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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new to KSP (couple of hundred hours into career mode) and playing a pretty fresh installation of 64-bit 1.3.1 on Windows 10. Good old X58 platform with a Xeon X5660, 4GB GTX970 and 12GB of DDR3. I'm aware that Unity has some known issues regarding joystick input handling, and I've searched/scrolled through this support forum to read the previously posted questions re. multi-input, HOTAS throttles and Thrustmaster peripherals. But I haven't seen my specific issue previously reported, so I thought I'd post a thread... doubting it will be a super-quick-fix kind of issue, but I may as well document it eh? So, prepare yourselves... wall-o-text post incoming... SITUATION: I got all inspired by Cupcake's videos and bought myself a wee christmas present... Thrustmaster 16000.M FCS flightstick and the TWCS HOTAS throttle to go with it. These units can be used "plug'n'play" (in which case the game detects them as two separate input devices), or they can use a software app/virtual device driver called "T.A.R.G.E.T." which is basically a GUI laid over Thrustmaster's custom scripting engine. This software allows you to combine multiple physical controllers into one "virtual device", with customised axis mapping/response curves, button mapping, keystroke generation, mouse pointer control, etc. PROBLEM: Now, if I go the plug'n'pray route and don't use a T.A.R.G.E.T. profile, KSP recognises both devices as separate controllers and I can map the axes with no problems, everything behaves as it should. Except the JoyButton inputs are duplicated for both devices (whether due to limitations of the DirectX API, the Unity engine, or KSP's input handling code, I'm not completely sure), e.g. the flightstick trigger registers as JoyButton0 in the game but so does the thumb button on the throttle, and this behaviour is the same for all the buttons on both devices. Obviously this makes most of the buttons on one or both devices unusable for specific functions. Some duplication is acceptable, but you really need more than 16 buttons across both devices in order to make the best use of the HOTAS setup. BIGGER PROBLEM: "That ain't no problem..." says I, "...just create a T.A.R.G.E.T. profile with all the axes and buttons mapped the way I want". So I did this, and all the button mapping/keystroke generation worked perfectly. Except, as soon as I launch a craft and touch the joystick, all the control surfaces travel to their authority limit and stay there. When I push the joystick to the limit of an axis, the relevant control surface moves through its normal "rest point" to the other extent of travel, and then back to the first limit again when I release the stick back to centre. If I move the stick to the other limit on the same axis, the control surface in question exhibits the same behaviour. The throttle also seems to set its 100% limit at the middle of the DX_SLIDER axis' physical travel, and moving the throttle either side of this point causes the in-game throttle to move sharply back to 0%. Reversing the axes, either in the TARGET software, in the KSP input settings, or by changing the "deploy direction" of a control surface, merely results in the part moving to the opposite extent of travel on launch. All other response curve adjustments, absolute/relative settings, sensitivity and deadzone adjustments in TARGET and in KSP appear to have no effect on this behaviour. FURTHER BACKGROUND INFO: It should be noted that when observing the behaviour of the "Thrustmaster Combined" virtual device's axes (either via the Windows properties dialog or via the TARGET software's built-in "device analyser" function), all the axes and buttons appear to behave normally, the visual indicators sit at a center rest point (or lower extent of travel in the case of the Throttle/Slider axes) and move to their full extent of travel along with the appropriate physical movements of the controller/s. I've also tried previously suggested fixes such as starting the game with the physical throttle set at 50%, and I've tried starting the game with the joystick pulled over to the full extent of X/Y travel. No difference to be seen. Furthermore, I've tried disabling the TWCS throttle in the combined TARGET profile in case there was some weird axis mapping/config conflict occurring, and the FCS flightstick alone still exhibits the same behaviour on its assigned X/Y/Z/slider axes when being detected by the game as a "Thrustmaster Combined" device. POTENTIAL CAUSE: So it seems obvious to me that the issue lies with how Unity/KSP interprets the "rest value" of the virtual device's axes at startup. It assigns the centre "rest value" of the joystick axes as being one extent of travel and the axis limit (in either direction) as the other extent. But it's the opposite with the "virtual" throttle... the rest point is defined as being halfway along the physical axis (instead of at the lower limit of travel), with movement in either direction dropping the throttle back to 0% (or throwing it up to 100%, if the axis is inverted). When you analyse and think about this behaviour, it seems that Unity/KSP is getting the virtual device's "joystick" (self-centering) axes and "slider" (non-centering) axis behaviour ass-backwards. Self-centering axes behave as though the joystick's center rest position is one extent of travel and the axis limit/s are the other extent; i.e. behaving like a throttle/accelerator pedal. Non-centering axes behave as though the mid-point of travel is the rest position, with movement in either direction throwing the control to its limit; i.e. behaving like a self-centering joystick. But I have no ideas as to why this behaviour is only occurring with the combined "virtual" device, and not when the controllers are mapped as separate input devices. CONCLUSION: Sorry for the long long post, but I'm hoping this report might make possible some kind of fix in a future update, so I can use my AUD$250 HOTAS setup effectively in the game. At the moment I'm stuck using it as 2 separate input devices with severely limited button mapping/control options, which is pretty disappointing. I also suspect that squishing this bug might solve a lot of similar issues that people are having with other HOTAS/multi-input setups, especially where third-party "virtual device driver" software is involved. However, I also recognise that this is very much an edge-case bug, and probably not worth the dev time/cost to fix. But maybe the community can come up with its own fix... it's been done before. I've considered the possibility that this bug may be fixable by digging deeper into Thrustmaster's scripting engine/language - it's pretty much syntax-identical to C code - but the fact that Windows reports the virtual device as behaving normally leads me to believe that the issue doesn't lie with the TARGET profile/script, it's to do with how Unity/KSP interprets the input/rest position values of the virtual controller's axes. If I knew Unity at all I'd dig deeper into the game code/mod API to try and fix it myself, but that's beyond my scope at the moment. Feedback/input from anyone else using the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS setup specifically, or Unity/Mod developers generally, would be appreciated as a worthwhile contribution to this bug report thread. I'll capture a video of the behaviour and link to it from this post shortly. Logs and other supporting documentation etc. can also be willingly provided upon request. Cheers, BR
  2. Is there an other good space shuttle mod other than Cromorant aeronology, CSS, etc If you know reply
  3. If I try to change my graphics settings from the normal ones, it doesn't work. The "Apply" and "Accept" buttons don't respond to any clicks. If I click "Cancel" and go back into the graphics settings, they'll still be the default ones Yes, I have seen the other forum posts about this. Seemingly, their solution doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...? Here's the output log: Thanks for any help!
  4. Why does GPU utilization jump to 100% in Space Centre and VAB when it's barely 25% in tracking station and ~75% in flight? I'm not experiencing any problems because of this, but wanted to know whether it's a bug or expected behaviour.
  5. After physics warping the delta v required to complete the maneuver starts to increase
  6. So Ive been going at it getting a nice setup of mods going. Just did a fresh install through steam too. module manager only produced 1 error with an interstellar fuelswitch .cfg file. The menu loads(start game,settings,etc..) I just cant click on anything. Any thoughts? Clicking the mouse seems to work, it changes colors. and restarting ksp doesnt seem to help any either!AjOhSRn-M-XfihRBLIebvy4WSlqx ksp log is here, it didnt produce an output log or a modulemanager cache.
  7. Hi, I am unable to get the comm network working. I built a number of networks in previous versions with relays, however now in 1.3.1 I can't get it to work. Also, when I enable comm network in settings, it doesn't actually do anything - I don't see the signal strength panel in top left corner, and after returning to settings comm network is off again. Is this a KSP bug or somehow my problem? Thanks
  8. Using 1.3.1, I have a long list of mods. When I try to start a new game and edit the advanced start configuration, the scroll box that contains the mod list does not limit to the size of the window but extends far past the bottom of the screen. I can drag and move the window but not far enough to get to the Accept/Cancel buttons. Besides uninstalling mods, are there any fixes or ways to toggle the buttons for this?
  9. I have a working game and it is only using 1.3.1 mods that have been updated. I do not have an "aim camera" on any part since the upgrade so it is harder to view the ships.(I reviewed the old mods and i don't see that was an added feature. I tried using easy vessel switch, no change)(mods=EVS/kis/kas/jsi/mechjeb/tweakscale/KW/LBSI/magic smoke/opt/near future/spacey/umbra/amp/cck/crp.. to name most) has anybody else had this issue. I am not sure where this feature comes from as a fresh install(no mod) doesn't have it either thanks Jammer
  10. I'm getting a consistent crash since I've been updating to 1.3.1 and re-installing various mods. Here is the link to my output_log file. I don't know how to read these files to identify where the crash is happening. Anybody can help? Also, if you can tell me how you actually see where it crashes, that would be a HUGE help too.
  11. Does anyone have a working version of KSC-Switcher that works on stock Kerbin with 1.3.1? I found a version that works for 1.2.2, and whilst it works in 1.3.1, there are no new KSC launch locations. I found another site that has a screenshot of them working on Kerbin, but the download link is broken. I also know Kerbin-side exist but I like how KSC-Switcher works, and the fact that it doesn't have any extra buildings, considerably more over Kerbin-side.
  12. I have a larger-sized SSTO with the LY-60 and LY-35 landing gear. I noticed that after the 1.3.1 update, if the craft is landed, and on any planet, if you accelerate time... When you try to come back to 1x time, the craft leaps off the ground a bit. On Kerbin it's not too horrible; although, if linked up to a station or fuel line it can trigger explosions. On low gravity worlds, like Minmus, it's obscene! The craft vaults off the surface a good 10-20 meters, and can really mess things up! The same thing will happen if you try to load a save game, the craft will leap off the surface. So my questions are... Anyone else have this problem? the event it might just be me and a few mods I have? (which are very few) Has it been a known issue for awhile and I just haven't noticed? Or was this a possible bug introduced with the 1.3.1 update?
  13. Is there any mod to bring more launch sites? If not, which version of KSP would be the best one to install a mod that provides more launchpads all around Kerbin and/or on other planets or in space?
  14. I was unable to find any bug report thread, so I guess I'll just post here then.... With that out of the way: - In VAB the move tool generates multiple ghost handles when I move an object via the move tool and then try to click on any other object with the place tool selected. I can move them like normal handles, but only the "real" handle actually moves any parts around. EDIT: I discovered that I cannot use the place tool after this happens until I switch to the rotate tool and back... I am using the Editor Extensions Redux mod (hence the symmetry x11) which "does not support" 1.3.1. However, the mod works exactly the same as in 1.3.0 (with this slight tweak) and probably does not have anything to do with this phenomenon. I have not yet tested this in the SPH, more on that later. I'll edit this post with anything else I find, but that's all for now...
  15. KSP: 1.3.1 Windows 10, 64bit Problem: I updated to soon. Mods installed: Way too many. Reproduction steps: Update do 1.3.1 without thinking it through. See that all the mods you need for missions you were actively working on are as suited to version 1.3.1 as mercury-thermometers are to commercial airliners. Log: Not really necessary, nor useful. Okay, to put my question, as elaborated above, as simply as I can: How can I revert to 1.3? Technically, I actually know. Get the 1.3 installer, backup the "ships", "saves" and "gamedata" folders, install it all fresh and dandy, dump my bloated backup in there, load it up, and smile like the clumsy oaf that I am. Problem: the Download site on offers many flavors of installers and patches. Even the installer for ya olde version 1.2.2. But not, as of this writing, an installer for 1.3. Anyone. Please. Where can I find ye older v1.3(x64) installer, for Windows? I don't even need some official place. If anyone just happens to still have it, and would put it on Google Drive or some other file-host for me to download, I would be most grateful. I might name one of my ships after you! Pleasepleaseplease, help a guy out!
  16. So I just updated KSP to 1.3.1 (after about 3 years of not updating!) I'm currently on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5. The issue I'm having is the game gets to the "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" point and then stops loading. I downloaded the update and the KSP_osx folder is in the Applications folder. I have tried moving the KSP and Launcher apps to the desktop and back again, that hasn't worked. I also tried the method of right clicking and going through "Show Package Contents" to open the exe. I would upload the log, but can't seem to find that either! Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live! This patch includes a few localization corrections, bug fixes and the implementation of a few enhancements. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.3.1 ============================================================ +++ Localization * Localization Texts updated. * KSPedia Localization texts and graphics updated. * Fix KerbNet localization strings. * Fix Number and time displays for localization. * Fix Lingoona library for Ubuntu Linux. * Localization Performance improvements. * Fix localization of Tutorials and Scenarios. * Fix localization of planet names in Science Reports. * Resource names on Mining contracts localized. * Removed lingoona Gender tags on Biome filters in RnD archives screen. * Texture update opening scene for Chinese. * Fix Profanity filter for Kerbal Names in Russian. * Fix Custom Category filters in SPH/VAB and localized some missing texts. * Fix tooltip for custom Category filters. * Fix incorrect text on engineer report for Antenna check. * Fix RnD archive biome filter for mini biomes showing lingoona gender tags. * Fix failed file deletion message when overwriting saves. * Fix grammar To the Mun P2 Tutorial for English. * Fix keyboard layouts overwriting EVA Light key from ‘U’ to ‘L’. Now U in all cases and G for Dvorak. * Fix key binding display on settings input dialog. * Fix locked facility dialog headings. * Fix format of MET display all languages. * Fix Flag naming dialog text positioning. * Add noun gender indicators to resource names in Russian. * Add localization for shielded parts PAWs in stock saves. * Fix Keyboard layout confirmation dialog to show correct punctuation keys when binding. A reset may be required for exisiting custom layouts. * Fix labels on settings menu for languages to fit. * Fix use of Lastly (all languages) for contract parameters. * Fix Engineers Report text alignment all languages. * Log Celestial Body periods in English in the game logs. * Fix punctuation position on Japanese and Chinese fonts. +++ Enhancements * Default setting for NavBall in Mapmode (default is not to autohide). * Default throttle setting to 0%. * Add ability to tweak endpoints of symmetry struts and fuel lines. * Improvements to symmetry tweaking in the editor scenes. * Add game clock to all KSC Facility Menus. * Game clock in all screens now shows the time in Gray when time is paused. * Add action groups for wheel motors and wheel steering. * Add the shadow fade fix from KSC scene to the editor scenes. * Change the near clipping pane on game camera so it doesn’t clip when zoomed in as much. * Add ‘Control from here’ to External Seat. * Add action group for ‘Control from here’ to ModuleCommand and ModuleDockingNode, External Seat and Grapple. * Exclude wheels from part recovery contracts as some are too hard to grapple. +++ Bug fixes * Fix the deploy/retract actions not showing for drills on custom action groups. * Fix UT/MET display in flight. * Fix control command persistence when changing to map view. * Fix delta time Part Thermal Flux calculations. * Timewarp indicator in all screens now shows no green arrows when time is paused. * Fix MK3 size 2 adapter collider. * Fix issue with compound parts inside fairings causing launched vessels to explode. * Change Settings UI text alignments to be centered. * Fix texture on VAB level 3 floor near the outer door. * FIx the tweakable end of compound parts not getting mirrored when moved. * Fix an incorrect text when a station contract gets completed. * Fix the toggles in the UI at the Main Menu stretching as much as they could. * Fix Flag on Sentinel Telescope Icon in VAB/SPH. * Fix Sun (stepping) movement in Flight whilst retaining sun shadows fix. * Fix opacity issue in editor scenes for unconnected parts. * Jetpack translation is no longer affected when an EVA Kerbal’s PAW is open and being dragged. * Kerbals can no longer EVA from inside fairings (but can from interstage fairings) to avoid exploding vessels. * Fix quicksaveload dialog when enter is used in the filename input box. * Fix Grab interaction msg for EVA kerbals when ladders are retracted. * Fix NREs on craft thumbnail creation - added filename sanitizing. * Fix Part highlighting in VAB/SPH interacting with Light Animations on parts. * Fix destructible building on Tracking Station Level 2 dish. * Fix Part highlighting for new and dropped parts in VAB/SPH. * Replace TrackIR with new implementation. * Fix Flight camera issues when active vessel crashes into the ground. * Fix Destructible Building error messages in log. * Disable Save on PauseMenu when active vessel is dead to avoid invalid save files. * Shadow tweak on buildings in KSC scene. * Fix issue with being able to add maneuver nodes to vessels without control. * Remove ability to create maneuver nodes with EVA Kerbals. * Fix an issue where an atmospheric resource harvester would not properly activate. * Fix Loading Scene picture swapping feature. * Fix Grass texture on level 3 RnD building. * Fix MPL cleaning experiments screen messages. * Fix Restart Warning text on main Settings Screen. * Fix Cannot Deploy while stowed messages. * Fix "Toggle Display" button on scientific devices. * Fix floor decal alignment level 2 SPH. * Fix Difficulty settings dialog height for all tabs. * Fix icon visuals on Contracts App when pausing during flight. * Fix empty craft name save expection in VAB/SPH. * Fix Tour contract kerbal gender log messages. * Fix RnD Archives Biome filtering. * Fix rotate and offset on compount parts in VAB/SPH. * Fix drill action groups. * Fix drill disable and mining when lost ground contact. * Improve vessel ground collision checks for landed vessels coming off rails (includes recovery contract parts that are landed). * Reduce stutter when flying fast and low over a planet. * Fix kerbal heading calculations - fixes swimming animation jitters. * Fix Duna Rock allows kerbals to climb and plant flags (no more ragdoll). * Turn on Goliath and Wheesley Exhaust damage. * Fix fairing shader not set correctly and overlaying engine FX. * Fix external command seat ejection. * Fix PAW actions and events ordering on pinned PAWs. * Fix NRE on Navball in IVA when doing scenarios and training. * Fix black line low over terrain (unfortunately re-introduces green line low over ocean). * Fix presence of .DS_Store file no longer marks save games as modded. +++ Modding * Restore CelestialBody.theName methods (marked as deprecated). * Fix Part Filter category names capitalization for mods. * Add property to CustomParameterUI to support Localization. * ModuleDeployablePart now finds all animations. * CelestialBody GetRelSurfacePosition now calling correct methods. Happy launchings!
  18. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    Hello everyone! We're happy to announce the launch of the Public Pre-release of Update 1.3.1. This ‘pre-release’ test build is for everyone to have a go before we officially release the update, and you’ll be able to opt-in to get the Pre-release builds via the Steam betas and through the KSP Store for those who bought the game there. Naturally, you’ll need to own a copy of the game beforehand in order to access these builds. This opt-in branch will run for a minimum of two full weeks before the release date of the final update (the final release date hasn’t been closed, so changes may occur). Here's a link to the changelog for further details. To facilitate discussions of the Pre-release branch we’ll be opening up a temporary sub-forum for feedback. Additionally, a Pre-release project has been made available on the bug tracker to report bugs on. Remember that reporting a problem on the forum does not count as a bug report, unfortunately. We rely on a particular format and certain information that allows us to get to the problem as quickly as possible. So if you choose to help out, please read the wiki on the bug tracker where a guide to reporting bugs can be found. Attached logs are most important, and instructions detailing where these can be found on your platform are also in our wiki. Thank you and happy launchings!
  19. TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.4 aka TRR Kerbal and suits personalisation, texture replacement and reflections. This is the continuation of TextureReplacer. TextureReplacerReplaced is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that allows you to replace stock textures and customise your Kerbals. . More specifically, it can: replace stock textures with custom ones, assign personalized head and suit textures for each Kerbal, assign suits based on class and experience level, configure the elements of the heads and suits, toggle between 3 suits : Iva , Eva Ground, Eva Space , add reflections to parts and helmet visors, generate missing mipmaps for PNG and JPEG model textures, compress uncompressed textures from `GameData/` to shrink textures in VRAM, unload textures from RAM after KSP finishes loading to reduce RAM usage and change bilinear texture filter to trilinear to improve mipmap quality. Special thanks to Shaw for making TextureReplacer in the first place, You rock man ! RangeMachine who kept this mod alive, rbray89 who contributed a reflective visor shader and for [thread=59005]Active Texture Management[/thread] and [thread=55905]Visual Enhancements[/thread] where some code has been borrowed from, Tingle for [thread=44135]Universe Replacer[/thread]; studying his code helped me a lot while developing this plugin, taniwha for [thread=99018]KerbalStats[/thread] that was optionally used by this plugin for gender determination and role-based suit assignment, Razchek and Starwaster for [thread=70089]Reflection Plugin[/thread] where I learnt how to implement reflections, sarbian for fixing an issue with non-mupliple-of-4 texture dimensions, therealcrow999 for testing and benchmarking this plugin, Ippo343 for contributing KSP-AVC configuration, JPLRepo for contributing DeepFreeze compatibility fixes, Proot, Scart91, Green Skull and many others for creating texture packs and Sylith and Scart91 for giving others permissions to make derivatives of their texture packs, Sigma88 for his contribution on the MM compatibility and the new folder system, Ger_space for his brilliant work on the shader system, ThirdOfSeven for his help fixing the shaders on Linux and MacOs. Links TextureReplacerReplaced : You can find the releases and patch notes at this address Github Sources Link You can find an empty premade folder for your custom textures here . TRR_guide (a collection of textures to learn of to use TRR and make your own textures) : Download it here. Github Sources Link Important note : The navball texture replacement is disabled. You can use Navball Texture Changer to change your navball. Recommended Mods WindowShine Texture Packs Galenmacil_Skybox Diverse Kerbal Heads Human Colored Heads Recolored Cetera's Suits for TextureReplacerReplaced Fix for others mods Reflections for FASA (Thanks to @Mecripp ) Instructions Look at the Readme of the source's Readme for detailed explanations. Important Stuff If you had Texture Replacer (TR) installed, uninstall it before using TRR. Its not recommended to use both TR and TRR. TRR is provided with mandatory default textures. DON'T REMOVE THEM except for these 4 if you don't like them: Suit_Iva_Veteran_Default : this the veteran version of the IVA suit Suit_EvaSpace_Veteran_Default : this the veteran version of the EVAground suit Suit_EvaGround_Veteran_Default : this the veteran version of the EVAspace suit logoFullRed_alt : this is the custom logo at the main menu You can still replace these textures as you did before with Texture Replacer, but if you remove them , your game WILL crash. It is now recommended that you use a different folder than TRR for your custom textures WITH A PREFIX CALLED "TRR" like "TRR_MyTextureMod" (or at least one that goes alphabetically after "Squad" and "TextureReplacerReplaced") You can find an empty premade here You just have to make 3 steps to make it ready for you : Change the name "TRR_MyTextureMod" by the one you want, Of the folder that goes in GameData/ Of the file TRR_MyTextureMod.cfg Inside the .cfg You can make this "TRR_MyTextureMod.cfg" also by yourself, make a TRR_MyTextureMod.txt file and rename it TRR_MyTextureMod.cfg and put this inside : TextureReplacerReplaced { Folders { Default = TRR_MyTextureMod/Default/ EnvMap = TRR_MyTextureMod/EnvMap/ Heads = TRR_MyTextureMod/Heads/ Suits = TRR_MyTextureMod/Suits/ } } General Suit settings Your kerbals have now 3 suits that are used generally this way : IVA : Used inside vehicle and outside of vehicle, on the ground, with atmosphere EVA Ground : Used outside of vehicle, on the ground, without atmosphere EVA Space : Used outside of Vehicle, in Space You can assign one of these suits (and their elements, suit,helmet,visor and jetpack) for each of these situations : EVAground Atmo : Out Of Vehicle, On the Ground, With Atmosphere, EVAground NoAtmo : Out Of Vehicle, On the Ground, Without Atmosphere, EVAspace : Out Of Vehicle, In Space, IVA Safe : In Vehicle, Safe (landed or in orbit), IVA Unsafe : In Vehicle, UnSafe (flying) You can also configure the color and the reflection color of the 3 visors. This setting will affect how your visor custom texture will appear. TRR is provided with 3 visor textures with different transparency level IVA : grey 40% (clear but you still see the reflections) EVAground : grey 70% (mid clear) EVAspace : grey 85% (nearly not clear , you can still see the head) The EVAspace visor is colored in yellow by default. Don't forget to change the base color if you use a custom texture. All of this can be changed in the new in-game menus Head Set Head textures reside inside a directory inside either Heads/Male/ or Heads/Female/ directory. Each head set must reside inside its own directory: GameData/TRR_MyTextureMod/Heads/Male/ // for the male heads GameData/TRR_MyTextureMod/Heads/Female/ // for the female heads MyTextureModMaleHead1/ // the custom folder for your head set HeadTexture0 // The texture for the head at level 0 (mandatory) HeadTexture1 // The texture for the head at level 1 HeadTexture2 // The texture for the head at level 2 HeadTexture3 // The texture for the head at level 3 HeadTexture4 // The texture for the head at level 4 HeadTexture5 // The texture for the head at level 5 HeadTextureNRM0 // The normal map for the head at level 0 (mandatory) HeadTextureNRM1 // The normal map for the head at level 1 HeadTextureNRM2 // The normal map for the head at level 2 HeadTextureNRM3 // The normal map for the head at level 3 HeadTextureNRM4 // The normal map for the head at level 4 HeadTextureNRM5 // The normal map for the head at level 5 Suit Set Suit textures reside inside a directory and their name are not the same as the ones you use to replace the default textures. You can make variants for the level, the gender and the veteran, badass, veteran badass status of each elements and their normal maps Each suit set must reside inside its own directory. You can find the full list in the source's Readme. KNOW ISSUES STATIC reflections are not recommended. Resetting a suit in the visor menu or in the suit menu will reset it for both. You need to get out/get in the vehicle or reload the scene to see the change in the IVA_safe and IVA_unsafe situation. female teeth texture use only the one from the 'DEFAULT_MALE', the male use the head's texture normally. the 'lvlToHide_TeethUp' setting works for both teeth for the male and normally for the female. the 'lvlToHide_TeethDown' setting don't work for the male and work normally for the female. the 'lvlToHide_Ponytail' don't work for the male (obviously). When in EVAground Atmo, you can switch the suit status to the 3 situations (EVAground Atmo, ,EVAground NoAtmo, ,EVAspace), when in EVAground NoAtmo, you can switch to 2 situations (EVAground, EVAspace) and you can't switch when in EVAspace. Because of the bug of the jetpack flags being displaced from the mesh, I disabled them. REAL reflections don't work on Linux and Mac, you will have a pink visor, the shader seems to have a problem with OpenGL. You need to name you custom folder with a name that goes alphabetically AFTER "Squad" and "TextureReplacerReplaced". (I suggest "TRR_" as prefix for only texture mods). If you don't, the textures that loads in the "Squad" (the parts textures) and "TextureReplacerReplaced" (the new head and suits default texture) folder will load after yours and thus, override your custom texture. Licence Copyright © 2013-2017 Davorin Učakar, Ryan Bray, RangeMachine, HaArliNsH Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  20. JSat

    CURRENT VERSION : 1.1.0 I always liked the idea of box sat or the cube mods, but, for me, those two were not the thing I was looking for. Basically, what I wanted was an easier system to make cube walls for a satellite. Not only that, but having internal nodes to attach different parts to it would be nice. Unfortunately, no one did it, that the case until I saw a video on youtube and the person (Felborn aka bob fitch) had done something amazing and that was, adding few nodes to an existing stock part! That was when I decided to go for this idea, now, here you have it, a mod that adds only two parts, one as the satellite frame with built in electric charge and SAS, and one as the wall to cover it up and make it a real cube. The frame has 26 sets of internal nodes that are attachable on every 6 directions. Using B9 Part Switch as an optional mod side by side this mod, you will get a nice little addition in your GUI's menu to toggle those nodes on/off for ease of access. Also, the wall is designed so that when it snap attached to a node, it would still have another stack node toward the outside, making it easier to attach engines to the wall if need to. License : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License DOWNLOAD the MOD from SPACEDOCK B9PartSwitch change Log :
  21. [1.3.1] Time Control [2.8.3]

    Originally designed by @Xaiier as an advanced successor to the popular Dynamic Warp mod, this mod gives you complete control of time in KSP by allowing you to slow down time to get those cool explosions on video(or find out why your rocket is blowing up on the pad), boost the rate of time to ridiculous levels without loss of precision to ease those long burns, set custom warp rates and per-planet custom altitude limits, utilize automatic warping, and monitor the physics engine and game performance. Now maintained and enhanced by @westamastaflash. Download current release on GitHub. Curseforge Project Site November 30, 2017 - New release, version 2.8.3 (KSP 1.3.1). Bugfixes & Better MaxDeltaTime control Please add issues or enhancement requests to the issue tracker! Source Code also on Github. MIT License. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Usage: The seven letters at the top of the window allow you to switch operation modes between details, quick warp, warp-to, rails editor, keybindings, slow-mo, and hyper warp. In the Space Center and Tracking Station, hyper warp and slow-mo are not available. Pictures of the GUI are in each spoiler below. QuickWarp: Warp-To UT: Slow-motion: Hyper warp: Rails editor: ? Details: Key Bindings Setup: Settings are now in the standard KSP settings window accessed in-flight or at the space center. Changelog Time Modding Notes (by Xaiier) Recommended Mods that go well with Time Control: Time Control will respect the years/days/hours/minutes that Kronometer sets up. Note that the quick-warp and warp-to quick +/- buttons won't make sense if your kerbal minute is 38 seconds long and kerbal hour is 17 kerbal-minutes. They will work correctly (+38 seconds / minute), but the multipliers wouldn't be that useful. Time Control has an integrated "Warp to next KAC Alarm" feature. My recommendation is to turn off KAC's built in warp-stopping functionality, as Time Control's is more precise and will get you to the alarm point very fast.
  22. Sorry My English is not good. PARTS 1.TG-Command module 2.Orbital Lab 3.Engine 4.Antenna 5.SolarPane 6.DockingPort 7.rcs Issues/Bugs It uses the IVA from the Squad's "MPL" I hope to solve those problems later. If you like this MOD,Understanding my hard work.Support me to continue to develop.please consider being kind and donating a few bucks through PayPal. DOWNLOAD ON SPACEDOCK V 0.3.5 DOENLOAD ON curseforge V0.3.3 My other MOD : Chang'e 3 Lunar Lander & Yutu Lunar Rover Chinese version Release (中文版) License:CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Changelog: