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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday, I did find the time to eventually try out the new parts that came with the DLC and I must say that really like the new soyuz russian style pods. Best thing is that there's now a 2 crew pod available (through DLC). So I am curious - do you use the new DLC parts along with stock in your latest creations or do you go for stock-only parts, even with DLC installed?
  2. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live! This patch includes improvements, bug fixes and more for both the base game and the Making History Expansion. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.4.2 ============================================================ 1.4.2 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements * Variants now support multiple drag cubes. These are calculated automatically on a per-variant basis. * Updated the parachute model to more accurately reflect a real world ram air chute +++ Localization * KSPedia fixes: Fixed a wrong key binding in the English EVA controls page +++ Parts * The Mk1-3 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been reduced for consistency with other parts. * Fix centering on the Rockomax Jumbo-64. * Tweaks to the EVA parachute shader and texture. +++ Bugfixes * Fix kerbals thinking they’re still on a ladder if they get knocked off at high speed. * Fix players not being able to quicksave when knocked off a ladder at high speed. * Fix parachute being loaded in at 1.25x the normal size when controlling a kerbal. * Fix player not being able to repack parachute if they rag dolled with the parachute deployed while hopping across the landscape. * Revised EVA parachute model and shader. * Fix kerbal being able to repack chute in the air while performing recovery maneuver. * Fix surface FX appearing when landing legs deployed even when not on the ground. * Fix LT-1 landing legs clipping the ground. * Fix to the loading screen getting stuck between scenes infinitely in some cases. * Fix contracts app icon to use it’s icon - not the new Missions app icon. * Fix switch editor button to check facility is open before switching. * Fix switch editor function to not load backup when all parts on existing vessel have been deleted by the user. * Fix switch editor symmetry setting. * Fix tourist contracts not completing correctly and messages for tourist contracts causing NRE and infinite rewards when failing. * Fix contract parameter completion to catch errors and contract parameters now log info messages when their state changes. * Fix UI layering for Debug menu. * Fix the camera IVA Overlay persistence between camera modes. * Fix NRE spam when vessel destroyed and gameobjects disappear while doing FX. * Fix icons in map overlapping over the Apps dialogs. * Fix NRE spam when launching a vessel on the Island Airfield. 1.1 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Show node type icon in the node header of all nodes in the Mission Builder. * Node category color defaults amended. * Improve CPU Load performance when placing nodes on canvas. * Awards display now doesn’t overflow with long texts and improved awards UI design. * Allow zoom in Mission Builder canvas to go down to 20% - can also be reduced more via settings.cfg. * Can now delete nodes and connectors in the builder canvas with the backspace key (in addition to the delete key). * Add mission difficulty setting to allow/disallow vessel recovery in a mission (default - disallow). * Add ability to go to vessels on LaunchPad/Runway when clicking the Launchpad or Runway in a mission game. * Add kerbal killed node. * Reordered Node parameters. * Upgrade difficulty setting for missions in the Briefing to a slider. * Stock missions improved (see missions section below). * Node expand/collapse button now only appears on Node headers when applicable. * Starting funds now has a text field and slider for setting the value. * Change vessel viewer in Mission Builder GAP to function like the VAB/SPH camera. Can be toggled via settings.cfg. * Change Filters in vessel viewer to completely hide/show parts rather than changing their opacity. * Change mission briefing dialog at start of mission to max-size the text. * Fix disabled shrouds on parts reappearing when changing vessels. +++ Localization * Mission meta files now support localization. This indirectly also solves an issue where the expansion folder was not being removed when uninstalling the expansion. * KSPedia fixes: Localized all images in the Making History section of the KSPedia. Added missing text to Chinese pages. * Fix localized text for resource name on vessel resource node. * Translations for GAP descriptions. * Fix for certain pinned nodes coming up unlocalized. * Fix missions not supporting non-ascii languages for mission names. +++ Parts * The Mk2 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been increased for consistency with other parts. * The Wolfhound engine is now properly centered. * The truss sections of the 5m fairing and accompanying nodes are now scaled correctly. * Add IVA window cameras to new command pods. +++ Bugfixes * Fix revert to last build/editor session in missions not always saving and therefore not allowing revert. * Fix saving mission when entering mission difficulty settings. * Fix checking values on time control parameters. * Fix date handling greater than 235 years. * Fix orbit parameters when minimized in node display in the Mission Builder canvas. * Fix launch site being displayed when clicking on a vessel situation node with landed or orbit selected. * Fix spawning orbiting vessels in missions in some circumstances causing explosions. * Fix vessel restrictions not updating in Missions App in VAB/SPH when loading a new craft file. * Fix hovering the mouse on slider parameters in the SAP preventing the user to continue scrolling. * Fix copy-pasted nodes that spawn things not having unique IDs. * Fix handling of newline and tab in message nodes to display correctly when playing a mission. * Fix vessel resource amount node to work with unloaded vessels. * Fix Orbit Parameter and Orbit node