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Found 21 results

  1. Our researchers were digging in the Kerbal History of Space Flight and they tumbled over some long forgotten parts. Thanks to the work of our researchers and engineers here are the old parts from KSP. Download: SpaceDock Curseforge (3.7 available) Github Kerbal Historical Institute 3.7 is here!!! NEWS: - Updated the mod site after a long pause from KSP. It is still mostly working in 1.4 - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.7 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.6 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.5 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.4 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.3 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.2 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.1 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.0 is released - play with old KSP parts in 1.0. - Kerbal Historical Institute is teaming up with SparkyFox of [THREAD=97074]In With the New and the Old[/THREAD] to incorporate all the old spaceplane parts and aircraft. (That's right, we're incorporating a mod. Where do you think we got that idea from?) - Also new in this update is the Inline Reaction Wheel (from before it was miniaturised), the original Tri-Coupler, the old Rockomax Fuel Tanks, and a three-Kerbal version of the old Mk1 Pod. - Thanks to TheMoonRover we got permission from SQUAD to officially distribute the old Spaceplane parts. - Thanks SQUAD!!! - I hereby announce that the [THREAD=74507]Kerbal Minds Corperation (KMC)[/THREAD] is now sponsoring the mod and that they will help contribute/assist the Kerbal Historical Institute where ever possible. Changelog: 3.7 seanth got the animations working on the landing leg. So it is working now again finally!!! Updated the PartCategories.cfg to include the "newest" parts Added interior views to inline cockpits Made sure Quest mk1-crew3 uses the generic interior 3 space Adjusted attachment nodes on Quest mk1 parts so they don't hover Big thank you to seanth who helped very much. 3.5 Parts added which were lost with KSP 1.4. * TR-2V Stack Decoupler * TR-18A Stack Decoupler * Rockomax brand decoupler * TR-38-D * TR-2C Stack Separator * TR-18D Stack Separator * TR-XL Stack Separator * ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank * Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank (grey) * Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank (grey) * Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank (grey) * Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank (grey) * Mk 1-2 Pod Old Landing Leg still not working properly. Need help for that!!! 3.3 Changes in file structure for CKAN. 3.2 - A couple of engines had their thrust curves changed. - Mk1 Fuselage fuel capacity increased. - A couple of other minor tweaks and fixes. - Added the Mk1 Inline Cockpit from v1.0.0 to v1.0.2 - A secret feature in career mode. 3.1 - Converted .png and .mbm format textures into the .dds format. (Better load times) - Worked for all the part textures bar the oldest tri-coupler. - Fixed a couple of errors in part configs which were flagged up in the debug log. - Put both avionics nose cones in the same folder to avoid duplicated models and textures. 3.0 Added a IWNO and KHI Readme. Updatet parts and ships to work in 1.0. Parts added in Kerbal Historical Institute 3.0: - Mk1 Inline Cockpit, corresponds to Mk1 Inline Cockpit, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Sensor Array Computing Nose Cone, corresponds to CH-J3 Fly-By-Wire Avionics Hub, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - 1x6SolarPanels, corresponds to 1x6 Photovoltaic Panels Retractable, v0.24.2 to v0.90.0 - 2x3SolarPanels, corresponds to 2x3 Photovoltaic Panels Retractable, v0.24.2 to v0.90.0 - Advanced Canard, corresponds to Advanced Canard, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Circular Intake, corresponds to Circular Intake, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Engine Nacelle, corresponds to Engine Nacelle, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Radial Engine Body, corresponds to Engine Pre-Cooler, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Ram Air Intake, corresponds to Ram Air Intake, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Standard Canard, corresponds to Standard Canard, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Standard NC, corresponds to Small Nose Cone, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Swept Wings, corresponds to Swept Wings, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Tail Connector, corresponds to Tail Connector A, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - Tail Fin, corresponds to Tail Fin, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 - NCS Adapter, corresponds to NCS Adapter, v0.16.0 to v0.90.0 and maybe some more I frogot. Parts added in Kerbal Historical Institute 0.21: - the Inline Reaction Wheel (from before it was miniaturised) - the original Tri-Coupler - the old Rockomax Fuel Tanks - the three-Kerbal version of the old Mk1 Pod - All old spaceplane parts from the [THREAD=97074]IWNO[/THREAD] Mod Partlist: Here is a list of all included parts, together with the versions in which they were present in the stock game, and the name of the equivalent part in the current version of the game: KSP v. 1.0 The custom part filter organises the parts into the following categories. They have the same names and icons the stock game used from v0.7.3 to v0.17.1 Propulsion > CF-A110 Fuel Tank, corresponds to the FL-T200 Fuel Tank, v0.14.0 to v0.17.1 > CF-A130 Fuel Tank, corresponds to the FL-T400 Fuel Tank, v0.13.0 to v0.17.1 > CF-A132 Fuel Tank, corresponds to the FL-T400 Fuel Tank, v0.7.3 to v0.12.0 > CF-A216 Fuel Tank, corresponds to the Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank, v0.16.0 to v0.17.1 > CF-A232 Fuel Tank, corresponds to the Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank, v0.16.0 to v0.17.1 > CF-R250 RCS Fuel Tank, corresponds to the FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank v0.11.0 to v0.17.1 > LT-200 Liquid Fuel Engine, corresponds to the LV-T45 Liquid Fuel Engine, v0.12.0 to v0.17.1 > LT-215 Liquid Fuel Engine, corresponds to the LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine, v0.7.3 to v0.17.1 > LT-909 Liquid Fuel Engine, corresponds to the LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine, v0.14.0 to v0.17.1 > SB-1 Solid Fuel Booster, corresponds to the RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster, v0.8.0 to v0.17.1 > SB-B&W Solid Fuel Booster, corresponds to the RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster, v0.7.3 only > Mk1 Fuselage - Jet Fuel, corresponds to the Mk1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Mk2 to Size 1 adapter, corresponds to the Mk2 to 1.25m Adapter, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Mk2 Fuselage - Jet Fuel, corresponds to Mk2 Liquid Fuel Fuselage, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Mk3 to Mk2 Adapter, from v0.15.0 to v0.25.0 > Mk3 Fuselage - Jet Fuel, from v0.15.0 to v0.25.0 Command & Control > Anti-Spin Module, corresponds to the Small Inline Reaction Wheel, v0.7.3 to v0.17.1 > F.F.M. Module, corresponds to the Advanced Inline Stabilizer, v0.11.0 to v0.17.1 > RV-25 RCS Thruster Block, corresponds to the RV-105 RCS Thruster Block, v0.11.0 to v0.17.1 > Quest Mk1 Probe Core/Command Pod/Original Three, corresponds to the Command Pod Mk1, v0.7.3 to v0.15.2 > Mk1 Cockpit, corresponds to Mk1 Cockpit, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Mk3 Cockpit, from v0.15.0 to v0.25.0 > Mk1 Inline Cockpit, corresponds to Mk1 Inline Cockpit, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Sensor Array Computing Nose Cone, corresponds to CH-J3 Fly-By-Wire Avionics Hub, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Inline Reaction Wheel, corresponds to the Small Inline Reaction Wheel, v0.18.0 to v0.24.2 Electrical > 1x6SolarPanels, corresponds to 1x6 Photovoltaic Panels Retractable, v0.24.2 to v0.90.0 > 2x3SolarPanels, corresponds to 2x3 Photovoltaic Panels Retractable, v0.24.2 to v0.90.0 Structural & Aerodynamic > ALT-F4 Winglet, corresponds to the AV-T1 Winglet, v0.7.3 to v0.20.2 > Sepratron 16B Stack Decoupler, corresponds to the TR-18A Stack Decoupler, v0.7.3 to v0.17.1 > Sepratron 800 Radial Decoupler, corresponds to the TT-38K Radial Decoupler, v0.7.3 to v0.17.1 > Standard Control Surface, corresponds to the Elevon 1, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Small Control Surface, corresponds to the Elevon 4, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Delta Wing, corresponds to Delta Wing, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Structural Wing, corresponds to the Structural Wing Type A, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Structural Fuselage, corresponds to the Mk1 Structural Fuselage, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Wing Connector, corresponds to Wing Connector Type A, v0.15.0 to v0.24.2 > Advanced Canard, corresponds to Advanced Canard, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Circular Intake, corresponds to Circular Intake, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Engine Nacelle, corresponds to Engine Nacelle, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Radial Engine Body, corresponds to Engine Pre-Cooler, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Ram Air Intake, corresponds to Ram Air Intake, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Standard Canard, corresponds to Standard Canard, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Standard NC, corresponds to Small Nose Cone, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Swept Wings, corresponds to Swept Wings, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Tail Connector, corresponds to Tail Connector A, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > Tail Fin, corresponds to Tail Fin, v0.15.0 to v0.90.0 > NCS Adapter, corresponds to NCS Adapter, v0.16.0 to v0.90.0 Utility & Scientific > TC-470 Stack Tri-Coupler, corresponds to the TVR-1180C Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler, v0.7.3 to v0.8.4 > TC-740 Stack Tri-Coupler, corresponds to the TVR-1180C Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler, v0.8.5 to v0.17.1 > CF-L1 Landing Struts, corresponds to the LT-1 Landing Struts, v0.16.0 to v0.21.1 > Satellite Dish 88, corresponds to the Communotron 88-88, v0.18.0 to v0.21.1 Shiplist: Here is a list of all included ships, along with the game version they were last present in. In terms of structure, they are exact replicas of the originals. Ships listed as reconstrctions were never in the stock game. SPH - Spaceplane Hangar > Aeris 3A (Original), last in v0.24.2 (First Contract) > Aeris 4A (Original), last in v0.24.2 (First Contract) > Albatross 3 (Original), last in v0.24.2 (First Contract) > Ravenspear Mk1 (Original), last in v0.24.2 (First Contract) > Ravenspear Mk3 (Original), last in v0.24.2 (First Contract) > Ravenspear Mk4 (Original), last in v0.24.2 (First Contract) VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building > Kerbal 1A (Demo), only in v0.18.3 (Demo) > Kerbal 1A (Original), a reconstruction of the Kerbal 1A with old parts. > Kerbal 5 (Demo), only in v0.18.3 (Demo) > Kerbal 5 (Original), a reconstruction of the Kerbal 5 with old parts. > Kerbal X (Original), last in v0.17.1 Known issues: 1: The command pod has been made unmanned as there were never any internals made. The parts are edited slightly (name, description, and modules). I did this not only to make them work in the new game, but also so they don't overwrite the newer parts and are a bit different. (You can change all that in the part file). A message from Fiddlestyx: Another thank you goes to the newest member of the Kerbal Historical Institute TheMoonRover who principally contributed in the last update. All credit goes to Squad for the original parts. Part fix by Fiddlestyx, TechTree inclusion & Nodefix by Blspblackdeath, Fuel tank fixed by Nli2work, part fix &TechTree inclusion TheMoonRover, part fix &TechTree inclusion SparkyFox, Landing Leg fix & several fixes senath. Almost every very part of the new update in this rocket: If you like show us your creations with the "new" old KSP parts down below. License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  2. Original tutorial on my website: Graphic Mods: SVE forum: SVE download link: SVE Textures: EVE Download: Scatterer: Kopernicus: SVT (planet textures): SVT Comparison: Stock Part Revamp (better part textures): Stock Part Revamp comparison photos: Real Plume: Smoke Screen: Raster Prop Monitor: Texture Replacer: Skybox (download from dropbox): Other skybox (not used in video): Galileo's Sun Flares: Installation: First of all you have to open up KSP installation directory. To do it open up steam, right click to kerbal space program, properties, local file and browse local files. I highly recommending you to make clean ksp installation just for this purpose. And all downloaded mods you will be putting into GameData folder. (Default KSP location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData) So let’s start by downloading first mod called scatterer which will add some awesome looking fog, reflection of water with waves and much more. So if you have it downloaded you will now need something which can work with archives, for example WinRAR or 7-Zip. So open up that downloaded scatter file and copy inside of a folder gamedata into KSP gamedata directory. Scatterer: Next up will be mod SVE or Stock Visual Enhancements. So download the base mod also with textures. From SVE textures you can choose between high, medium and low resolution textures but I will use high resolution. SVE forum: SVE download link: SVE Textures: Then you will also need to download EVE or Environmental Visual Enhancements but do not download configs. There are config files already in scatterer so if you will download and use both you will end up with overlaying textures and very bad performance. But if you will don’t have any clouds after I will show you all these steps you can try downloading EVE with configs. It may fix the clouds in some cases. EVE Download: So let’s install these mods. First one will be EVE, again open it up and extract its content inside the KSP gamedata directory. Do the same thing for SVE and SVE textures. Next mod will be Texture Replacer which was surprisingly updated and we will be using it for changing the skybox. So download it from GitHub then open it up and extract it into KSP gamedata directory. Texture Replacer: For that better skybox I will be using Rareden’s real 8k skybox. You can download it from dropbox also link will be in the video description. If you want to use different skybox you can but you need .jpg or .png file types. From what I know texture replacer will not work with for example, .dds files. There is also another skybox mod available but as I said it was not working for me, but you can give it a shot. To install it copy all photos inside the texture replacer/default folder. Skybox (download from dropbox): Other skybox (not used in video): Next up we have Galileo’s Sun Flares which will make the Sun or in KSP Kerbol looks much better and you will also have that nice realistic lens flare effect. To download it you can choose from a lot of different colors. And then just extract it into gamedata directory as every other mod. Galileo's Sun Flares: Now let’s install mod Kopernicus which is for modifying planet textures and other stuff. Again download it and then extract everything to gamedata directory. Kopernicus: To install better planet or terrain textures download SVT or Stock Visual Terrain and extract it inside the gamedata folder. SVT (planet textures): SVT Comparison: Now if you want some realistic engine effects, you can install mod Real Plume along with Smoke Screen. But the new KSP 1.4 with updated unity particles is already very good. So it is optional if you want to use it. But to install it download the latest real plume and smoke screen. And extract everything from Smoke Screen to gamedata directory but from Real Plume extract only Real Plume and Real Plume-Stock, do not extract smoke creen from real plume because it is outdated. Real Plume: Smoke Screen: Another mod called Raster Prop Monitor will make cockpits look much better and it will add functional displays. Installation is again the same. Extract JSI folder to gamedata directory. Raster Prop Monitor: To improve stock part textures, you can use this quite old mod called Stock part revamp and surprisingly version for ksp 1.2 it is working totally fine even on 1.4.1. So download it and now pay attention because from my old videos I know that this mod was causing a lot of problems because it was not installed properly. So when you will download it inside stock revamp master folder is folder gamedata, ignore all other files and folders only one important is gamedata which you need to copy into KSP installation gamedata folder. And now you should be done with the installation. Stock Part Revamp (better part textures): Stock Part Revamp comparison photos: Now I like to launch KSP from launcher only for the first time to set graphic preset to maximum and then you must use 64bit ksp launcher called KSP x64 located in the installation folder or you can just use steam and select 64bit version during the launch. If you will don’t use 64-bit version game will be probably crashing or it will don’t work at all. If you did everything correctly now you should have awesome looking kerbal space program. I want to mention that all new parts even from DLC are working totally fine so you can still change the color. Your Gamedata folder should look like this:
  3. In 1.4 now, you can change the design and model of certain parts (variants). Most parts have 2-3 basic stock variants, but I see some people on here, and on the internet, using much more. How can I add additional part variants to certain parts? I see in the VAB and SPH, when clicking on the arrow in the top left corner to open the sort parts page (not sure if this is the right name sorry), there's a tab with other variants, though I don't know how to add them to parts, or add more variants. Thanks!
  4. I have noticed a great gaping hole in the KSP modding community. We have a devastating lack of Optimization Mods, for players like myself who have lower end PCs, KSP can be more like a slideshow than a game. What I am looking for is a mode that does for KSP, what Optifine did for Minecraft. Does anyone know of any mods for 1.4 or newer that do this or any projects that are working to build a mod like this? Cheers!
  5. An open letter to Take Two Interactive: New York, we have a problem. Before I get in to that, just a little bit about myself; I’ve been a professional software developer and IT consultant for over 30 years. In my career, I’ve read hundreds of EULA’s, often on behalf of my clients. I have even written three or four of them, and many more Software Development Agreements (specifically the sections covering what the software will and won’t do and what our responsibilities were if it fails). Our company lawyer once actually told me, “If you ever get tired writing software, you could always get a job writing tort.” So I believe that I am at least as capable as the average layman of interpreting a software license agreement. Now, given that KSP is stand-alone computer game that uses no network access much less Internet access, has no online player ranking system, has no in-game online access of any kind, has no e-commerce system (virtual or otherwise) and involves absolutely no personal information of any kind, and given the broadest interpretation of the Terms of your EULA and its accompanying Privacy Policy, this is nothing less than a License Agreement for spyware. These two paragraphs are especially troubling: “… you consent to the information collection and usage terms set forth in this section and Licensor's Privacy Policy, including (where applicable) (i) the transfer of any personal information and other information to Licensor, its affiliates, vendors, and business partners, and to certain other third parties, such as governmental authorities, in the U.S. and other countries located outside Europe or your home country, including countries that may have lower standards of privacy protection; (ii) the public display of your data, … (iii) the sharing of your gameplay data with hardware manufacturers, platform hosts, and Licensor's marketing partners; and (iv) other uses and disclosures of your personal information or other information as specified in the above-referenced Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time….” And from the above-referenced Privacy Policy: “…the information we collect may include personal information such as your first and/or last name, e-mail address, phone number, photo, mailing address, geolocation, or payment information. In addition, we may collect your age, gender, date of birth, zip code, hardware configuration, console ID, software products played, survey data, purchases, IP address and the systems you have played on. We may combine the information with your personal information and across other computers or devices that you may use.“ Starting at the top; “…governmental authorities, in … other countries … that may have lower standards of privacy protection…” Excuse me? Why?! You’re a New York company. Under what circumstances are you sharing our personal information with foreign governments? Not as surprising, although equally unacceptable is selling all our personal information to unnamed “marketing partners.” And the ridiculously overbroad “other uses … as amended from time to time.” Taken at its broadest interpretation that means you literally can anything you want, any time you want. Please. And while we’re on the topic of overbroad requests; you may “collect” my “photo?” It doesn’t say photos I submit to you, or photos I upload somehow, it just says photo. There are a lot of photos on my computer. Taken at its broadest interpretation this means you can crawl my hard drive looking for photos and then taking them. “…[P]ayment information… software products played, survey data, purchases…” again overbroad, it doesn’t say payments I make to you, your software products played, your survey data, or even your purchases. Taken at its broadest interpretation that means you can spy on the purchases I make from Amazon, record them, along with my payment information (and then sell that a foreign government). It’s ludicrous. It has been argued that this a just single EULA for the entire wide array of your products, and that the clearly offensive sections simply don’t apply to us KSP players. Perhaps. But I ask; Would you sign an agreement with your gardener that gave him access to your bank account, because in his other job, he’s an accountant? And he just uses the same contract for everybody? (“Oh, that part doesn’t apply to you, just sign here, and also I’ll need your account number.”) I don’t think so. Now do I actually believe that Take Two Interactive is just a front for foreign mobsters installing spyware on everyone’s computer? No. Well, not completely. At least not yet. I do think your lawyers have gone way too far, and crafted a license agreement that is way over-vague, way over-balanced in your favor, and does give you permission to install spyware. They may have done so assuming we don’t read these things or know what they mean, or that we’ll sign anything. They were wrong. I do know that there are companies in the world that do install spyware. And there is a far fewer number of companies that have at least an allegedly legitimate reason for wanting that kind of information. Facebook, I believe has a “feature” where they will announce everything you buy for you. I have no idea why anyone would do that. And I (and I believe a lot of people) not use facebook because it is an invasion of privacy. KSP is not Facebook (thankfully), and my gardener is not my accountant. Therefore: I do not believe I am being unreasonable, and I do believe I speak for a very large segment of the KSP community, when I say: This license agreement must be changed. Your EULA even says it can be changed at any time, so change it now. At the very least you need to go through and add some prepositional phases, footnotes, lists of which of your products apply to which paragraphs, something. Specify which photos and purchases you are referring to, under what conditions you will give our personal information to foreign governments (?!). Even better would be to simply make another version of the EULA in which you have removed anything that doesn’t apply to a stand-alone game like KSP. (Like the two above paragraphs, in their entirety.) I say it must be changed because I believe not changing the EULA would be a tacit admission by Take Two that all of our worst fears are true. It would be an admission that even if the current build of KSP doesn’t contain spyware, you do intend to put it in there at some point. There is simply no other logical reason not to change this agreement. And let me say here that no reassurances from company spokesmen will do, we need this addressed in that EULA. So please let’s fix this little dustup before it becomes a full-blown kerfuffle. Assuming you are not an evil company intent on installing spyware, just please make that clear in the EULA. We don’t want this to turn into the Star-Wars-Pay-To-Play-Luke-Skywalker fiasco. We don’t want half the KSP community on social media screaming #KSP=Spyware! Do we? So please let just fix this. How about this: You give us a KSP EULA that isn’t a license for spyware, and I’ll buy every last bit of DLC you ever produce. Deal? (and I think I speak for a large section of the community when I say that, too) Sincerely , Brainlord Mesomorph KSP Player and Enthusiast (from version 0.23 to 1.31, anyway) To the Community: If you agree with me here, please LIKE this post.
  6. Ok, maybe I'm missing something really obvious, but I've been playing 1.4.x since release and the Mission Builder expansion as well, but I can't find the engine plates. In my Career save, I've unlocked almost all items, but I can't find anything called an engine plate.
  7. Honestly, when i saw 1.4 and the features coming with it i got excited. But when i found out my computers a complete potato for 1000th time i wondered if it is on consoles. Not to my surprise it wasn't. Please bring it to enhanced edition!
  8. Не обновляется игра до 1.4. Точнее скачивается обновление после чего Стим пишет что обновление отменено и начинает качать его заного, проверял целостность кеши, переустонавливал, но не помогло, скачивается только 1.3.1 нормально, а дальше не идёт, писал уже и в супорт стима, тоже нечем не не помогли, уже почти отчаялся, что зря купил ДЛЦ? Надеюсь хоть тут мне помогут
  9. I've been seeing conflicting things in regard to kerbal engineer redux and kerbal alarm clock. On spacedock, it says that kerbal alarm clock does not work in 1.4, but i have seen many people use it in 1.4, and the same goes for KER. do they work or not?
  10. I've been wanting to know is 1.4 coming to consoles?
  11. I noticed after upgrading to 1.4 (and now with the Making History DLC also) that I am having trouble unloading vehicles that previously had no issues. To be specific, when unloading (and sometimes while loading) rovers with deployable equipment, like extendable solar arrays and heat radiators, the equipment just breaks for no reason. This seems to happen regardless of whether or not the equipment overhangs the rest of the vehicle. In other words, I can have a solar panel array recessed into the design of the overall craft and it still breaks as if coming into contact with the side of the Mk3 Cargo Ramp. I was so excited they fixed the Ker-bounce bug! ...and I'd get to play with my moon bases again. And now there's something bugged with the Mk3 Cargo Ramp and I can't transport anything to my bases... AGAIN! Has anyone else noticed this?
  12. was on KSP's steam page and noticed this: Upon closer inspection, it seems it's not for sale anymore? I wasn't planning on buying it anyways, but what's going on?
  13. Hi All, First for the required info: KSP Version: I'm running in Linux Mint 18.3 (64 bit), and the game is running via steam; From BuildID.txt: 02077; From readme.txt: 1.4.0; Detailed explanation of what happens: I run the game and i get a VERY brief window which closes immediately, this is with both the 32 and 64 bit versions, reverting to v1.3.1Ican play no problem. No need for screenshots or save files as the game doesn't run Player.log: System specs: I run a Lenovo L512 laptop; Chipset: core i5 430M; Graphics: Integrated Intel HD (inex reports it as "Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ironlake Mobile"); RAM: 4GB; HDD: 512GB SSD (Samsung Evo); Clean Install, no mods Generally I assume my machine is too old now and cannot support the minimum level of OpenGL required for 1.4?? It works no problem on 1.3.1 which I can revert to in steam (for now atleast). Is there any way around this at all? I think it might work if I run Win7 but I prefer Linux really. Is there anything I can do here or am I destined to run no later than 1.3.1 on this machine, it s shame as I was just getting into a decent career with it! Cheers All.
  14. So I'm running two separate orbital labs, one around the mun and one around kerbin and every time I go back to check on them after moving one of my deep space probes forward 30-40 days (don't want to miss out on the accumulated science gains) I find that instead of their batteries being fully charged or nearly so they are almost always nearly empty. Now I know I have enough charging capacity to keep them fully powered even while running research so I'm wondering if this is a bug or something else.
  15. It seems KSP 1.4 is not prepared to use the ForceDx11 or D12 options. I have been using the force dx11 on previous versions of KSP without issues. DX11 helps a lot with memory consumption
  16. Hi everyone! With the new 1.4 I restarted the game to do a spaceplane only career. Unfortunately a lot of contracts are now bugged, here some examples: "Escape the atmosphere" is impossible to complete Some survey points are not obtainable (maybe i can get one out of three, yes I have checked the conditions) Some tourist contracts conditions (like suborbital) can't be completed Some tourist contracts can't be closed, but I have bringed the tourist back home In addition, sometimes when I quickload, I get like 300000000~ funds, 30000~ science and full reputation. I have downloaded the whole game again, tried with and obviously without mod, no chance. I run KSP from steam, 64bit version
  17. On KSP 1.3.1 I used the output_log to find the debugging port and see a more detailed logging. It seems that in 1.4 that logging is removed. Is there any way of putting it back on?
  18. The re-entry effects appear not to be sorted, but instead appear to be rendered last, resulting in them not being occluded by vehicle parts. The KSP build was stock 64bit, running on Windows 7 64bit, using a 670 GTX graphics card.
  19. Hi all. With the addition of 1.4 update I recently had the following error message 'incompatible version of ksp' and a prompt to delete my save game. Needless to say, this was undesirable as I have many hours clocked on my save. The solution for me was to create a NEW career mode (new save). Then transfer the quicksave.sfs files from my corrupt save folder into the new game folder and load the quicksave from within the new game. Oddly the files are the exact same but KSP rejected my old save folder. (I even gave my new folder the same name) Not sure if it was the craft files as i'm going to remove them anyway because i read they are fazing some old parts out of the game. I have no part mods anyway so it would be also odd if this was the problem. All mods seem to work, abeit with startup error, so i don't know what the actually problem was. Hope this saves someone the trouble of restarting their career mode.
  20. Hi all, This is a challenge meant more for the newbies however given what I did the other day it might also be interesting for the experienced as well. Basically, perform a rendezvous maneuver with two crewed craft in a new career save in as little amount of launches... Without upgrading the tracking station. (Fulfill the Contract Explore Kerbin - Rendezvous). Rules: 1. Open a new career save on Normal Difficulty (you can have any G-Force or CommNet options on, doesn't really matter). 2. Never upgrade the tracking station. 3. No mods allowed. 4. KSP 1.3, 1.4 or enhanced edition allowed. 5. Cancel velocity of the two crafts within 2.5km of each other. Scoring: Number of total launches required to achieve rendezvous is the scoring. Might come up with a better scoring system because this technically allows rendezvous at the second launch. Lowest score gets first. Please post evidence of all launches and their highest achievement, as well as the resultant rendezvous. Also name each craft. Example Scoring: Six craft: Hopper I, Hopper II, Hopper III, Stayputnik, Hopper IIIA, Hopper IIIB Score: 6
  21. Hello everyone! Continuing the endeavor of bringing KSP to as many people as possible, we are proud and excited to announce the release of Kerbal Space Program 1.4: Away with Words MK-2! The game has been fully localized in 4 additional languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian. Texts, keyboard layouts, UI and textures were carefully localized to keep the essence of KSP in every language, so that even more players are able to enjoy the Kerbal experience in their native tongue. But that is not all! Kerbal Space Program 1.4: Away with Words MK-2 includes a broad range of improvements and new content for everyone to enjoy! We have upgraded the game engine to Unity 2017.1.3p1 and with that comes various performance enhancements, and an upgrade to the Engine Particle System. Improvements to the UI and quality of life upgrades have also been packed into this update. Here are some additional highlights: Kerbal Personal Parachutes Kerbals with level 3 and above experience now have fully steerable personal parachutes! A cool feature that will help to get your Kerbals out of tight situations or perform aerial acrobatics, it’s all up to you! Variant Switcher A number of parts have model and texture variations that you can switch during vessel construction. These variants can also be grouped in themes to apply across a whole vessel at once! Prioritized Vessel Naming With this new naming method, you can now attach naming information to command modules and vessel names will be updated based on the parts in each vessel. Now you can prename your CSM or burnback booster! VAB - SPH editor switching Switch between the VAB and SPH at will with this new feature! New Parts! 3 brand new parts and replacements for a dozen existing parts, including the Mk 1-3 Pod! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.4.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Upgrade to Unity 2017.1.3p1 * Switch directly between VAB and SPH * EVA Chute - Kerbals of Level 3 and above have a personal steerable chute * Advanced Mode added to Messages App - Toggled via Settings menu. * Added Launchsites to the Map View and Filter * Engine Sounds updated * Particle Engine Upgraded to Shuriken. * VesselNaming - new method to attach naming information to command modules so you can prename portions of a vessel +++ Localization * Four new languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian * Added support for Portuguese keyboard layout * List of bugfixes Facility names are now displayed localized in unable to launch dialogs. Resource names now display localized in screen messages and apps. Debug and settings menus are now fully localized. Localized pop-up warning when transmitting experiment data from parts that become inoperable if data is transmitted. Fixed unlocalized grammar connectors (and, or, of, etc) coming up unlocalized in Contract descriptions. Textbox size adjusted in various UI elements to account for localized text. Fixed long vessel names bleeding through the UI in KSC vessel marker dialog. Overall revision of display names for parts. Overall revision and improvement of autolocs and grammar rules. * List of KSPedia Fixes and Improvements Corrected a wrong key binding that was displayed in the EVA controls section. Localized key binding UI. Localized example images for most pages. Properly set symbols that were showing up as HTML encoding. Overall grammar and syntax check. * Lingoona upgraded to v1.5.6 * TextMeshPro Updated * Localized Debug Screen * Fix localization of KSC vessel markers * Fix Localization of Facility names and strings * Fix localization on sub assembly UI. * Fix localization on category filters. +++ Parts New parts: * Round radial fuel tank (R-11 'Baguette' External Tank) * Cylindrical radial fuel tank (R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank) * TS-37 Stack Separator Updated Parts (changed part files): * 2.5m RCS Tank Reskin * Fairings’ texture Replaced Parts - old parts hidden but still included for continuity of saves. They will be deprecated at a later date * TR-2V Stack Decoupler → TD-06 Decoupler * TR-18A Stack Decoupler → TD-12 Decoupler * Rockomax brand decoupler → TD-25 Decoupler * TR-38-D → TD-37 Decoupler * TR-2C Stack Separator → TS-06 Stack Separator * TR-18D Stack Separator → TS-12 Stack Separator * TR-XL Stack Separator → TS-25 Stack Separator * ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank → R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank * Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank → same name * Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank → same name * Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank → same name * Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank → same name * Mk 1-2 Pod → Mk 1-3 Pod Variants * Parts can now have variations like textures and models * The variants can be grouped in Themes Other Part stuff * Adjustments to Xenon and Monoprop capacities on stock tanks * Parts and Vessels now have a PersistentID that lives with them for their entire life * Add TechHidden attrib to AvailablePart so parts can be hidden from R&D +++ Bugfixes * Fix alignment of external scenery in VAB/SPH scenes. * Fix runway not appearing outside the SPH doors when inside the SPH. * Fix a bug in Warp to Next Morning * Add guard clauses to detect invalid flightstate on vessel launch returning to the editor. * Fix applicant hiring costs appearing in games that don’t have funding enabled. * Improve vessel Jumping/positioning coming off rails. * Fix asteroid seed causing them to change shape. +++ Mods * Make dragpanel edge offset configurable * GameEvents added: onKerbalAddComplete, onKerbalNameChanged, onKerbalTypeChanged, onKerbalStatusChanged, onVesselPersistentIdChanged, onPartPersistentIdChanged, OnGameSettingsWritten, OnScenerySettingChanged, OnExpansionSystemLoaded, onPartUndockComplete, onPartCoupleComplete, onPartDeCouple, onPartDeCoupleComplete, onVesselDocking, onDockingComplete, onPartVesselNamingChanged, afterFlagPlanted, OnPQSCityOrientated, onEditorVesselNamingChanged, onEditorVariantApplied, onVesselRecoveryProcessingComplete. * DictionaryValuesList updated to expose the list as well as the dictionary We are excited for the 1.4 release and look forward to the launch of the Making History Expansion next week. For our mod creators, please note an additional update 1.4.1 will come alongside that release and will need to be integrated as well. The modding community is very important to the Kerbal Space Program team, and we continue to encourage and enable mods for KSP moving forward. Kerbal Space Program 1.4: Away with Words MK-II is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!