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Found 3 results

  1. ABANDONED [WMS] WorldWar Maritime Ships. Download SpaceDock Features Contains a WW2 German U-Boat (U-557) Contains the Prinz Eugen (the german one) Installation Download the ZIP file from SpaceDock Either drag and drop or extract the files from the ZIP into your GameData Directory You finished it should be there if not send me a message and ill check it out Dependencies Module Manager (included in the file) Media License [WMS] WorldWar Maritime Ships by BuzzFeed4Lief is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. ChangeLog sorry this has taken a while, its still a bit all over the place and you may see some random things but its fairly working. iv had less time lately than i had originally Added Gneisenau. Trying to fix the props for the gneisenau. Trying to get the rudders on the Gneisenau to work. Still trying to get the rudders on the Gneisenau to work. Credits Submarine U_557 Model by ThomasBeerens Here Prinz Eugen Model by ThomasBeerens Here Code for a Category .cfg by Next_Star_Industries Here Gneisenau Model by ThomasBeerens Here BTW check the spacedock changelogs i sometimes forget to add things there to the forums BTW feel free to suggest anything ill be sure to read them all. By BuzzFeed4Lief
  2. I, HolidayTheLeek had a dream... ...and that dream was to build the largest weeb thing I could think of. With the help of @Xen0m3 and his brother, Mika (who doesn't have a forums account). After two months of concentrated hamon weeb energy, we managed to complete all four of the Kongou Class Battleships. Each of them being in 1:1 scale, having fully rotating turrets, and working catapults and floatplanes each. As of the 18th of June, Kongou is the largest craft on KerbalX (From right-to-left, Kongou, Hiei, Kirishima and Haruna) ----- IJN Kongou Made by Me Kongou is the lead ship of the class, and appropriately the largest one in terms of part count too. I gave her stock decals as well. ----- IJN Hiei Made by Xenome ----- IJN Kirishima Made by Me ----- IJN Haruna Made by Mika ---
  3. So I've been having issues with loading in Warships in Kerbal Space Program. Going from Tracking Station to the Ship, or having a vehicle come into physics range causes ships to randomly explode. I've been trying to figure out why my ships are exploding for last couple of days and seeing if I could find the source. I have Kerbal Join reinforcement as well as Airpark. Mods List here: Link to Mods list (Idk how to add images, I'm having issues with that atm) System Specs: AMD Ryzen 1700 (3.2 Ghtz) EVGA GTX 1080 SSC 32GB G.Skill Aegis Ram 850 Watt PSU OS: Windows 7 SSD 256GB Samsung 840 Evo (Holds OS and the KSP Folder) 2x512gb HDD 1x2TB HDD
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