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Found 3 results

  1. Helloo KSP! Anyway here's my problem. I'm trying to make a basic helicopter for kerbin lulz. Problem is, the heli keeps tipping forward or backward. If I up the throttle slowly the whole thing will fall over on its side too. This happens on takeoff. My center of thrust is slightly higher than the center of mass, but both are in the same position. I have 2 standard canards at the back to help with maneuvers. My current setup looks like this: ...––ââ€Â³Ã¢â‚¬â€œÃ¢â‚¬â€œ â—…â—Â▤▋▤► ...â—¯....â—¯ â—…â—Â: Tail Connector with 2 standard canards. â–¤: Mk1 Jet Fuselage (Fuel Tank) â–‹: Fl-025 default RCS Tank (it dosen't provide fuel crossfeed does it?) â–º: Mk1 Cockpit â—¯: Landing Gear . : Empty space 2 Fuel lines run to the rotors from the main fuel tanks. The RCS is to prevent crossfeed so both tanks feed to the rotors at the same time. I'm stuck with the design for now. Anything I can do to make a stable chopper?
  2. Colonization Has Begun The story of the journey and arrival of various craft at the Jeb, Bob and Bill's new home. Duna. Link at the bottom for full 2560x1600 shots if anyone wants them for a wallpaper or some shiz. Pictures Interplanetary Transfer of my first attempt at a Duna landing. Looks quite good. Bill Jeb and Bob stand proudly on the Duna surface, after about 8 hours of failures. Transfer of the permanent Duna habitat, with apparently a Halo in the background, over Duna. (The habitat is my own slight modification of segaprophet's Torus Hab.) The Hab with Jeb standing proudly atop it + newly landed rover. wait, whats that on left??? ERMAHGERD!!!!!!!! Nostromo, game over man, game over. FACE IT!!! Why aren't you scared Jeb, why? (The Nostromo is an awesome way of getting around the new planets to test for atmospheres and gravity.) Here is a link to the album and the full res screens: And here is my other imgur album for KSP: Comments and feedback would be very much appreciated. Also, would love to know how to get spoilers to work?
  3. Keep it civil and on topic. This is for discussing the v0.17 release of KSP. Cheers! Capt'n Skunky KSP Community Manager