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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys! I am a fairly new player, but a very addicted one haha. I started playing KSP just by curiosity and now I can't stop playing. Anyways, despite I only have half my science tree unlocked on career mode, I decide to design a new "kinda" rover that could land and move across the surface of the moon. The idea is to carry the thing to the moon with a big rocket, cancel the horizontal velocity with the last stage and then descent only with the rover as vertical as possible, using the lateral engines to cancel gravity. As I said, I am new and is my first attempt to do something like this. I designed the module as balanced and symmetrical as I could but for some strange reason I cant figure out, when I test it (on Kervin) it spins uncontrollably and crash in a couple seconds. I used as much theory as I currently know, the center of mass is balanced and the impulse of the engines also (I believe?). The design is dumb I know, it is only a proof of concept I wanted to try, but if it is not working, clrearlly I missing some mechanic or concept. Images for reference bellow. Oh, and the last image you can see in which direction it rolls. Is like for some reason the front engines are pushing harder than the rest. I check several time and ALL part ar symmetrically placed. What am I doing wrong? I more interested on learn what mechanic I am missing than other designs, I want to learn to play and being able to design crazy ships by myself. Thanks in advance! This is my first post like ever, so let me know If I need to change something. Seeya!
  2. Anyone here like The X Files? Just wondering. Also, since, I'm a massive fan, I was literally jumping for joy when I saw this: