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Found 3 results

  1. Jiraiyah


    CURRENT VERSION : I always liked the idea of box sat or the cube mods, but, for me, those two were not the thing I was looking for. Basically, what I wanted was an easier system to make cube walls for a satellite. Not only that, but having internal nodes to attach different parts to it would be nice. Unfortunately, no one did it, that the case until I saw a video on youtube and the person (Felborn aka bob fitch) had done something amazing and that was, adding few nodes to an existing stock part! That was when I decided to go for this idea, now, here you have it, a mod that adds only two parts, one as the satellite frame with built in electric charge and SAS, and one as the wall to cover it up and make it a real cube. The frame has 26 sets of internal nodes that are attachable on every 6 directions. Using B9 Part Switch as an optional mod side by side this mod, you will get a nice little addition in your GUI's menu to toggle those nodes on/off for ease of access. Also, the wall is designed so that when it snap attached to a node, it would still have another stack node toward the outside, making it easier to attach engines to the wall if need to. License : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License DOWNLOAD the MOD from SPACEDOCK B9PartSwitch change Log :
  2. Current Version : 1.8.x Download : SpaceDoc Green Skull Suit was always my favorite suit texture in KSP, Unfortunately, the main developer of the textures didn't update them for a long time. With addition of MKS, And a DLC that gives you new suit, this texture pack really needed some work. So, Here you have it guys, new Suit pack, in two different flavors for your kerbals, if you have the DLC, using texture replacer, you can switch to futuristic suit and have a glorious full set of suites for all MKS variations !!! This mod needs Texture Replacer !!!! Here are some samples for taste, you can find the full gallery link bellow Full Gallery Link License : MIT
  3. Current Version : 1.8.x Download : SpaceDoc , GitHub Source : GitHub We are all familiar with the ORIGINAL bulb plugin, the main developer didn't update the mod for long time and different people are maintaining it. Here are some issues with the original code, the developer was using complex code to handle color change on light, and emissive color for the material. How ever, it had issues with the editor, in other words, the emissive color wouldn't show up in some cases. Also, he would only change one light and one emissive color. The code is rewritten using a template from very old plugin (Module Surface Light). The way this plugin is handling the events was much more flexible and made the code lots smaller and easier. So, I took it on myself, to rewrite the bulb code using this template, at the same time, fixing the issues with emissive color change and made it so that no matter how many lights and emissive objects we have, it will behave properly on all of them. Also, added two attributes to the module, these two are multipliers for the emissive color, they work hand in hand in the math formula, so with playing with the numbers, combined with the colors, you can achieve very nice effects on your light objects. the License for original Bulb is GPLv3 the License for Module Surface Light is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0