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Found 22 results

  1. I got enhanced edition the day it came out and I've been loving it, but I've been wondering is it possible to maybe get mod support for KSP on Xbox/PS4? Thanks!
  2. im getting this really annoying glitch that seems to happen to every single ship that i build as of late, after a certain amount of time in flight it begins to spin rapidly in one direction and doesnt stop no matter what i do, turning on sas causes the spinning to stop but i cant turn in any direction but the direction the ship was uncontrollably spinning in. this has happened to the last 4 ships that i have built regardless of whether i had clipped parts or not, my controller also has no deadzone or joystick issues. does anybody know a way to fix this problem?
  3. Is anyone else having this issue with the xboxone version? Once I reach space and shut down my engines they will not restart (if I use time acceleration). It seems to happen if I throttle them down to zero as well, if I use time acceleration. Like for example if I am headed to the Mun and throttle down my engine, once I try to start a retro burn to enter orbit of Mun, my engine will not restart if I had shut them down earlier, or throttle back up if I use time acceleration. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly? They seem to restart or throttle back up just fine, if I avoid using t
  4. This is a thread that is completely focused on the console version of K.S.P. I started this request thread because I feel that it is unfair that us console players are restricted from mods from a game that has one of the best mod support. So in this thread hopefully it's reviewed and considered by the devs is a list of mods that i think should be added to the console edition as stock parts and features. K.A.S (Kerbal attachment system) so players have better attaching options. K.I.S (Kerbal inventory system) so players can have more inventory items BD Armory continued to give
  5. My xbox one fps goes down heavily when I play KSP Enhanced Edition. How is this possible and is this normal? Is there a solution? Because it is not playable.
  6. Mijn xbox one fps gaat zwaar omlaag als ik KSP Enhanced Edition speel. Hoe kan dit en is dit normaal? Is er een oplossing? Want het is niet te spelen.
  7. I got enhanced edition the day it came out and I've been loving it, but I've been wondering is it possible to maybe get mod support for KSP on Xbox/PS4? Thanks!
  8. Is it just me, or has anyone else launched a vehicle only to find that the wrong crew is in it after you manually assigned which crew you wanted in it AND saved that vehicle afterwards? I'm like, no KSP, I'm not an idiot, stop trying to replace my scientist with a pilot! Is this intended behavior or a bug? #HalfwayToMun
  9. This is another reason the controls for console need to be given further consideration. This just happened to be posted exactly 3 years ago yesterday. I spent an entire afternoon and evening designing a rover to gather the remaining surface science on Mun. Over 6 hours later (real life time) MunRover and the ship that transported her there are finally on the South Pole and ready to get down to business. I push forward on the left joystick to accelerate aaand BANG!! she takes a nosedive and destroys a part on the front of the rover. I load the quicksave I had just done and try again,
  10. I was thinking with all of the PC versions and the outdated advice associated with the older versions that may not be accurate for console version 1.00 there should be a sub-forum just for console Q&A. I search for info about some topics and all I can find are threads that are years old from several major versions previous to what the console edition is based on. Console players wouldn't have to wonder if the advice they're receiving is current or not.
  11. Update: Tried and failed to find a way to transfer fuel between tanks. The ones I have docked to my space station around Kerbin are pretty useless now. I'd have to make a new ship designed around attaching them to a place where the CoM wouldn't be thrown off too badly. Maybe separate the engine from the rest of the ship and insert it between them.
  12. Maybe I am a dunce since reporting a bug by way of the bug tracker seems beyond me. Do you have to make up a new login? The bug I would dearly like an answer to is pretty straight forward but so far no one has been able to give a solid answer. Once I reach space (above 75,000 meters) I am unable to start, restart, or throttle up my liquid engines if I use time warp. I am on a xboxone, using cursor presets (although from what I can determine the issue exists with the other presets as well) and if I use time warp below 75,000 meters I am fine, once I get above 75,000 meters if I throttle down
  13. Hello everyone! We are super excited to announce that Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is coming out on January 16th, 2018 and it will be available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is a new console version built from the ground up in collaboration with the experienced team of BlitWorks. Exclusive to the Enhanced Edition, we included re-worked and console-optimized UI, the addition of a new control scheme for the maneuver nodes controls, and three completely reworked controller presets that players will be able to switch between at any ti
  14. Hello everyone! We have an exciting announcement to make regarding Kerbal Space Program on console. Here at the KSP HQ, we put the players at the heart of every decision we make and everything we do. We are very fortunate that an amazing community grew around KSP, whose members are passionate, supportive, engaged and provide us with invaluable feedback that we are always monitoring and listening to. We are currently working to bring Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2. - Loud and Clear! as a free update for console versions, allowing players to enjoy the game at its fullest. We are working ha
  15. Just read about the new port coming to consoles and was wondering if people who owned the game currently on console will have free access to the new port.
  16. Hello! The release of the console ports has been a bumpy road to say the least. Porting pc games to consoles is an enormously complex task and although we've encountered many issues while doing so, we've learned a lot in the way. We are aware of the frustration that many players encountered when acquiring the console ports of our game and apologies are not enough to amend this. We have to prove ourselves to the community by taking action and solving these issues, so that the players get the game that they deserve. We're glad to announce that we've taken a step for
  17. Ksp is an awesome game. On computer, space is the the limit. But, on console, the gameplay freedom is no enough considerating that we paid full price. Sony and Xbox don't seem to apreciate the fact that we can browse on internet to download mods. Knowing that games like farming simulator 17 on console have an in game mod hub where people download mods, it is certainly possible for ksp.
  18. PS: EDITED TOPIC; FROM "Hey Squad! Do you ever take a look in the Ps4/Xboxone threads? are you hiding from us?" Too something more on Topic again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well So here it is, I found a temporary Fix for the "Saves Lost/Rollback" problem. Just free up some Space, by Deleting Old SaveGames & "unused" Craft-recepies, from ex. Build menu, Press Load Craft, Then just Delete some Old stuff, also seems that "XL" Ships With more parts, takes up a
  19. Playing on: Xbox One Issue: Don't have the full Warp available that exists on PC Details: I am enjoying the my initial forays into the game on Console after having played almost 1000 hours on PC. I am no stranger to glitches and issues with the game. However, as I have been getting further into the game, getting into orbit and the like the lack of being able to go to full Warp to speed up time has become problematic. Apparently there is only the 4X Physic Warp, which is fine in atmo, but when I am trying to get around to the other side of a 300km orbit, that is many real min
  20. Okay, so I've started a Sandbox to just mess around, and I to get the modifier Menu to load up, I have to hold LB or RB, but no matter how long I hold them, nothing comes up. Is it just not working or what am I doing wrong? Otherwise I got the rest of the controls, just want to mess around in a Sandbox once in awhile, and I looked around, I couldn't find something addressing this so I assume I'm doing something wrong.
  21. Hey, i have reported this problem in a couple of posts already, but wanted to make a New thread since i think i might have found a problem/solution. Last nite, my game suddenly did a "rollback" after i restarted KSP, it removed/deleted the manual saves called "quicksave #1-10 and even rolled back the persistent file too an earlier hour. Now, i had an idea that it could be something too do With max save files, since my started "bugging" up at save "quicksave 11". At this point it seemed that the persistent file (Autosave) did sometimes save, but the "Quicksave 11" was always g
  22. I'm excited for the release of the game on xbox one that me and 2 other guys had made a ksp xbox one discord for the ksp xbox one community. Here's the link to the chat https://discord.gg/EjPkq
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