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Found 5 results

  1. So, I watch a lot of KSP youtubers, and when they make propellor powered craft, they use deploy angles for the throttle. I’ll do that! Ohhhh, right, KSP enhanced edition doesn’t have half the features KSP on computer does. I’ll use RPM/Torque limits for throttle! Aaaand it just sits there on the runway, deployed blades spinning away, yet not lifting my quadcopter.
  2. Hello! I just created an account on the forums, so I apologize in advance if I’m posting this in the wrong place. Im hoping to get some information about the breaking grounds DLC. I am playing on Xbox 1. I was just wondering if anyone has any updated information on the subject. From what I understand, it took a while for the making history DLC to be released on consoles. I only just recently began playing and, by that time, making history had already been made available. I looked around the forums and other sites for any information relating to its release. I found a lot of spec
  3. Does anyone know the controls for RCS on console edition? Like the wasd + hn + ijkl keys on the PC but translated onto a console controller? also is it on docking mode? I'm not sure if so because the last time I played was with my Grandpa who loves KSP. If anyone can list the controls to use the "hn + ijkl" keys for console, please do reply with them. (Yes I have checked the control menu but none is listed)
  4. So, after all of the "Make sure to post to the bugtracker" talk these mods do, I thought, "Maybe I can find some progress in the bugtracker". Nope. Not even an updated status for the XBox1 enhanced release. The bugtracker still has it noted that there are no confirmed bugs! Really? I want to stay away, but I just can't help ranting about how awful the support on this forum (from anyone other than other frustrated members) and with squad in general has been. So would a "mod" or someone "in the know" explain why nothing is updated on this site that we've been dir
  5. Hi,I Was just wondering when the Estmated rerelease date for Ps4 and Xbox 1 is. If you could awser that would be great
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