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Found 2 results

  1. Kopernicus Continued Planetary System Modifier is a mod that provides for the graceful introduction of new celestial bodies to Kerbal Space Program. This is where we test new things and learn how break the universe with gusto. Disclaimer This is R-T-B's "Bleeding Edge" branch of Kopernicus, intended to support the latest features, KSP editions, and also the latest bugs. Please keep in mind this branch may be more buggy than Prestja's mainline Kopernicus branch, but it also supports more KSP versions and has more features implemented for testing reasons. Many features that make it into mainline Kopernicus are born, tested, and trialed by fire here. These features do get tested, briefly, and they generally work, but still, bugs can be slip by and be real, so it is important to BACK UP YOUR SAVEGAMES! It should be noted I am a member of the current Kopernicus Maintainence effort and this is an official Kopernicus-Continued subproject. Features: Presently, over the base Prestja Kopernicus-Continued branch, this branch also features. 1.) Particle System support (it existed before, but was removed in 1.8.1). 2.) A common source code base for both 1.9.1 and 1.10/1.10.1, enabling easy retrocompatability when we fully move to 1.10.x. Yes, this means we can support old releases well into the future if this works. 3.) Cool stuff you have no idea... (do I even?) 4.) bugs??? FAQ: 1.) When will this leave development? A.) It won't. The whole idea is this is the eternal testing ground. It stays here forever and ever and ever... 2.) What does this mod do? A.) On it's own, nothing. It's generally a dependency or modders tool. No more FAQ for now, ask me something frequently and I may add it to stop you... Downloads Kopernicus "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads Please ensure you grab the right version for your KSP version! 1.9.1 needs a zip with _191_ in the filename, 1.10 needs _110_, 1.10.1 is _1101_, etc. Credit Credit must be given to other current Kopernicus Maintainers @prestja, as well as previous authors @Thomas P. , @Sigma88 and many others for their incredible work in building an elegant solution for bringing new worlds to KSP. Source Code Source code can be found on the GitHub repository. See branch dev110 for details. License Kopernicus is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
  2. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.10.1 is live! This patch contains several bugs fixes related to the 1.10 update. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.10.1 ============================================================ 1.10.1 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog) +++ Improvements * Fairings now get rebuilt when changing the number of sides in the PAW. +++ Localization * Fix issue with Italian translation of drill action. * Fix grammar error in MPO part description. * Add missing localization on the ESA Collaboration mission pack. * Several ESA-related vocabulary improvements in multiple languages. * Fix localization tags appearing in debug console/log when playing ESA missions without Making History DLC installed. +++ Bugfixes * Fix players of ESA missions being able to access the VAB and SPH. * Fix invalid attachment references in flag parts when attached/detached/reattached in VAB/SPH. * Fix spawn probabilities for comet types. * Fix issues when contract expires that was regarding a comet that expires. * Make opaque flag parts actually opaque when not placed over other parts. * Fix Mk2 Lander cans open door action being missing. * Fix crew icons update when changing suits with the suit picker. * Fix broken merge button on craft load dialog. * Fixed missing spacing in ESA Bepi short mission dialog message. * Fixed overlapping buttons in main menu. * Attaching a single flag on the fairings now updates the editing capabilities on the fairing's PAW in the VAB and SPH. * Fix bug where comet sample contracts were not updated if a comet was renamed. * Fix mirror symmetry when using rotate and move tool. Same as we fixed it for placement tool. * The magnetometer now weighs 50 kg. * Fix Thrust Alignment on Poodle. * Fix deployable panels and antennas no longer breaking from air pressure. * Fix reentry VFX not showing when large comets hit celestial body atmospheres. * Fix radial drill not working on comets. * Fix KSPedia page Aircraft/Basics breaking in every language except Portuguese/Brazilian. +++ Mods * Fix ModuleProceduralFairing to allow mod override of base transform name and null check. * Add file path to SelectConfigNodeCallback which is called when a craft file is selected from the CraftBrowserDialog in the VAB/SPH. * Fix callback to OnFileSelectedCallback from the CraftBrowserDialog in the VAB/SPH. * Fix loading of mod Fonts. =================================== Making History 1.10.1 =================================== +++ Localization * Fix typo in "Show map node" option in some nodes in Mission Builder. +++ Bugfixes * Werner character not showing up in mission dialogue boxes. * Fix description of comet class localization bug. * Fix engine plate parts drag settings. * Fix Sally Hut 1 - space station disappears during mission. * Fix To the Mun via Minmus - mission stalls trying to get to the Mun. * Fix Dawn of the Space Age - mission stalls at Jebnik 1 Reach Altitude 1 node. * Fix Meet Me in Zero G - Atlas Agena is not present when launching Gemini 8. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.5.1 =================================== +++ Bugfixes * Fix unmotorized hinges returning to their build angle when locked in flight mode. Remember that you can help us find bugs/issues by reporting them into our bugtracker and that you can also upvote reports to make them more visible. Happy launchings!