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Found 10 results

  1. Kopernicus Continued Planetary System Modifier is a mod that provides for the graceful introduction of new celestial bodies to Kerbal Space Program. This is where we test new things and learn how break the universe with gusto. Disclaimer This is R-T-B's "Bleeding Edge" branch of Kopernicus, intended to support the latest features, KSP editions, and also the latest bugs. Please keep in mind this branch may be more buggy than Prestja's mainline Kopernicus branch, but it also supports more KSP versions and has more features implemented for testing reasons. Many features that make it into mainline Kopernicus are born, tested, and trialed by fire here. These features do get tested, briefly, and they generally work, but still, bugs can be slip by and be real, so it is important to BACK UP YOUR SAVEGAMES! It should be noted I am a member of the current Kopernicus Maintainence effort and this is an official Kopernicus-Continued subproject. Features: Presently, over the base Prestja Kopernicus-Continued branch, this branch also features. 1.) A common source code base for both 1.9.1 and 1.10/1.10.1, enabling easy retrocompatability when we fully move to 1.10.x. Yes, this means we can support old releases well into the future if this works. 3.) Cool stuff you have no idea... (do I even?) 4.) bugs??? FAQ: 1.) When will this leave development? A.) It won't. The whole idea is this is the eternal testing ground. It stays here forever and ever and ever... 2.) What does this mod do? A.) On it's own, nothing. It's generally a dependency or modders tool. No more FAQ for now, ask me something frequently and I may add it to stop you... Downloads Kopernicus "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads (the base mod) KittopiaTech "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads (this is basically a GUI for Kopernicus, hit CTRL-P in mapview) Please ensure you grab the right version for your KSP version! 1.9.1 needs a zip with _191_ in the filename, 1.10 needs _110_, 1.10.1 is _1101_, etc. Credit Credit must be given to other current Kopernicus Maintainers @prestja, as well as previous authors @Thomas P. , @Sigma88 and many others for their incredible work in building an elegant solution for bringing new worlds to KSP. Source Code Source code can be found on the GitHub repository. See branch dev1101 for details. License Kopernicus is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
  2. Installed today, 1.9.1, it looks very nice refresh rate with the defaults is treacle went to 1024 x 768 with everything I can find cranked down and it’s much better but obviously less pretty Q: which settings hammer the frame rate more than others? machine is old but: i5, 3.1GHz 8GB ram integrated video
  3. Originally designed by @Xaiier as an advanced successor to the popular Dynamic Warp mod, this mod gives you complete control of time in KSP by allowing you to slow down time to get those cool explosions on video(or find out why your rocket is blowing up on the pad), boost the rate of time to ridiculous levels without loss of precision to ease those long burns, set custom warp rates and per-planet custom altitude limits, utilize automatic warping, and monitor the physics engine and game performance. Now maintained and enhanced by @westamastaflash. April 20, 2020 - Version 2.9.8 (KSP 1.9.1). KSP 1.9.1 Recompile No other changes at this time. Note that in Low Kerbin Orbit, when using 'hyper-warp' you may sometimes find your Semi-Major axis changing without any force on your vessel. I think this has something to do with the interaction between the coordinate systems and floating point issues that I am not smart enough to figure out right now. It's small enough that usually it is not a problem when you are applying thrust to your vehicle. In 1.9.1, I did not encounter this issue. But it may still exist. Download current release on GitHub. Curseforge Project Site Please add issues or enhancement requests to the issue tracker on GitHub! Azure DevOps Continuous Integration Builds - Unsupported Pre-Release Code Latest Build Status: Latest Build KSP Version: 1.9.1 Full Changelong Available on Github Usage: The seven letters at the top of the window allow you to switch operation modes between details, quick warp, warp-to, rails editor, keybindings, slow-mo, and hyper warp. In the Space Center and Tracking Station, hyper warp and slow-mo are not available. Pictures of the GUI are in each spoiler below. QuickWarp: Warp-To UT: Slow-motion: Hyper warp: Rails editor: ? Details: Key Bindings Setup: Settings are now in the standard KSP settings window accessed in-flight or at the space center. Recommended Mods that go well with Time Control: Time Control will respect the years/days/hours/minutes that Kronometer sets up. Note that the quick-warp and warp-to quick +/- buttons won't make sense if your kerbal minute is 38 seconds long and kerbal hour is 17 kerbal-minutes. They will work correctly (+38 seconds / minute), but the multipliers wouldn't be that useful. Time Control has an integrated "Warp to next KAC Alarm" feature. My recommendation is to turn off KAC's built in warp-stopping functionality, as Time Control's is more precise and will get you to the alarm point very fast. Source Code also on Github. MIT License. In the past, this mod included version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. MiniAVC has been removed from the mod for some time, but a version file remains, if you choose to use KSP-AVC. Time Modding Notes (by Xaiier)
  4. В карьере схватил контракт: станция на 12кербалов + лаборатория+4000т топлива на устойчивой орбите муны. Премия 208тыс Если строить из mk2 (самолет пассажирский фюзеляж) с 2 тройными адаптерами 6.300 тонны 3 кабины автостопщиков 7.500 Лаборатория 3.500 Горизонт ОКТО, РСУ+коcмоболы, шлюз, научный обвес. 11.810 (с кабинами mk2) 3 бака x200-32 и общая масса 65.810 тонн. И как эту бандуру дешевле всего запулить к муне? Без alt+f12 Пробовал 4хKR-1x2 + 4 бака x200-32, с двух курьеров топливо перекачивается в 2 оставшихся. Ракета вышла длинная, при разгоне опрокидывает, поэтому в голове 3 ЖРД Стукач с тягой 40% Где то около 20000 высоты пустые курьеры сбрасываются.на орбиту выходит впритык. РСУ и гиро на такой массе не помогают, маневрировать получается только стукачами. По науке: прокачано почти все за 90+ тяжёлое ракетостроение+ продвинутая электрика. Из мыслей разделить на части, возвратная ssto, сборка на орбите, и запуск к муне. Upd: пока почти удалось вывести 3 бака (нужно траекторию подровнять а то забрасыва на 110км, на выравнивание и возврат не хватает) twr 2.45 дельта 4300. А ведь стыковка 3 модулей на орбите потребует дополнительного топлива. Да и не уверен я что малых стыковочных модулей хватит по усилию на такую конструкцию.
  5. Hi there kind forum users, My stock steam install is hanging a few minutes after launching. Version:, 1.3.1 Making History, 1.9.1 Breaking Ground OS: Windows 10 64-bit Steam Output log(correct on this time): System Specs: It seems to hang anywhere, without discernible pattern. It hangs in the menu, and at the KSC, in the VAB, and in flight; every screen I've been in in this install. The mouse stays present and moveable on screen, and changes colour when I click. The music also keeps playing. Since the game only hangs, rather than crashing, the unity crash report thing doesn't appear, and I have to close the game using task manager. I have no mods installed. This install was made with Steam, after uninstalling and the deleting the Steam Kerbal Space Program folder of the previous install. However, I don't think I can call it a completely clean install, since the save files from the previous install were present on the current install (I have since deleted them, in game). In case it's relevant: Before this current install I had three installs on my computer: stock 1.9.1, rescaled 1.8.1, and RSS/RO/RP-1 1.8.1. I played RSSetc exclusively for quite a while and it hung a lot, but at the time I put it down to the sheer amount of mods. I can't remember if the other installs hung or not. Also I used a combination of CKAN and manual installs. I'd be very grateful for any help you can give me, Cheers, Soy
  6. This a patch for BD FPS work in the lastest version of KSP. For those who dont know BD FPS is a very old mod that adds weapons to the game like m4, m16a4, etc... Disclaimer:use RCS when equipping a gun. Link:
  7. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.9.1 is live! This patch focuses mainly on solving issues encountered in the base game and both the Making History and Breaking Ground Expansions. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.9.1 ============================================================ 1.9.1 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog) +++ Localization * Fix Drain Value Resource Names Localization in PAWs. +++ Bugfixes * Fixed an NRE when the warning "Warning No Control!" and player was able to click another facility while the dialog is open. * Fix altimeter dropdown in flight from being locked under certain incorrect conditions. * Fix some issues on Kerbin texture atlas for Ultra Detail Shader. * Fix broken propellant tooltips for abbreviated propellant names in stage icons. * Reverted Wheel Friction and Brake changes to 1.8.1 behaviors. * Fix Ground physics material settings for EVA kerbal interactions. Stop that sinking feeling. * Fix for kerbal helmet safety not being applied after cheating a vessel to airless world * Fix unable to drag maneuver nodes on future patched conics. * Fix Set position cheat overheating vessels set into position within an atmosphere. * Fix error in Intake air resourceDefinition config that marked it as drainable. =================================== Making History 1.9.1 =================================== +++ Localization * Fix unlocalized text in the Intermediate Tutorial. +++ Bugfixes * The VAB and SPH should not be open in the stock Meet me in Zero G mission. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.4.1 =================================== +++ Bugfixes * Fix non-motorized robotic parts being free moving. Remember that you can help us find bugs/issues by reporting them into our bugtracker and that you can also upvote reports to make them more visible. Happy launchings!
  8. Basically what it says on the tin. Every time I load KSP, it reaches 'Expansion Loading Complete!', then freezes, and if you do anything, it stops responding and closes.Tried verifying files multiple times, no luck. PC: Toshiba satellite R830, Intel i5 core, 6GB RAM. Windows 7 home premium 64bit . KSP install: 1.9.1 Steam I've also had a look and there are no logs in the folder wherethe logs normally are.
  9. I was wondering what is the delta v for going into orbit and the specific thrust to weight ratio and medium to small lander examples? I am new to Eve but I have been to other planets though. I have sent probes and failed Landers btw.
  10. Hey KSP People! First Post, so I hope this is the right place. Lately i've been trying out some graphics mods like "Spectra", "Astronomers Visual Pack", "Environmental Visual Enhancements", "Stock Visual Enhancements", "Scatterer", ... as well as different Skyboxes. However, sadly, they all looked absolutely terrible. Especially the terrain on Kerbin was so awful thaat I just instantly quit. Some of them looked worse than the Vanilla game. I've installed all of them via CKAN, trying out their different configurations on different versions of KSP, but there's just not been a single mod that really convinced me. I'm currently on KSP 1.9.1 Am I doing something wrong? Are there any better mods that I don't know of? Do I need special configurations for those mods to work properly? I really hope somebody can help me with this, I've seen KSP look better in some YouTube videos and just can't achieve that level of visual realism it seems