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Found 12 results

  1. I'm thinking about diving deeper into the ion engines of KSP. Not only can I understand them better for KSP fanworks, in which the engine math would be described in great detail, but I can apply these principles for real-life. As a KSP example, the given values of the IX-6315 "Dawn" engine are: Isp = 4200 s Thrust = 2 kN Which is way higher than the real-life ion engines I've been seeing. Values I can easily calculate are: Mass flow rate for xenon propellant (kg/s) Exhaust velocity (m/s) Beam power (watts) Wet-to-dry mass r
  2. The Jool-5 challenge. A classic KSP challenge. One of the hardest. And with this variation of the challenge, I want to push things further. OBJECTIVE: Land on all 5 of Jool's moons and return to Kerbin with a craft (or several craft) made out of nothing but 0.625m parts (except for crew modules). RULES: You should only use 0.625m parts, but for crewed craft, you may use a command chair/radiator combo, a service bay, or a fairing CM. No part mods AT ALL. No mining AT ALL. Modular craft are ALLOWED. Spaceplanes are ALLOWED. EVA pack should only be use
  3. I can mine fuel and mono-propellant, but are there anyway I can mine or get Xenon from space? is there any mod? My ion crew transporter is out of Xenon gas and it's suck in kerbol orbit.
  4. I, Hotel26, have created a pylon course on the Mun. It's a short, triangular course over some of the most rugged scenery the Mun's equator has to offer. Download this Lunar Pylon Course which is a save world to be unpacked in ./saves, next to your other worlds. It comes equipped with 1x Gossamer Albatross parked at the course start next to one of the 3x xenon/MP refueling trucks that mark the course [the "pylons"]. The Albatross is also available (for a limited time, so hurry) from https://kerbalx.com/Hotel26/Gossamer-Albatross How fast do you think you can fly the course?
  5. I've been exploring a lot of new things like the payload devices and Xenon engines, struts and using group actions. Got those things running pretty nice. My rocket is moving much more smoothly, higher speeds, lower, faster orbits. I've circularized orbits within a couple hundred kilometers, got my RCS working pretty well. I even matched my orbit somewhat to Eve's orbit and at no point did Eve's orbit cross my orbit. I had to tip my orbit pretty radically to be able to touch Eve's. Then I tried to get it even closer but I'm working from such a tiny circle compared with the distance and I'm jus
  6. The Xenon thrusters in the game are pretty weak, you'd think that someone could've/would've/should've figured this out. I do understand that they are still pretty weak and are supposed to be, i just want one with better trust
  7. Today i made my first mod that adds a second Xenon+Electric powered engine. it gives really little thrust, but because of that you can make really accurate adjustments and it is also really efficient! there is a video showing it on Curse (link below) Click here to go to the download page (Curse) -Thanks shinevision
  8. Today i made my first mod that adds a second Xenon+Electric powered engine. it gives really little thrust, but because of that you can make really accurate adjustments and it is also really efficient there is a video showing it on Curse (link below) Click here to go to the download page (Curse) -Thanks shinevision
  9. So I've been building a massive mothership that mostly runs on Xenon gas and the design includes a mk2 ring. I was wondering if anyone has made a mod that adds a mk2 Xenon tank? Even if someone just had the model files without the cfg, that would be fine. I could edit one of the existing tanks but it wouldn't be the same. Thanks for any help, Benji13
  10. The Story So Far: Prior to KSP v1.0, mass ratios of tanks varied wildly. For some fuel types, there was a consistent progression across tank sizes, for others, there was not; and across fuel types, there was no consistency at all. In KSP v1.0, Squad made the decision to standardize all the fuel tanks in KSP to a mass ratio of 9:1 - meaning one ton worth of tankage holds 8 tons worth of propellant. All the fuel tanks...? No! A small holdout yet remains in the northern reaches of Gaul in the form of the xenon tanks. Their mass ratio still sits at 2.2727:1 - meaning one ton of tank
  11. I know this may sound silly, but there should be some way, to get xenon from some sort of air intake or something. Also, maybe some different solar panels/ ion engines? I love all of these things. I love efficiency, can you also maybe add just overall more efficient engines? Oh ,and stock life support if u have time *wink* I understand that it has to be realistic, to me the more realistic the better anyway, thx -Me-
  12. here is a neat idea for a part, a xenon scoop that you could unlock shortly after the dawn engine that would deploy like a solar panel and collect very small amounts of xenon, enough to keep it running almost indefinitely. if the game ever went interstellar this would be a low-tech - relatively speaking of course in comparison to warp or near ftl - solution to rudimentary exploration of worlds beyond. another feature that would complement interstellar nicely would be a fog of exploration, like in sid meier's civ, where you could only see within a certain range of where you've been.
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