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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings. This was a one-off mission that I did earlier this year, across the duration of February 2020, but one I had been designing since mid-2016. Below is the original information I posted on the Jool 5 topic, as well as the album to view the full mission at.
  2. My memory is still foggy... all of ours are. No one remembers exactly what happened. The greatest minds from all over the Union were gathered together for this, and now, they are stranded here the same as the rest of us. Andrei and Vladislav are convinced the Empress herself was somehow involved. Me, I'm not so sure. Our prospects now are mixed, at best. We can breathe the air, there is something on the ground that looks like grass, but I don't think we're on Kerbin anymore. And who the PЦҬЇЍ is Toto?? At any rate, we can live here... and the Machine keeps spitting out food. Although honestly the term "food" is a bit of a stretch. But the skies... They are like nothing any of us have ever seen before. An enormous moon hangs in the sky, painted blue and green and red. Other travellers beckon too, but the stars... there are no stars. Only angry, burning clouds of crimson. Somehow, it is fitting. It seems we have all we need for the mission, to build a glorious space program for our glorious Union. But we have not heard from them in... I'm not sure how long. I'm beginning to doubt we ever will again. Yet we will press on, if only for lack of anything better to do. The work will keep idle hands from thinking too long on the situation. From the ground up, we shall forge a space program! We shall reach out to the strange sights in the sky, and learn about this, our brave new world! And perhaps, in doing so, we shall find our own way back to our glorious Union. Could it be so simple? Could these constructs of fire and metal become the bridge between worlds, the vessels to carry us on the long journey home? ЍЧЄҬ.
  3. A few days ago i had this excellent idea... to do a Jool-5 mission. Again. But this time a bit different. On a larger scale. Maybe 6.4x times larger? Why not? So here it is, my attempt to do a Jool-5 in a slightly bigger system. No ISRU, only stock parts. Let´s see what happens. These are the delta-V requirements: ( Not sure if its is a good idea to post this before i even started the mission. Updates will be added to this post as the mission progresses! Update 1: I now (finally) have designs for all the landers, transfer stages and all that stuff, and i hope they work. Took me quite some time to do. The hardest one was probably the Tylo lander: Not only does it require a lot of deltaV (13,000 m/s bare minimum, 6,500 per trip), it also needs that deltaV in engines capable of landing in Tylo´s high gravity! So no nuclear propulsion or ion engines for this one. My current design is about 110 tons and the fourth design iteration. The first design was something like a thousand tons, so i´d call that good. The next heavy (but not quite as heavy) lander is the Laythe one. Its about 20 tons and has somewhere between 6,500 and 7,000 m/s of deltaV, just enough to get to Laythe orbit. The map says 7,600, i guess it means 6,600. The plan for landing is to splashdown under parachutes, and for aerodynamic stability during reentry i found the best solution to be putting it in a fairing. The other landers are just small. The lander for Vall is about 3 tons, the landers for Bop and Pol are half a ton each (and still have way to much deltaV, even for a 6.4x Bop or Pol). All the landers (including the ones for Tylo and Laythe) are Command Seat landers, so they have actually a bit less deltaV, if a kerbal is in there. (Imgur embedding broken? I don´t know) Update 2: The ship is now in orbit (around Kerbin)! Just took about a dozen+1 launches. 4 for the actual ship, 8 to fill it up and one for the crew. Expect some big rockets (Unordered, because imgur mixed them and removed the feature to order by name. Does anyone know a better host than imgur? Not going to reorder the album by hand)
  4. Some of you might remember that in my last AAR, I promised to do a circumnavigation of Minmus in 6.4x scaleup. Well, that AAR died, and the save is lost, but I've been playing some more KSP again lately, and I've finally reached a point in my current career game where I can attempt a Minmus circumnavigation. Consider this my very belated entry into the Elcano challenge. THE MODS Here's the entirety of my modlist, as pulled from CKAN: I'm also running Simga Dimensions (0.9.3), with the following configuration settings (applied through a mod manager config): @SigmaDimensions { // Base Settings @Resize = 6.4 @Rescale = 6.4 @Atmosphere = 1.285 @dayLengthMultiplier = 1 // Advanced Settings @landscape = 0.25 @geeASLmultiplier = 1 @resizeScatter = 1 @resizeBuildings = 0 @CustomSoISize = 0 @CustomRingSize = 0 @atmoASL = 1 @tempASL = 1 @atmoTopLayer = 1 @atmoVisualEffect = 1 @scanAltitude = 1 } Not all of these mods were used in the construction of the rover, but I'll do my best to point out mod parts when they show up. THE PLAN The rover I intend to use for my circumnavigation attempt is called the Cricket. It has 8 ruggedized wheels, space for two Kerbals, a bunch of science instruments, and is powered by a fission reactor from Near Future. Top speed on level ground is over 55 m/s. Due to its size and shape, I've packed the rover into a DIY Kit from Ground Construction, and will be assembling it in situ at my Minmus base. Once assembled, I'll take two of the base crew on a three hour cruise circumnavigation attempt of Minmus, gathering science along the way. The exact route has not yet been determined, although I intend to visit at least one of the anomalies I can see on my ScanSat maps, as well as the site of my first kerbal landing in this career save. I'll post a waypoint map of the route before driving begins. THE LAUNCH I launched the Cricket (or, rather, the kit which will be used to assemble it) atop a Sartre CRD. Capable of placing 10 tons into Minmus orbit, the Sartre (and its little brother, the Sartre Jr.) is the workhorse of my space program. The CRD variant is a recent design overhaul that standardized the common components of the Sartre and Sartre Jr., and added recovery systems to the boosters and core. (Every Sartre launch costs me about 220,000 funds, plus payload. Of that cost, almost 60% is just the four boosters, so recovering them is a high priority.) Images of the launch and transfer burn below. (Imgur album embeds are apparently broken again, so have this direct link.) (Single image embeds do appear to work, so have this image of the launch as compensation. Full album in the link above.) Up next: Arrival at Minmus, landing, and assembly.
  5. Forgive me if this is a duplicate, but I didn't see anything like this in the first few pages of threads. I wanted to make a place for both myself and others to post modded craft suitable for 6.4x scale. If you choose to post something, please be sure to call out what mods you're using. To kick things off, here's my Bluebird. It's a low-cost crew transfer craft to bring up to four Kerbals to LKO and back. It generally reaches orbit with at least 1,000 m/s left in the tank, so it can probably go up to MKO if needed. Relies on KJR, SpaceY, Fuel Tanks Plus, and Color Coded Canisters, all by Necrobones. It's also intended to be run with SMURFF at 0.5 lever, and Stage Recovery with a recovery threshold of 4,500 m/s if you want to recover all stages. You can download it from KerbalX.
  6. By Their Bootstraps A Tale of Rockets and Cosmonauts (and some other stuff too) About This Story This is a career mode playthrough of a 6.4x rescaled, heavily modded game, done in the style of an after action report. In some respects, it can be considered a sort of spiritual successor to my previous AAR, Because It's There. Unlike Because It's There, this AAR will be told in a more traditional style, with a mixture of in-universe dialogue and out-of-universe commentary. Updates will happen on weekends, and I'll try to have at least one launch per update post. In-Universe Background By Their Bootstraps takes place shortly after a major, decade-long war which saw the end of many longstanding nations and empires. The dominant powers in the aftermath of this conflict are the Greater Kerbal Empire, formed from the remnants of several former imperialist nations, and the Coalition of Free Republics, a loose alliance/confederation of former colonies of said former imperialist nations. The two powers are in state of cold war, with neither side willing or capable of starting another protracted conflict. Our story focuses on the Empire's space program, which is split between the military Imperial Rocketry Corps and the civilian Ministry of Aerospace Studies. Chapter List Chapter 1: Sparks Fly Chapter 2: Flare Ups Intermezzo 1: Sparks 6 Design Leak Chapter 3: Spark Gap Chapter 4: Flash Lights and Test Flights Chapter 5: Cold Embers Chapter 6: A Flash of Lightning Chapter 7: Gumdrops Chapter 8: Probes and Preparations Chapter 9: Plum Full of Problems Modlist Yes, that is 130 installed mods. Amazingly, I can load into the main menu with just under 3 GB of memory usage. If anyone wants, I can give you a .ckan file to save you time installing them all. Data Tables Career Stats Funds: 3700278 Science: 65 Reputation: 74% Building Upgrades Vehicle Assembly Building: 2 Launchpad: 3 Spaceplane Hangar: 2 Runway: 2 Tracking Station: 2 Astronaut Complex: 3 Research and Development: 2 Administration Building: 2 Mission Control: 3 Tech Nodes Unlocked Missions Rosters