitation module for your stranded kerbal pioneers ✔ A large ground laboratory for analising samples in loco ✔ A variety of tubes for keeping your base united ✔ Solar panels, because you can't do science in the dark and batteries aren't eternal ✔ A nice command module with a view of the stars above [insert planet here] Ground legs for protecting your base from rough landings PRE-RELEASE WHEN? When I finish the command module/observatory. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON
  16. A mod that aims to recreate and add the Darwin system from the book "The Expedition" by Wayne Douglas Barlowe. So far i have only the star (Which will be a binary in the future, like in the book) and a place holder Darwin IV orbiting it. To-do list: 1) Make a better Darwin 4. 2) Add two moons of Darwin 4. 3) Add the gas giants. 4) Replace the star with a Binary. Dev-Team: @Pkmniako - As Map Master. Special thanks to: Wayne Barlowe for creating such an amazing book. @Fdkhio for the Logo. Discord Server of the KSP Sub-Reddit for support.
  17. It might have been a year ago that I first saw someones custom controller for KSP on the internet. I thought: "man, I would really like to be able to build one of those, but I am lacking some serious skills". After tinkering with Arduino's for a few months and learning how to solder from YouTube videos, I thought: "hey, maybe I can create a Kerbal Controller!" Now that it is almost completed, I would like to share my build process with you all, including parts used, design drawings and Arduino code. I hope it will make it easier for some other KSP fans to get into building one. [UPDATE]: Instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/KerbalController-a-Custom-Control-Panel-for-Rocket [UPDATE]: I have uploaded all files to my github page here: https://github.com/hugopeeters [UPDATE]: It is done! This is the finished product: But first, back to how it all started. My first test was to use a slide potentiometer to control the throttle. I did this using an Arduino UNO with UnoJoy. It took some trial and error to get it to run on my mac. I ended up not using UnoJoy in my final build. I'll explain later. Step two was to think about the number and type of buttons and switches I would like to use. I created a prototype layout in Sketchup. I ordered a bunch of parts. And a soldering iron. Trying the layout in real life. First buttons installed. Testing out the LCD display. With the LCD display, I started using KSPSerialIO (props to @zitronen and @stibbons and any other people that worked on this plugin!). The hardest part of getting this to work, is variable type conversions. The plugin defines that the apoapsis in this example is a float. SO you have to do this trick to convert the value to a string or array of chars that can be sent to the display. This is the code I used for the test. //Apoapsis char bufferAP[17]; String strApo = "AP: "; if (VData.AP < 10000 && VData.AP > -10000) { strApo += String(VData.AP,0); strApo += "m "; } else if ((VData.AP >= 10000 && VData.AP < 10000000) || (VData.AP <= -10000 && VData.AP > -10000000)) { strApo += String((VData.AP / 1000),0); strApo += "km "; } else if ((VData.AP >= 10000000 && VData.AP < 10000000000) || (VData.AP <= -10000000 && VData.AP > -10000000000)) { strApo += String((VData.AP / 1000000),0); strApo += "Mm "; } else { strApo += String((VData.AP / 1000000000),0); strApo += "Gm "; } strApo.toCharArray(bufferAP,17); writeLCD(bufferAP); This is the shoebox prototype with all the parts I tested with installed. And here is the mess of wires inside. I didn't want to have to desolder everything when moving to the final faceplate, so I used a breadboard for temporary connections. Enough info for today. In the next part, I'll show how I moved from the shoebox to a lasercut MDF faceplate and changed out those big arcade buttons for something way nicer! Stay tuned.
  18. BattleTech/Mechwarrior DropShip Parts Packs [WIP] Authors: @wenth Download Link (Current Version: A.01 "HYPER ALPHA RELEASE") Helpers: (people that helped my dumb kerbal butt figure this all out) -Damon (for helping me get the dam parts to show up at all) -Krakatoa (for helping me with smoke and flame FXs) -JadeOfMar (for generally always sticking his nose in and letting me know when im not even asking the right question) Mod Developers/Makers/Maintainers: (pepole whos assets we have used or used to make the game work) -Boots (Developer/Maintainer of the ESLD Jump Beacons Revived mod originally made by TMarkos) for allowing us to use his mod for a dependency in our Jumpships pack and answering any questions we had about dependency/part creation involved there in. Mod Integration/Dependency/Optional Dependency: -ESLD Jump Beacons Revived (approved) -TweakScale (pending permission) Work/Progress/Status Tree Phase One: Basic Thrusters, Manatee Parts and Art Standardization Phase Two: Bigger Bolder Rounder! Phase Three: UTILITY! Phase Four: To Boldly Go!/Jumpships add-on pack Phase Five: Polish a turd Bonus Phase: Plus Ultra! Planed Packs Core/Core Supplements Addons Opening: I have always loved the BattleTech universe and the Mechwarrior series that goes along with it combine that with my love of KSP and my predisposition to building massive drop ships for package delivery and habit of making giant payloads that can only really be dropped via skycrane It feels natural for me to try and bring the massive scale of battletech drop ships to KSP with a parts pack! With that in mind how ever this is my first parts pack and true attempt at modding AND my first time using these (3ds max student) modeling programs with only a background in 3D printing and CADD its slow going and any help is welcome! And no we will be focusing on more then just clan wolf they just happen to be my favoret/first clan. LOW POLY! This mod takes its style and inspiration from the entire world of mechwarrior/battletech but its model are more in the style of mechwarrior 2 (my first mechwarrior game and indoctrination into clan wolf) Parts Inspirations/goals: Our first Parts goal is to make a Spheroid drop ship (BUT WAIT SPHERES ARE HARD!) True but we are going to cheat here and make the Manatee first! Spheroid in classification only its more like a fancy fuel tank in design! At this point in time we have no goals to make actual mechs (sorry) our fallowing goals should we succeed in creating the Manatee is to move on to the Leopard Areodyne drop ship Parts/Ship Logic: Our first ship will be split into 3 or 4 sections for simplicity sake -Base (holding the thrusters and flat or snap points for legs to be designed at a later date) -The Hanger (taking up the bulk of the center section) -Fuel tanks (taking up the remainder of the center and forming most of the top -The Bridge (capping off the ship and holding the pilots/crew) Parts NOT included I have no intention to add guns or lasers or any thing like that sadly. HOW EVER! I do plan on leaving snap points for them so you may use any of the existing weapons mods or make your own should you feel up to the task! Help is welcome as this is our first attempt at a mod any one wanting to help cfg or model or test is welcome to do so! Impossible Fantasy (ya......not going to happen I dont even know what its called yet, but let me dream)
  19. Hey guys! i pressent to you the A MILLON LIGHT-YEARS FROM HOME MISSION PACK It has been a while since i made my first misión called Encounters in the void(small patch coming today).But now i think is time to go BIG-er. This mission pack will let you live some of the events from my novel wich i suggets that before playing this missions you read it. So... for now it isnt much of a pack since theres only 2 misión But in time this will be a mission You will need to install the following mods to use this mission pack:(note that this list will get larger) Heres the first misión: Mission 1:A corius discovery:Difficulty: Normal (WIP)Mission 2:Kerbin Interstellar phasegate resuply:DIfficulty:Hard Mission 3:Flight training:dificulty:easy I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE FIRST MISSION AND MORE WILL COME IN THE FUTURE.... BEFORE YOU GO IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO IMPROVE THE MISSION OR IDEAS FOR MORE MISSIONS COMMENT BELOW!!!! ROADMAP: CREDITS: KerbalX user:Rocket_man1234: For the aircraft you are going to be using at misión 3
  20. Have you ever wanted a Ballistic missile (or orbit-capable budget rocket:D ) that is low-cost and can get 70kg to LKO or LEO(WIP)? "edit :a minor mistake:D" 1.1 m wide and 13 m tall. I am definitely doing something I am planning to make a replica and a kerbal version of the Vector block 0.1 Rocket! This is the progress on the Kerbal version so far! SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? SHALL I CONTINUE ? (that is how the replica will look like) (and for the realplume i will use alcholox) (and planning to do RSS configs if no one wants)
  21. Hi it is me cratercracker! I will start of a letter, that you must read before writing any evil comments: This is not supposed to be political, or offensive to the people of the countries whos fiction flag i have drawn, if you find those a disgrace to the actual flags, i am deeply sorry,please stay off politics and discuss only the art. These are made for your playthough, if you are trying to have your own alt-universe or something else. Russia Canada America (one star because "America is a song, that must be sung together" or just because because) China (i am sorry for this, if this offends you) France (hey, originality, where did you go?!) Germany (i am sorry for this one too) Italy (no, this one went pretty not bad) Japan (i am so sorry!) Very very WIP Great Britain (it will soon be done, but i am currently very sorry) ESA (cuz why not) Give me your opinions and other flags you have! And again SORRY.
  22. ShipJuice: Civilian Dock This project is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that gives the player a method of getting resources into orbit without having to launch the resources themselves. This mod should support any resource mods that you may want to use. Features: Civilian Docking Port: a part that intakes resources at the cost of credits when it is active in a Kerbin orbit. Adjustable Difficulty: you can adjust the period at which resources are transported (in days), the amount of resources transported, and the cost overhead percent to ship the resources to your station. Planned Features: A ground 'export' part that can be placed on celestial bodies other than Kerbin limitations on what can be shipped from bodies other than Kerbin based on available resources (possibly in another mod) limitations on what can be shipped from bodies other than Kerbin based on outpost happiness (or something) A custom model for the civilian dock so you don't get it confused with a normal dock! Installation: Just chuck the ShipJuice folder into KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData Mods that should go well with this one: Extraplanetary Launchpads: Ship parts up to your orbital construction facility without having to launch/mine/recycle/refine them! Kerbal Construction Time: The time it takes to build ships means more when your budget is slowly being drained getting resources into orbit. Source code: https://github.com/LTSteve/ShipJuiceCivilianDock Releases: https://github.com/LTSteve/ShipJuiceCivilianDock/releases Latest: (v0.1.1) https://github.com/LTSteve/ShipJuiceCivilianDock/releases/latest License: GPLv3
  23. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Parts: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reason as I tried to follow typical specs/barrel sizing while modeling. The magazines also hold what I measured to be a to scale amount of ammunition. For sound these use the base BDArmory sounds. This needs BDArmory to work 2 Variants of aesthetically different gun pods. Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. These may eventually become turrets These very roughly follow realistic sizes (The barrels at least). They come with ammunition. (If you can guess, I made these before the previous ones.). This needs BDArmory to work 3 Variants of BDArmory Combination Command Boxes. Why: To combine 3/4 frequently needed parts into one To have to closest thing to a laser I can make These have AI flight modules, Weapon Management modules, Flight Command modules, Solar panels, Batteries Lights (lasers?!), Very Small Reaction Wheels Radios and Small RTGs. Its recommended to use 360 degrees of view for now. This needs BDArmory to work 1 Small Single Shaft 1 mode thrust direction changing turbojet fin (Based loosely on the TJ100(Tweakscalable)) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Ive wanted a small drone sized jet engine that does not need anything but itself to produce thrust/steering. (Intake, directional thrust, fin, small fuel tank, engine included). These are pretty small, so theyre great fun early stages, but youll want tweakscale to play around. 1 Electric Ducted fan ((Tweakscalable)). Why: I like electric ducted fans, and wanted one I could tweak to feel more realistic and like the look of. Both this and the mono prop engine use KAX sound assets. 1 Atmosphere breathing mono propellant powered 0.625/half size piston engine (Tweakscalable). Why: For low flying flying rovers on planets with atmospheres but no oxygen like eve based on concept from nasa in the 70s Single Piece Landing gear. (scalable) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Thanks to Shadowmage for answering probably too many questions about this. It uses KSPWheel as well as Kerbal Foundry sound assets. One Part y axis balanced dual wheel landing gear. Why: To have a small steerable landing gear piece that has functional wheel colliders for each wheel, meaning a vehicle can be balanced on just 2 of them. Outside of BDArmory parts, parts are on the techtree. I decided to post this here, in addon releases, as Il probably never really "finish" it as basically Il just keep adding parts I want and I think ive basically hit all the major points I wanted to hit when starting. I think Il just let the other thread die, or post more in depth info there. Blog like "development" update thread with issues, planned changes and smaller updates I dont think warrant a number change. (Quotations because its such a small mod relatively in the sea of kerbin). Link to SpaceDock Download Dependencies, recommended and included mods: Included Included Not Included. Latest Downloads available from the official Github Releases page. Recommended License: Feedback is appreciated. Ive never done this before and am clueless. If anything is off, and you know how to make it better, Im open to advice. Also thanks to Shadowmage and Spannermonkey for their assistance with KSPwheel and BDArmory Continued respectively. They've both been extremely helpful with questions, examples and advice. Also thanks to all others who have been helpful here and there.
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