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Found 1 result

  1. Current Mod Version : There were many mods or parts that were modeled in years, models or mods that were left alone and never got updated after their original publishing, thankfully, their licensing were open and let others take their job and continue their awesome works but, no one ever took it upon themselves to do it. Here are few of those mods : Concave Construction Kit Wayland Station Rings ZZZ Models (some of the parts are being used in other packs but not those that are included in this mod) I'm honored @Kottabos thanks for the review. Now, Concave construction kit give you some parts that look concave, they are awesome if you want to add parts to your vessel in ways that are not normal but very useful. Stational Rings, give you three different rings to be used on your space stations. Two of them are solid but one is profile rig and it gives over 80 attach nodes in every direction (top, bottom, out, in,...) Finally, from ZZZ's awesome work i took three radially mountable models, and,... made two variants of each, one being a radially attachable tank, the other? RAPIER engines !!!! For installation, simply put the content of the pack into your game data folder. If you don't add B9Animation, the animation of the fins on rapier engines won't work but the engine will be ok, without B9PartSwitch, you may hate the profile ring but with that plugin, you will sure have fun time putting your ring together as a puzzle All the parts have tweak scale module added to them so have fun with it Because of License conflict between B9 and wayland I decided to take B9 plugins out of the pack and you need to download them manually (link at the end of the post) and because of the wayland models, the license for this pack is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Have fun with screen shots DOWNLOADS : B9AnimationModules B9PartSwitch Finally, DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK