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Found 3 results

  1. HELLO! have you ever wanted a mod like RO but for 64k (thats the simple way to describe it ) well now you can!!! it also works with ANY 6.4 scale Kerbin sized body. All rights reserved-Kerbin orbiter ISSUES? want me to add your mod? and create an issue with the tag entitled: "add my mod" DEPENDANCYS: Module Manager (that is it honest) SUPPORTED MODS: EDIT: ^ development thread also if you have any questions i will answer them as soon as posable (ASAP) should be up on CKAN before the end of the week (fingers crossed) has full support for @DECQs Soyuz spacecraft and rocket pack LATEST RELEASE: (i hope it works) it also has a flag by @cratercracker which you can see at the top of the post it is in flag format (i sized it down to 256 by 160 px) and it still looks good
  2. I have long considered putting up a career game writeup, a recent savegame mashing mod switch has given me just the opportunity I needed. I run a pretty heavy mod list comprising a mix of realism (make it harder) mods, and parts/diversity (make it easier) mods. I hope that by holding myself to maintaining this writeup I will curb my incessant urges to swap and change mods about which results in many many restarts Although I use realism mods, I do not try to recreate historical craft, I build from scratch to perform the job-in-hand. I have played Kerbal quite a while, but not yet long enough that a SSTEloo is "Just something I knocked together" I am still pretty new to some of these realism mods, so I will be learning as I go. (What better way to do rocket science?) Modlist; Difficulty Mods 'Other Mods' (Parts, pretty-fiers etc) Custom difficulty settings, 100% science and reputation, 120% funds and with 200% penalties on all. No respawns, (sorry Jeb you will have to shut the cloning facility) reverts and quicksaves only for glitches and simulations, any human errors will be lived with (or not) and be part of the story. All other options on hard. All launches are from KSC unless otherwise stated, the other sites are there for remotetech ground stations. Notes on Kerbal Construction Time, I put all my starting points into a single VAB buildline, giving me 0.8 buildspeed, I will make a note in each post about if/when I add points to this. So without further ado, let the explosions commence! Progress Updates 1st quarter Audit. 2nd quarter Audit Launch Vehicle Comparison @ Day 227 3rd quarter Audit End of Year 1
  3. After much frustration, I'm finally trying to go ahead with this. What was supposed to be "lightly" modded became my most bloated save ever. 60! 60 mods! No wonder it crashes every three minutes! The extensive modlist is as follows: CKAN file of my mods as of 1/3/16. Some entries were manually removed, RCSFX is NOT needed or compatible with 1.0.5, for example. Primary mods are Tantares and of course, 64K, with a seasoning of various visual & realism mods that are HIGHLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE! But, I'm gonna stick with it and see where this goes while also writing a fanfic to go along with it. Difficulty settings: quicksave/reverting ON because crashes, no respawning, 200% funds rewards because 64k is EXPENSIVE, with 200% penalties, and starting funds around ₽100,000 after some necessary Kerbal changes. All launches are from territory controlled or "borrowed" by the Imperious Union of Ussari Republics. If you see KSC, someone is probably going to Kerberia. I've tried to get Kerbal Construction Time working but it doesn't seem to play well with KerbinSide's launchpad switcher, which is disappointing as it's such a vital realism mod. Any resemblance to the excellent career reports byShania_L and Landwalker is completely unintentional, absolutely not the result of careful reverse-engineering, and purely a case of convergent evolution. So, without further ado, I'll turn the floor over to Comrade Political Officer Credit for map to this guy.