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Found 13 results

  1. Skyer's Weapon Pack Weapons for the Fatherland! and also the motherland and maybe some other foreign weapons shhh History: Skyer's Weapon Pack was made originally by @Skyer, but now @KSP Bros KS and I were called to help assist him with his mod. Now with your help, we can help Skyer be proud of his amazing project! Changelog: Requirements: BDArmory: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases Module Manager: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-130-module-manager-281-june-29th-2017-with-n-cats-physics/ Le/La/Des Downloads: Download on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1007/Skyer's WeaponsParts Pack Git it on Github: https://github.com/MuricanJeb/Skyers-Weapon-Pack/releases Latest release on GitHub: https://github.com/MuricanJeb/Skyers-Weapon-Pack/releases/tag/v0.7 This is released under an MIT license. Known Issues: None, but there may be some hidden under the rug! Please report any bugs!
  2. V0.07 "Tubular Bang" New Feature: Texture swap in hangar (requires firespitter) New Parts: Mk 214 50 mm Cannon 3D MODEL Maschinegewehr Mg 131 FDSL turret 3D MODEL Mauser Maschinegewehr Mg 151/20 3DMODEL Disney Bomb "Disney Swish" Rocket Assisted Bomb 3DMODEL Rheinmetall Mk 108 Maschinenkanone 3D MODEL Rheinmetall Maschinegewehr Mg 17 3D MODEL Download: DOWNLOAD MORE INFO -> Development thread Current parts: Grand Slam Earthquake Bomb 3D Model VIDEO TallBoy Earthquake Bomb 3D Model VIDEO T-12 Cloudmaker Earthquake Bomb 3D Model VIDEO Mark 5 Nuclear Bomb 3D Model VIDEO V0.05 "Sweet sweet Roentgens" VIDEO Katyusha Rocket VIDEO 3Dmodel M-65 Nuclear cannon VIDEO 3D Model Early test video Baker test Bomb VIDEO 3D Model N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Heisenberg Gerät" VIDEO 3Dmodel N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Uranprojekt-3" VIDEO 3Dmodel N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Uranprojekt-4" VIDEO 3Dmodel Fatman OLD video NEW video 3D Model Davy Crockett (and the recoilless launcher) VIDEO Early test video 3D Model AN-11 VIDEO 3D Model Mk-117 750lb VIDEO 3D Model Thin Man VIDEO 3D Model Little Boy VIDEO 3D Model N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Uranprojekt-2" VIDEO 3D Model Fritz X VIDEO 3D Model Norden Bombsight VIDEO 3D Model FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 VIDEO 3D Model Ruhrstahl X-4 VIDEO 3D Model Proyected parts: RDS-1 And other things: fixed cannons, machineguns, Pak40, recoilless rifles, for planes too. Full list in the download link Thanks you for your attention
  3. Working on... SURVEY LINK SURVEY (Android Tested): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1acNoGsqV_RoJuOQByyf_K8d_vY34YkODPzFkVreuwns/edit?usp=sharing XLS File (Android Tested): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-4SE_CGTRtYdPhifQYCKKyTnjlo3ZNFMmESbkErxQJU/edit?usp=sharing Current parts Baker test Bomb Katyusha Rocket M-65 Nuclear cannon Uranprojekt-1 (Heisenberg Gërat) Uranprojekt-3 Uranprojekt-4 AN-11, First French nuclear bomb Fatman, nuclear bomb Little Boy, nuclear bomb FritzX, Radio guided anti-ship missile Norden bombsight, Targeting Camera Ruhrstahl RX-4, AAMissile Uranprojekt-2, pedant Dirty Nuclear Bomb Thin Man, Dirty Nuclear Bomb Davy Crockett, Tactical Nuclear Rocketcher (wip) Grand Slam Earthquake Bomb Tallboy Earthquake Bomb T-12 Cloudmaker Earthquake Bomb Mark 5 Nuclear Bomb Mk108 MK 214 50mm cannon request MG 17 MG 151/20 Disney Bomb Projected Parts Pak 40 Torpedo Missile turret Karl Mortar request MachineGuns/turrets (WWI, Vickers, Lewis, Villar-Perosa, Becker 20 mm, M1917 Browning, MG14, Fokker-Leimberger, ...) WWI "Special" Early turret Bofors 40mm Getter robo LD: Drill missile, Strong missile, Getter Beam. Cowboy Bebop: WDF Armory M3C Devastator-class heavy plasma cannon. Evangelion: N2 bomb "inline" warhead and missile. Escaflowne: Basram's doomsday weapon. Ghost In The Shell: Fuchikoma cannon, Standard Issue Big Gun (in a turret), Sniper turret Flamethrowers Recoilless rifles Navy cannon a very little one, not a big turret (data taken by me from a real cannon) 1-inch Nordenfelt gun Canister cannon 380 mm RW 61 rocket launcher L/5.4 (Sturmtiger main weapon) Bouncing bomb request (Maybe impossible) Tzar bomb Mirv Castle bravo Download: Release Thread Thank you for your attention
  4. Hello everyone! I bring you my latest design! It is a seaplane that I have spent a lot of time designing especially for its weight and power, it was difficult to me to get the right balance so I could take off but at last here it is! Tell me what do you think! Its perfect for rescue Jeb from the middle of the ocean https://kerbalx.com/Kerbalyst/PBY-5A-Catalina More Crafts! https://kerbalx.com/Kerbalyst/craft
