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Found 1 result

  1. FIRST! Huge thanks to rough93 for helping me make this mod. The mod works with KSP 1.3.1. At least, the planets are scaled correctly. I'm waiting for KSC Switcher and RemoteTech to be updated. If you see the update before me please let me know so I can test the mod for any errors! 4X SOLAR SYSTEM If you think stock Kerbal Space Program (For some reason that I will never understand...) is not hard enough and you want a bit more challenge for getting into orbit, 4X SOLAR SYSTEM is the right mod for you! The mod is a build on Harder Solar System with some extra stuff like more launch sites and ground stations. I will add more stuff later of course. The mod scales all the planets and moons by a factor of 4. The only exceptions are Bop and Gilly. The gravity of all the planets and moons stays the same. Now it's possible that Kerbin is made of some realistic materials! The orbital velocity of 100 KM is 4400 m/s. The Kerbal X rocket has more than enough fuel to get into an orbit. The orbit of the Mun has an inclination. The whole solar system is tilted just like in RSS. For those who use RemoteTech, the range of dishes and antennas has also been increased by a factor of 4. Any constructive feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcomed with open hands! I'm looking for names for stations and launch sites for 2X, 3X, 5X, 6X, 7X and 8X versions of the mod to have a bit of diversity between the versions. THE MOD DEPENDS ON: Kopernicus MODS THAT ARE SUPPORTED AND RECOMMENDED: RemoteTech KSC Switcher RECOMMENDATIONS: KW Rocketry (For more engines) Procedural Parts (For better control on how much fuel you take with you) State Funding (For more money that you'll need at the start) The mod comes with ground stations for RemoteTech and launch sites for those who use KSC Switcher. The ground stations are divided into several groups. They are divided by their range. The shorter the range, the more of the stations there are. Mm - megameter Gm - gigameter Tm - terameter ANTENNA COLOUR DEFINITION: GREEN - Launch site antenna (range = 2 Mm) BLUE - Observatory long range antenna (range = 4 Tm). These will reach Duna. LIGHT BLUE - Short range antennas (range = 2 Mm). Only meant for orbits around Kerbin. YELLOW - Medium range antennas (range = 200 Mm). It can reach the Mun and Minmus. Because the planet is 4 times bigger, it can take a lot more time to get from point A to point B to collect science from multiple biomes. That's why there is a launch site for every biome. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Install Kopernicus, (Optional) Install RemoteTech and KSC Switcher, There is a GameData folder in the downloaded file. Copy that into the install folder, Start the game and have fun! DOWNLOAD: SOLAR SYSTEM WITH INCLINATION (Harder Solar System patch with new stuff) ISSUES: The time warp is not yet scaled up correctly. VIDEO AND SOME SCREENSHOTS! (If you have any cool screenshots please post them on this thread! I'll add them as soon as I can.)