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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the 7th Gen Fighter Championship There is 12 places left!!!! Rules: -Mods : BDArmory NO MORE -Maximum of three engines Phanthers only!! -Must have future look -maximum of 6 missiles -no guns ( turrets, canon, and stuff lioke those) -Must have a good speed -Need to be controlled by an AI but also need a Kerbal -Must be as light weight as possible but still able to reach the island's runway To Win, you need to : -Destroy the enemy -Be able to land back -The Kerbal must be alive and able to get out of the plane! To be in the championship you need to defeat my F-22 Raptor To Post your plane! : The Name Special Features ( optionnal ) Picture Download Link And a picture showing your plane destroying the f-22 Good Luck!!