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Found 2 results

  1. Make up a word and a definition! My word: Requestion A request and a question. A word that i didn't make up: Chobblesome Worth talking about
  2. This game is all about word knowledge. Someone will post a word and you have to define it correctly. Looking up words you do not know is encouraged, but you are not allowed to post the answer if you do. Only post definitions you already know. The definitions have to be correct, not imaginary. After defining the previous word correctly, you must post a new word to be defined. Try to post words that are a challenge while being reasonable. - Looking up unknown words is encouraged, but keep it to yourself - Only post definitions you did not look up - It must be real words - It must be real definitions - Words have to be properly defined. No 'has something to do with' or 'it is a thing that does a thing' type replies. - You must post a new word when posting a definition The first word is: chlorophyll.
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