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Found 3 results

  1. Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5] This mod adds High-Res clouds and surface textures to the stock KSP system making it look visually stunning. This pack also includes unique clouds for Laythe, lightning and a Wormhole! Installation is fairly simple if you follow the steps and read the README files located inside the downloaded folder. TRAILER DOWNLOAD [Download link snipped by moderator for multiple license violations. Please do not restore download links until and unless all the violations listed here have been rectified. Thank you.] Installation - Download the latest version of EVE and install it. - Drag all files from GameData into GameData in the KSP Directory. You should end up with the following files in GameData: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, KerbalVisualEnhancements, Kopernicus, ModuleFlightIntegrator, ModuleManager 2.8.1.dll, BoulderCo, Scatterer, TextureReplacer, PlanetShine, DistantObject If you are still having trouble with the installation I highly recommend watching this tutorial by @DiscrafTsk KSPRC Textures I have made installing the ground textures as simple as I can because of licensing issues. - Download and install the latest version of Kopernicus - Download KSPRC here: https://spacedock.info/mod/690/KSPRC - Renaissance Compilation: artworks remake - Open the ZIP file and drag the folder KSPRC into GameData. Added Features - 29MB Lighting - New Clouds for Laythe - New Dreamscape Skybox - New Sun-flare - Wormhole in the Sun - Upgraded Clouds for Jool - Better Dust and Sandstorms - Reduced Download Size Known Bugs - Halo around atmosphere - Tiles start to float - Sunflare sometimes doesn't work Credits - Matchlight - Astronomer (Textures and cfgs) - Avera9eJoe (WindowShine) - Range_Machine (KVE) - Thomassini (Sunflare) - BlackRack (Scatterer) - Shaw (TextureReplacer) - Valerian (PlanetShine) - MOARdV (DistantObject) SUGGESTIONS if you have any ideas or suggestions, please comment below as I have limited knowledge when it comes to coding. I would like to expand this mod further in the future but I may need some help.
  2. I've been kicking around the idea of developing some self-imposed gameplay rules that might allow for the following... Orbital Construction Jump Gate Hyper-Drive So my idea is, for each case above, I have the Hyper-Edit mod, and what I'm thinking is... Orbital Construction: Create an orbital base that can receive parts via normal transport and docking. Once I've transported and docked the parts needed to construct a given vessel, I then just allow myself to use hyper-edit to put the craft in orbit next to the orbital construction base, last step would be to undock and delete all the parts used for construction. Jump Gate: I was thinking of constructing a ring-type station in orbit via the normal process. Likewise, creating another jump gate in orbit somewhere else, and by flying my craft through the ring, I allow myself the use of Hyper-Edit again to move the craft to a different Jump Gate location. I have not decided whether the Jump Gates in this situation would be linked, but I'm leaning toward that... so I might need to make use of multiple gates to branch my way to a given location. Hyper-Drive: The Jedi Starfighter comes to mind... where docking a craft to a hyperdrive ring would allow transport via Hyper-Edit to any location of my choosing. The only caveat here is that unlike the other two scenarios noted above, fuel consumption doesn't really come into play. So in this case, I would be using a hyper-drive system that carries no fuel use implications, which is somewhat less appealing to me but I haven't ruled it out yet. Anyone else given this any thought? ...or maybe have additional ideas along these lines?
  3. I have a mod idea, and the title says it all - procedural systems connected by wormholes that unload the previous system and load in the new one to avoid the problems that come with ludicrous distances in KSP. Here's how it could work: Obtaining Parts In career mode, after you have visited all the inner system planets (Moho, Eve and Kerbin) and at least one of the outer system planets (Duna outwards) a mandatory mission will appear asking you to send a ship to investigate an anomaly detected near Jool. Upon arriving at the anomaly, you will be instructed to get within 100 meters (yes, meters) of it to analyze it. However, it expands and you are pulled inside, cue loading screen. Upon arrival in the closet procedural system, you finish analysis and fly back through the wormhole to Kerbol, and then back to Kerbin. The science team then makes some cool new parts for you to play with! New parts Wormhole Drive (WDrive) A part that can be used on ships that uses ludicrous (10,000+) amounts of EC to generate XM (Exotic Matter). The part can hold 100 units of XM, and each unit of XM generated allows one LY (lightyear) of wormhole travel, allowing for a maximum 100 LY range per usage. Opens up a menu to allow you to select systems and subtargets (planets, moons, WGates, WBeacons) within those systems. Can hold 1 crew member, a Pilot will provide better jump accuracy (arriving closer to subtarget), an Engineer will improve XM generation rate, and a Scientist will do nothing. Wormhole gate (WGate) A part that can be put in orbit that has the same capabilities and requirements as a WDrive, except it opens up the wormhole in a gate that smaller ships can pass through. Has subtarget capabilities. Useful if you want to transfer supplies to your colony but don't want to send one of your expensive WDrive-equipped ships. Can hold a destination queue, essentially allowing you to, for example, put three cargo ships in line and tell the WGate which ones are going where and in which order. It will automatically open the wormholes in the order you specified and send the ships through. Same crew bonuses as WDrive. Can send to other WGates and WBeacons. Wormhole Beacon (WBeacon) A part that can be equipped on stations to allow them to be subtargeted for travel by WDrives or WGates. Only requires a few units of EC/sec to keep it going. No crew bonuses. Wormhole Comm (WComm) To allow probe control and crew communication over interstellar distances, the WComm was created. It uses a micro-wormhole suspended within the radially attached device to communicate with satellites that are also equipped with WComms in Kerbin, or directly to KSC if no satellites are available. Uses a few units of EC/sec when active. Uses 0.1 XM/LY to open or readjust the wormhole to your target. Wormhole Inhibitor (WInhibitor) Should you ever want to prevent any sort of wormhole travel in or out of a certain area, the WInhibitor can be deployed, preventing inbound or outbound travel from occuring within a 10km radius. Any destinations within this area will be colored red on the subtarget menu, however ships can still attempt to jump to these locations and will be dumped just outside the affected area. EDIT: MORE PARTS Probe WDrive Just like a regular WDrive, except cannot generate XM (uses XM fuel tanks) XM Fuel Tanks Would come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Designed mainly for probes, but can be equipped on larger ships for travelling further without refuelling. XM Converters Converts space particulates into XM. Would be disabled by default - if enabled for an extra challenge, XM Converters and EC would be required to refuel, and if you were to add on more converters, XM would be collected quicker. DISCLAIMER: Do not let kerbals near an active converter - the magnetic field generated may pull them into the conversion mechanism, turning them into XM. XM Generator Can be equipped on a station or a larger ship - generates XM for transfer into ships docked to the station or large craft, used for refuelling small ships and fuelling probes. Other Ideas WDrives can be configured to hold wormholes open like a WGate at the cost of EC and XM for each ship that travels through the held-open wormhole. WDrives, WGates (except those with a special part) and WBeacons cannot be used in the atmosphere or on the surface of planets. (Configurable at extreme risk for those who want to jump into the middle of a mountain) Procedural systems will span out anywhere from 500ly to 10,000 ly. (Configurable) WDrives and WGates must be at least 500km away from the surface to be used. (Should be off by default) Surface WGates. This could be extreme, but an extra radial part on two WGates, one on say, Kerbin and one on Duna, to allow instant transit between the two. Configurable chance of drive malfunctions dropping you into interstellar space tens to thousands of LY away from your target system. So what does everyone think of this idea? Anyone think it would be cool if it were included in stock KSP? Cheers, UbuntuLinuxKing
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