value sliders and max values. * Fix Start Node activated time being always 0 UT, even when the mission was set to start at a different UT. * Fix Vessel Naming to set default type to be the parts default type. * Fix for vessel naming changes not updating ship name in editor scenes. * Fix node position not been saved when moving groups of nodes. * Fix mission not progressing when loading a create vessels node checkpoint when testing a mission. * Fix node name changes not being updated when loading checkpoints when testing a mission. * Fix music not playing after resuming a mission being played that was last closed in the VAB/SPH. * Fix arrange nodes function to rescale the canvas correctly so nodes do not go off the edge. * Scale node line connectors at low zoom levels so the lines can be seen. * Fix node connector lines not aligning correctly when parameters are pinned/unpinned. * Change key-combo for Copy Paste in the builder to Cmd-C, CMD-V for OS-X. * Fix import mission zip extract method for Unix based systems. * Fix Vessel text to correctly identify Active vs Any vessel. * Fix node connector pin buttons triggering drag. * Fix Orbit node to support correct accuracy testing. * Fix event node and objective hiding so these get hidden from players. * Fix end mission dialog coming up over a dialog message node that is set to pause the mission. * Fix vessel viewer filters in Mission Builder GAP to switch off colliders so player can select parts inside other parts. * Fix when selecting new or load mission in the Mission Builder with a node connector being selected breaking the Mission Builder. * Fix the Take Kerbal node not triggering correctly after switching vessel in some cases. * Fix the LAN orientation to match the Mission Editor in the Orbit node. * Fix the loading screen sometimes getting locked after transitioning between scenes. * Fix orbits sometimes getting rendered over the Mission Editor canvas after loading the tracking station or flight scenes. +++ Missions Dawn of the Space Age * Added missing end conditions. * Improved instructions with better hints. * Improvements in the objective lists in all launches. * Fix scoring for destroyed jebnik 1 in atmosphere. Trouble In The Void * Improved instructions. * Extra test for checking if the wrong kerbal has boarded. * Fix the explosion sequence. * Added failure condition. To The Mun Via Minmus * Improved instructions. * Removed time limit. * Fix a Time Since Node for the second Goo Experiment not working correctly. * Fix the objective list not updating correctly in the second launch. Meet Me In Zero G * Improved instructions. * Fix craft not exploding. * Low fuel message now appears in the second launch. * Fix orbit accuracy parameters having incorrect values. * Fix splash down not triggering successful mission. Blue Moon * Improved instructions. * Added 3 tons to the mass limit. * Changed the values for the fuel efficiency bonus. Munar 1 * Added failure conditions. Acapello 15 * Fix Time Since Node in splash test had an incorrect value causing a 5 min wait for the mission to complete. Happy launchings!
  3. Hello, It seems now the Orange variant of the Rockomax Jumbo-64 is offcenter. It also appears to have a seam running down the middle and z-fighting on the grey tank ends. I should include the black & white variant seems to be lined up just fine.
  4. Hi everyone! So I have a slight issue with slow framerate. I have a couple of mods and I only have the issue in Career mode, not in sandbox mode. Every time I switch scene, either VAB, space center, tracking station, or launchpad it takes about 10-12 seconds for the scene to load. This is ok, I can live with that. However every single time when I go to launchpad, nomather from where I go before, if it's from VAB or tracking station or simply a "revert flight to launch" it takes about 30 seconds for the FPS to stabilize. It sits around 17 fps and after these 30 seconds it kicks up to 60 something. Every single time it about the same 30 seconds plus minus a second or two. If I try this in Sandbox mode in takes about 1-2 seconds for the FPS to stabilize at around 60. I don't know whats wrong but I find it very strange that it only occurs in career mode. It seems like it has nothing to do with part count, in career i used like 31 parts and in sandbox I used 110 parts. The link down below takes you to where I have output log for career and for sandbox, the ksp log and a mod version log. Also I have the screenshots there too that I post in this thread, and also I uploaded a ckan file in the same link as well as my save including shipfiles. I did not upload a save for the sandbox mode, it's a newly started one and I used the standard ships. The files How to reproduce: I guess all you really have to do is to install the mods in the list and go to launchpad. It doesn't mather if you launch a huge vessle or just a probe core. Takes the same time Really appreciate the help guys! Cheers - Schmelge
  5. Hi, yesterday I made a Stock Saturn V (AKA The Katurn V) Using Making History Parts. Here are some images of it:
  6. I have 8gb RAM and a geforce 950 KSP 1.4.2 Previously I ran KSP on 4gb no problem. I got a new computer and installed ksp and this started happening. YES MY DRIVERS ARE UPTO DATE. Even with just vanilla it was randomly hitting a HARD 4GB limit and the game would freeze but I can still here the sounds it was making when it froze. The Game Idles on the main menu at 3.6GB usage too so I really don't know what to do. I have tried reducing texture quality in an effort to reduce texture memory eating up too much but it doesn't seem to have helped at all. I have found people talking about KSP as if this should only happen if launched 32bit but it won't even run in 32bit I always run it 64. I have seen online discussion about KSP using upto 16GB and others saying it's impossible for KSP to do more than 4GB ever even in 64bit mode. What the hell is going on? It started just running out of memory like no tomorrow once I added Raster Prop Monitor or any other mod. I get to 10 mods and it hits the ram limit during loading up the game. My last time I ran it on 4GB with about 50+ mods in 1.3.1