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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Kerbal Space Program 2 player base community and Kerbal Space Program 2 developers, This is an open letter from the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod developer community to everybody involved in Kerbal Space Program 2. As a summary, this letter will cover the following points of topic: The KSP1 mod development community feels that the game is not yet ready for modding in an effective and manageable way. An official mod loader is not currently available for the game, which brings with it several challenges. We would like to address the issue of 3rd party mod loaders. There are currently a lot of bugs in the game, and fixing these may have significant changes on API. Game-breaking bugs and performance issues should be prioritized before focusing on modding. There is a disparity in the design direction of parts and features, and it would be beneficial to have clear guidance on this before modding in earnest. The KSP1 mod development community is publicly addressing these areas of consideration for the benefit of the KSP2 player base understanding. We would like to address the KSP2 player base regarding mod developers and their work. As members of the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod developer community, we wanted to address the current state of the game concerning Kerbal Space Program 2 mod development. We understand that many players are eagerly anticipating the release of mods, and we too are excited about the possibilities that modding can bring to the game. However, at this time we believe that the game's state does not allow for the Kerbal Space Program mod development community to engage, wholeheartedly, in effective and manageable mod development. The primary reason for this is that the official mod loader is not yet available for use. Without this tool, mod developers are unable to create mods for the game and distribute them to players for use in an easy and managed way. Whilst we understand that the development of the official mod loader is a complex process that takes time, we prompt the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team to take into consideration its completion and publication so that modders can have a stable and public platform to build from in a standardized manner. We also want to acknowledge that third-party mod loaders have already been created and are being used by some members of the community, however, we believe that it is important for the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team to provide an official mod loader that is fully supported and integrated into the game. As a long-standing community of over a decade, the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod developers have always been very collaborative and have worked together to find agreeable standards within the mod development community using platforms that serve the needs of plugins/parts/gameplay/etc. mod creators in a managed and communicative way. While we appreciate the efforts of third-party mod loader creators, we believe that the official mod loader will provide a more stable and consistent platform for mod development alongside 3rd party tools, where necessary, to leverage processes that the official mod loader may not support or does not provide the scope for a mod’s development and implementation. We hope that the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team will consider this and review the timeframe of the development, and release, of an official mod loader that is fully supported and integrated into the game at some point in the not-too-distant future. Furthermore, there are currently a significant number of bugs present in the game that must be addressed before modding can commence in earnest. The fixing of these bugs may affect the API, making it difficult or even impossible for modders to create content that is stable and compatible with the game, potentially disrupting player experience. We challenge the development team to prioritize the resolution of these bugs so that mod developers can work with a stable and reliable platform. As addressed above, we appreciate that there are many significant bugs and performance issues currently in the released version of the game that are affecting player experience and gameplay. We feel that these should remain the focus of development to ‘fix’ the game for the core audience. Additionally, we have noticed a significant disparity in design direction between the game and its predecessor, Kerbal Space Program. This has left many mod developers unsure of how to approach mod development for Kerbal Space Program 2, as the game's direction is not yet clear. We ask that, in due course, the development team provide guidance and documentation on mod development so that we can better understand the game's design and create mods that are in line with its vision, not only from a codebase standpoint but, more importantly, from an artistic design standards aspect. We appreciate the hard work that the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team has put into the game so far and we understand that creating a game of this magnitude is no small feat, however, we believe that modding is an essential part of the Kerbal Space Program franchise experience and we hope that the development team will consider our concerns and work to ensure that mod developers have the tools and support they need to create great content for the game. While it may seem as though the previous number of points are solely addressing the game’s development and that it may come across as directed towards the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team, we would like to clarify that our primary intention is to convey these points to the Kerbal Space Program 2 player base clearly and transparently. We feel it's essential for the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod development community to express our views and standpoint, publicly, to the player base for clarity. Rest assured that we believe the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team is already acutely aware of the issues raised in this letter. Finally, we would like to reiterate a plea to the Kerbal Space Program 2 player base to please be patient as the game's development progresses. We understand that it can be frustrating to wait, but we believe that the development team is doing its best to create the best game possible and to provide a platform to use to create mods. We also ask that you please be respectful of the existing mods, their licenses, and their authors. Mod development is an important part of the Kerbal Space Program community, and we ask that you respect the hard work and dedication that goes into creating these mods. To conclude, we urge you to enjoy the game and the community. Kerbal Space Program has always been a game that encourages exploration, creativity, and innovation. Let's continue to support each other and make the most of this incredible game... and to the KSP2 development team, "Good luck, we're rooting for you!" Thank you for your attention and for your understanding. Sincerely, The Kerbal Space Program 1 (and hopefully 2 going forward) mod developer community Signed: @610yesnolovely - Reviva, Wacapella, Kplanes @Acea - Naval Artillery System @Ailex - Starilex intra-vehicular solutions : Mk.1 pod 'needle', Starilex Nightstar @AlphaMensae - Modular Launch Pads @Angelo Kerman - Airships (Heisenberg), BARIS, Blueshift, Buffalo 1 & 2, Classic Stock Resources, DSEV, EVARepairs, Kerbal Flying Saucers, Mk-33, MOLE, More Servos, Pathfinder, Sandcastle, Servo Controller, SLOTH, Snacks, SunkWorks, Wild Blue Core, Wild Blue Decals, Wild Blue Tools @Arrowstar - KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool (KSPTOT) @astro_119 - AeroSpace Technologies and Reusable Operations (ASTRO) @ballisticfox0 - KSRSS, Gas Giants Enhanced + Moons, Beyond Home @Balto-the-Wolf-Dog - Prakasa Aeroworks @Beale - Tantares (LV) (SP), Commonwealth Rockets, Project Manager, Netptune Camera, Gemstone LV, Special Delivery @benjee10 - HabTech2, Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, Artemis Construction Kit, Planetside Exploration Technologies, reDIRECT, Historical Kerbal Heads & Suits, Coriolis Space Systems @blackheart612 - Airplane Parts Plus, Grounded @blackrack - Scatterer, EVE-Redux, Singularity @blowfish - B9PartSwitch, B9 Aerospace, Advanced Jet Engines, Simple Adjustable Fairings @cineboxandrew - ReStock, Conformal Decals @CobaltWolf - Bluedog Design Bureau @Consta - ArchaeSP @Daishi - Universal Storage 1 & 2 @Damon - Tundra Exploration, Tundra's Space Center, KSC Extended, KRE (Kerbal Reusability Expansion), Shangsheng Orbital @DMagic - SCANsat, DMagic Orbital Science, Contracts Window, CapCom, Tracking Station Evolved, Basic Orbit, Universal Storage 1 & 2 @DRVeyl - RealAntennas, Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairings, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1, Realism Overhaul mod suite, RealFuels/MFT @DylanSemrau - Photon Corp, Boring Crew Services, Chrayol Design Org, Provenance Aerospace @Eskandare - Kerbin Side Remastered (KSR), Eskandare Aerospace (EA), Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX), Unnamed Submersible Base Mod (Unreleased), Unnamed O'Neill Station Experimental Mod, Thermonuclear Turbine (TTX), Kerbal Rotor Expansion (KRX), Kerbal Shuttle Orbiter System (KSOS) @EStreetRockets - ORANGES, Rocket Motor Menagerie, Asbury Western Stars Industries, Eisenhower Astronautics @flart - Speed Unit Annex, Community Part Titles, KVASS, Water Launch Sites, Utility Weight, CommNet Antennas Extension / Info / Consumptor @GregroxMun - Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered, Seven Worlds of SLIPPIST-1, Whirligig World, Week World Planet Jam, Planet Jam 2 @hemeac - Kiwi Tech Tree Overhaul, Mid Century Rocketry, Aerobee Rockets, Kiwi Suits @Icecovery - Automated Aerial Refueling System, Comfortable Landing, KSP Secondary Motion, Custom Parachute Message, Shaddy @Invaderchaos - Bluedog Design Bureau, Optimized Rocketry and General Exploration Systems (ORANGES), BDB Now in Colors, SOCK Recoloured, KSRSS @jrodriguez - BDArmoryContinued, PhysicsRangeExtender, BDArmoryMultiplayer, BDModularMissiles, OfCourseIStillLoveYou @Judicator81 - SimpleRepaint, PartInfoInPAW @Kari - Starship Expansion Project @Katniss218 - CameraToolsKatnissified, StagedAnimationKatnissified (Animkat), EngineLightKatnissified, RSS planets, Katniss's LUT, Parts Pack, Cape Canaveral & Baikonur Cosmodrome @Knight of St John - Stock Waterfall Effects (SWE) @Lil_Bread402 - Transport Space Technology/Systems, StarstroSpaceSystems, SSOUPP, SOCKrepainted, reCOLOR @linuxgurugamer - 290 Mods (at time of writing) including: Anyres, AQSS - AutoQuickSave System, Automated Screenshots, BigBen, Bob's Panic Box, Click Through Blocker, ConstantTWR, Craft Import, Fill It Up, HeapPadder, IFI Life Support, Integrated Stack Decouplers, JanitorsCloset, Kaptains Log, KRASH, KSPLogger, LoadingScreenManager, ModularSegmentedSRBs, ModuleAnimateGenericEffects, ModuleAnimGenericResourceUsage, ModuleSequentialAnimateGeneric, Notes2Log, PartInfo, PatchManager, ShowFPS, StockDefaultSettings, Toolbar Controller, TotalTime, TutorialFixes, Vessel Notes & Logs @Gameslinx - Parallax, Beyond Home, After Kerbin, Before Kerbin @Maffif - Models for KSP: Interstellar, Bluedog Design Bureau and SK Nuclear @MATVEICH_YT - Shuttle Payload Delivery Systems, H-II (H3) Transfer Vehicle, reCOLOR @Morphisor - History of Spaceflight, Research Advancement Division, Bluedog Design Bureau contracts @NathanKell - Modular Fuel Systems, Real Fuels, Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1, RealHeat, Staged Animation, AJE and SolverEngines, Kerbal Konstructs, Proc Fairings, Proc Parts, KSP Community Fixes, Contract Configurator, TestFlight @Nessus_ - Tundra Exploration configs @Pkmniako - Other Worlds (2015, 2017, 2023) @nightingale - Contract Configurator, Strategia, Waypoint Manager @Norange - XN Aerospace @Pak - Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle @Pehvbot - Less Real Than Realism, Less Real Test Flight, Rackmount @pizzaoverhead - Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, Battery Indicator, CollisionFX, FreeIVA, KerbTrack, RCS Sounds, Reentry Particle Effect, Sound Overhaul, Soundtrack Editor, Water Sounds, Wheel Sounds @Poodmund - Outer Planets Mod, ReStock, Pood's Skyboxes RO/RP-1 Team (@Al2Me6, @siimav, @Stonesmile, @Theysen & more) - Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1 @Rodger - Bumblebee, Bluedog Design Bureau @R-T-B - Kopernicus (v1.9.X+) @Rudolf Meier - Infernal Robotics Next, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Next @sarbian - ModuleManager, MechJeb 2, SmokeScreen, CustomBarnKit @severedsolo - Bureaucracy, Earn Your Stripes, Oh Scrap, Where Can I Go, Alarm Enhancements, All Aboard, PAWS, Double Tap Brakes @sirkut - Infernal Robotics @SofieBrink - Starship Expansion Project @stratochief66 - Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 0 @stupid_chris - RealChute @sumghai - SDHI Service Module System, SDHI Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights @themaster401 - Astronomer's Visual Pack, Better Atmospheres Reborn @TiktaalikDreaming - The Nexus @tony48 - KSRSS @Zarbon44 - Intercolor @tygoo7 - Dodo Labs, Tundra Exploration @Vals_Aerospace - Coscoroba Logistics @ValiZockt - Smart Docking Aid, Kerbalism Companion Calculator, Plugins for HabTech2, Planetside Exploration Technologies, Historical Kerbal Suits and Tundra Exploration @Viper - Bluedog Design Bureau @VITAS - SpaceDock, DMP @Zoeille - Aurora Space Center, Apollon, Picsou @Zorg - Bluedog Design Bureau, RealPlume If you are also a member of the mod development community and agree with the sentiment expressed above, please feel free to post in this thread communicating as such. Post on the /r/KerbalSpaceProgram sub-Reddit: "Making a mod is hard, making a game is harder." EDIT: I will try to keep the post up to date with signatures as much as I am able to.
  2. I am a big fan of KSP and would like to see modding for the new game reach a wider community.
  3. Probably the wrong place for this, but could the admins create an additional RSS feed for this forum category that's featured posts only? This would allow easily subscribing to just the weekly challenge posts with RSS. Relevant Invision Community docs
  4. Hey there. I'm Nifty. Literal ages ago, I made a few KSP mods (DraftTwitchViewers among others). Despite the fact I probably won't have the time or energy to mod KSP 2 as well, I found myself interested in helping the community in its modding efforts, and the devs in their efforts to make the game more moddable. To that end, I went investigating. I'm intending this post to become a sorta-central knowledgebase on KSP 2's modding capabilities that can grow and become more detailed over time. I'll check in every once in a while and compile comments into the main post as info comes in. NOTE: 100% of the info in this post has been gathered without decompiling or even touching an IDE. I want to get confirmation from Private Division that Visual Studio's Object Browser feature doesn't constitute decompiling before I go using that. I'll remove the "IDE" part once I get confirmation and dig in. KSP 2 is a Unity game. By checking the properties of "UnityPlayer.dll", the DLL's version "2020.3.33" is shown, which is a version of Unity Engine. The game lacks a "GameData" folder, which is how KSP 1 loaded mods (part models, part configurations, code via DLLs, flags, audio, so on). So assets have to be loaded a different way. The folder "KSP2_x64_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64" holds a litany of ".bundle" files, many of which match planet and part names. At first, I thought they were Unity Asset Bundles, but it seems not. Instead, they're Addressable Assets. This may be how modders can load their own, maybe not inside this folder though. https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/index.html Save game data is stored in "AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2". The data in this folder appears to be primarily JSON (thank whatever deity exists the old config syntax is dead). By popping open my own save, I was able to find out the following about the structure of a craft and its parts: A craft is composed of basic metadata as well as a list of "assemblies". Crafts seem to use GUIDs to keep track of which parts reference which other parts. Parts can be part of at most one "symmetry set". Parts can have 0 or more "modules" similar to KSP 1. These appear to be more complex than the original modules though. Strangely, KSP 2 uses modules to apply color and drag? Each module is made up of 3 components, references to actual namespace and class names can be seen in the craft file: PartComponentModule (KSP.Sim.impl.PartComponentModule_ResourceCapacities) Module (KSP.Modules.Module_ResourceCapacities) Data (KSP.Modules.Data_ResourceCapacities) Data surrounding a module such as an engine gimbal's limiter is nested within the Data component, which likely means the Module component handles logic and the PartComponentModule ties it together. Side note: this pattern of separation of logic from data suggests a "data-oriented" programming style, which tells me KSP 2 takes advantage of Unity's DOTS system to some extent. It appears one Module can have multiple Data components. For example, most parts have a data component for their role (e.g. "Data_Engine") as well as a "Data_ModuleActions". That's all I've got for now.
  5. For starters, I'll state that if this topic is covered somewhere else that this thread be merged with that topic, and that someone notify me where that other topic is. Secondly, I'll state that this thread is not meant to be a war of which modloader is better; we have one of those, and that is not what the purpose of this thread is. So what's the purpose of this thread? I'd like to first ask if you can be running both modloaders at the same time. I am currently using SpaceWarp, primarily because I got the instructions on how to use that one first (and couldn't find the instructions for BepInEx, which I do now have access to). There are mods for BepInEx, and there are mods for SpaceWarp, and ne'er the twain shall meet, as it were. An example is Micro-Engineer, which states it is for SpaceWarp 0.3.0, and there is no BepInEx version of this. Maneuver Node Controller, on the other hand, doesn't state which one it is for, so I'd assume...either? Finally, KSP2Dev LogConsole states it is for BepInEx 5. With multiple options here, I am trying to figure out if I could potentially run both of these at the same time. My second question, assuming the outcome of the above is either "No" or "Well...", are there instructions anywhere for installing BepInEx and its resultant patch to allow SpaceWarp to be used with it? I've seen that there is a plugin on SpaceDock.Info for this, but the install instructions on SpaceDock state only that it's the same install as for SpaceWarp. So my confusion stems from not knowing when I install this...do I put the mods in the SpaceWarp/Mods folder? Where does this plugin go? Again, I'll ask that people with knowledge assume I have zero knowledge and to please be precise with install instructions. Simply telling me "Well, just put it here" doesn't work. Not for me, anyhow. I'm very detail-oriented, and I simply need it spelled out as if I had never played the game or installed a mod before. Once I get it once, I'm good. But first time? Need that hard shove. So if anyone can help me out here, that'd be keen!
  6. .jfif is the same as .jpg (.jpeg) and should be supported.
  7. Getting an email when new content is posted is great, but they tend to be rather useless for mission reports: Author posts 10-screen episode (which is, don’t get me wrong, absolutely awesome) I get an email with this. I'd rather see it in all it's glory on the forum here, and of course there's a link. So far, so good. Now, scenario two: Fan posts reaction (good) Fan posts reaction, quoting the entire posted article (not good) Another reaction Another full page post Author posts new episode Now the notification has lost its function. There's no way I'm going to scroll through 20 screens of content I've already seen, so I'm not aware that there actually is new content as it's at the very bottom of that email that I'm not scrolling through. But Kerbart, surely you are jesting, it's not the forum's fault that people quote an entire post after all? Why no, but you can't stop that (annoying as it is) from happening. What the forum can do though, is provide an option where the email that I'm getting is just providing a link to the new content (and who posted it), with maybe the first two lines of text with images stripped out (the re for that shouldn't be rocket science, and if it is, well, we're here, right?) and nothing else. That would keep my updates for mission reports short and sweet, and allows me to see if there's content that is essential to be checked out now now now, or that it can wait until later in the day.
  8. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way to sort the released Add-ons, and with 84 pages, and about ~14 pages of 1.05 stuff, it can be really frustrating to find what you are looking for. For instance, I wanted to add more planets, and although the Kopernicus mod is only on the second page, it has no indication of what it does without clicking on it, and clicking on every page to see what the mod does is not how I want to spend my time. The "Search" bar also fails to turn up what you are looking for about 90% of the time unless you know the exact term to search. The tag system is a start, but it needs to do what StackExchange does with tags, instead of typing what you want, "weapon", "weapons", "weaponry" are all different tags, that should all be the same. There should be a drop down for adding a tag "Weapons" "Engines" "Planets" "Flight Mechanics" "Overhaul" "Gauges" "Visuals" etc. and finally custom. There is also now way (that I know of) to sort the page by tags, and to only show the posts with certain tags. You can click on them, but it also includes search results where the tag name was in a paragraph. For instance, this post will show up if you click on a tag that says plugin, just because I used the word just then! TLDR; (suggestions for Released Add-ons page) Force at least one tag choice, because tons of posts have no tag, and the name is not descriptive Select, or recommended tags just like StackExchange Searching posts via tags It would improve every mods user base if people could more easily find what they were looking for.
  9. I was looking at the tags thing today, trying to give my threads tags and soon ran into the problem what are the best tags. One rule, loose the word science in the tags, since this is a science group adding ...... science' is probably redundany for example: 'Atmospheric' prolly suffices as a tag The other problem is nouns as tags For example: universe. Technically this might be Holo-universal observations, or it could be CMBR, but CMBR does not cover pre-reionization nuetrino emmisions. (double tag) galaxy or (extragalactic). Technically this would be extragalactic observations but that seems too long. Weapons. Technically this would be Space weapons, but we can assume that weapons in this group would entail a space use aspect. Before we get to far into the tagging we should have a consensus as to what is good etiquette?
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