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Found 1 result

  1. 1.8.9 last big chunk (closed) This mod has been divided into several small submods at the request of many readers and users. Click here to continue: What you get with Contares? All objects are created as accurately as possible on a 50% scale. 50% scale means 1/2 of the size, 1/4 of the thrust, 1/8 of the weight. Further adjustments are due to the physical properties of the Kerbal universe. Reference diameters are 0.3125m, 0.625m, 0.9375m, 1.25m, 1.5m, 1.875m, 2.2m (ESA Parts only), 2.5m, 3.75m and 5.0m. Inquiries regarding diameters are superfluous by the effort of simple head calculations or a calculator. Fuel tanks designed for use with Contares LH2/LOX engines contain significantly less fuel. Fuel tanks which do not contain an entry for LH2/LOX in the description as well as all stock tanks should be set to 30% Liquid Fuel/Oxidizer when combined with Contares LH2/LOX engines. Regarding the arrangement of parts in the techtree there is certainly still much to steer. This work i am glad to leave to ambitious users because i personally have no interest in career or scientific mode. LAUNCHERS PODS, AUTOMATED VEHICLES and SPACESTATION PARTS SPACEPLANES OTHERS ... many more Downloads last complete mod download alternate mod download illustrated construction book Recommended mods: - Installation of SSTULabs (only to use the excellent Solar Panels but the complete mod is very nice) - Installation of DMagic Module Science Animate (Allows the creation of animated scientific experiments; temporary not used) Required mods: - Installation of RealPlume (contained engines use this engine effects mod only) - Installation of Tweakscale (change size of parts;reduces unnecessary duplication of standard parts) - Installation of RetractableLiftingSurface (Module which allows you to have a folding wing or other retractable lifting surface; used on Paraglider and Baikal-Booster Wings and Dream Crusher Wings) - Installation of Firespitter (Plugins only; allows Texture switching, Prop-Animations and more; used on UNION parts; more to come) - Installation of USI-Tools (Plugin used for floaters and inflatable [air]bags) - Installation of TACLS (TAC Life support) - Installation of Procedural Fairings (Build procedural fairings and interstages with nice optic) - Installation of KIS and KAS (Many Capsules, Spaceplanes and Storage-Modules use KIS) Supported mods: - RemoteTech - ScanSat How CONTARES should develop: - Creation of more helpful parts Specials: This mod is made for Kerbals on a Kerbal world, not to recreate anything from the human reality in perfection. Thanks to: @fwdixon (RemoteTech MM patch), @Beale (initial advice), @CobaltWolf (suggestions for textures), @Well (support on Dassault Hermes and Ariane), @Cheesecake (for some TechTree and RemoteTech support), @Rissa (Patch for 'Connected Living Space') Use your imagination! Contares Rules: Rule 1: Do not ask of others something you would not do yourself. Rule 2: The desire for mod compatibility must include the readiness to act for this desire. Rule 3: If there are more complex issues to discuss, ask me via PM in my native language German. Licence: