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Found 1 result

  1. Now that i have a few weeks of pretty-much nothing, i taught id take some time and immerse myself in the world of modelling with something huge and well detailed , like the massive German WW1 airship i showed you some time ago. Of-course this time i hope things don't end up so badly, and that i don't have to build a memorial for this weeks after completion . For this project i decided to make this a "no desktop week", and basically keep myself away from video-games for this week so that i can get this done in one go instead of the usual, build a little bit of it, wait for months to get re-motivated, and then build some more...etc. Since this is such a huge and well detailed model, i taught you guys would probably like to see the final product and what goes into making one. Plus, i wanted to get some WIP shots for myself as all the interior bits will likely be impossible to see in the end. Especially since i have decided that this model, like the Fiddlers Green Peacemaker bomber, will end up hanging from the other ceiling lamp, as there is simply nowhere else to put it. For this project, i will be posting updates on progress daily. (my initial burst of energy is now gone, so progress will be a little more random now) I will make a spoiler for each day of progress and put that days progress inside it. As for why i chose this model. I have always loved the look of cold-war Russian bombers (Tu-16, Tu-22, Tu-160, M-4...etc), and have long wanted to make some models of them in some form. I did do some more simple papermodels of them a while ago, but they where a bit lacking, so i wanted to have a proper one. The Tu-16 "badger" was a pretty solid first choise as it has inspired two of some of my most favorite designs in KSP. Now, don't expect the most professional job on this one, as i still like to use scissors, crystal-tape and hot-glue to build stuff, instead of the usual hobby-knife and glue combo. But, i'll try my hardest to hide a lot of the tape and glue, and get the best finish i can . The main reason i build stuff that way is time. As, it allows me to skip cutting all the millions of glue tabs, and removes the "waiting for glue to dry" portion of the build. Progress for day 1 Progress for day 2 Progress for day 3 Progress for day 4 Progress for days 5-9 Progress for day 10 And there it is for you, a crazy little paper-model project of mine. I hope you enjoy watching the progress .