  5. Does anyone know what mods I should get to build a P-47 in KSP?
  6. Consolidated B-24 Liberator I've known for many years that my Uncle SSgt Lee G. Castille was a casualty of WWII but never knew how he died. Thanks to some help from a kind fellow Kerbonaut @EVA_Reentry sharing his research expertise with me I've gained some details about this incident. He was a crew member of a Consolidated B-24 Liberator. After discovering this it compelled me to build one. I would also like to mention a New Stock Propeller Design, I'm using the Small Nose Cone and the Communotron DTS-M1. Note: I liked the idea of the Old Movie look on the video and also liked the original look so I decided to create both videos. Consolidated B-24 Liberator The LIB 1940's Craft File: Consolidated B-24 Liberator Parts: 248 Mass: 48.24t Height: 6.0m Width: 25.0m Length: 25.5m Action Groups 1 Cargo Doors 2 First Set of Bombs 3 Second Set of Bombs 4 Toggle Forward Guns 5 Toggle Puff Engines 6 Toggle Roof Guns 7 Toggle Puff Engines 8 Toggle Rear Guns 9 Toggle Puff Engines
  7. This is a game where you submit WWII style things to me and fight 2v2, just like BAD-T, except with all branches of the armed forces. The main purpose of this is to have fun, as it doesn't matter who wins or loses. Here are the branches you can choose from: 1: Air Force 2: Navy 3: Army Rules: 1. Do not post mean/inappropriate things 2. You can join multiple branches 3. Have fun! 4. No use of gravity repulsors if using Kerbal Foundries, as gravity repulsors weren't invented at the time. 5. You can build submarines, but they need to stay on the surface 6. You can side with other forum users, but you have to announce the alliance via the Forum. If you do have an alliance, your team will have 1 of each of the user's craft on on team. 7. If there are more than 2 users in your alliance, let's say 4, it will be 4v4. Required Mods: Firespitter (for Air Force) BD Armory (for everything) KAX (for Air Force) WW2 Warships (for Navy) NAS (for Navy) Optional Mods: Kerbal Foundries (if you want to build tanks in the Army) Airplane Plus (for Air Force) KAX (for Air Force) Submit your crafts to me via KSP Forum. Have fun! Wildcat 111
  8. Tomorrow and next Wednesday mark the beginning of the atomic age in a violent way. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two cities decimated by two bombs. The effects still linger today, in Japan, America, and all across the world. Many people died in the belief that the war would come to a swift end. Although that is up to debate, this thread is not for that. It is to remember the lost lives of the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mushroom cloud of Hiroshima's Little Boy http://www.globalresearch.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/120478.jpg Mushroom cloud of Nagasaki's Fat Man. (Sorry about it not showing up)
  9. While not the most numerous RAF fighter plane in the war, the Spitfire is arguably the most famous - Considered by some to be the quintessential British fighter. With a top speed of 125 m/s, and fantastic control responsiveness, this is a plane to be reckoned with. This replica is 1:1 scale, and includes functioning flaps and realistic control layouts. Take-Off Procedure: I've found the best way to take off is to lower the flaps and set full throttle, but don't pull up until the plane tips onto the main wheels and the tailwheel is off the ground. Then pull up very gently, and retract the gear and flaps. The replica is also an upgrade to the original Spitfire I made, and is part of my WWII replica project (See signature) which I'll hopefully be working much more on with the onset of summer! Download Enjoy!
  10. A quick stock build of an I-153 "Chaika" (seagull?) biplane I made. Wing-tips are not the curved shape that they were IRL (same with horizontal and vertical stabilizers) And (like all other WWII prop aircraft builds that I plan on doing/have done), some engine detailing (very sparse though, and no way to see it unless crashed or in editor) There are still some issues with "shimmering" due to part clipping I've also been working on a Spitfire, Me 163, and a Fw 190 A, and am going to take a break from aircraft construction for awhile. Any plane requests for later?
  11. Mostly done model of a Fw 190. Landing gear is a bit short, but it does fly on several Juno engines. Has a somewhat detailed engine inspired by @Azimech. Download at http://kerbalx.com/thespacemaniac/Fw-190-D-12 (download I think has been updated) (http://imgur.com/a/uCPma for dev pics) The engine detailing (the airbrake cowling is a bit of a compromise) (Update: Main version released, KerbalX download should be corrected...)
  12. Some attempts at modeling late WWII jets I made earlier A rather chubby Me 262 (based on one I saw on the forum a while ago). Needs cannons *COUGH* @TUKE (Please add mk 108s to your pack) And a P-80 that barely looks like a P-80 (My Gloster Meteor model was so atrocious that I have elected not to show it) Any ideas to improve these models?
  13. Hello all! LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel), were used to deliver troops by water, where they would be deployed from transport ships. The basic design and cheap materials made LCVPs straightforward and inexpensive to build. The ramp on this replica is fully functional and surprisingly robust - it uses @Majorjim's thermometer bearing. Use staging to detach the ramp, and when controlling the ramp use Action Group 1 to toggle the latch and pitch controls to raise or lower it. Parts: 238 Mass: 18.1 tons Cost: 64388 Download This craft is part of my WWII Replica Project (See signature)
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