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Found 1 result

  1. TCBW: April update 3/31/17

    I got the idea from this video; So now I have a second book, along with short stories with daniel l. So this will be good practice for when I have lots of homework in the future Since I'm still thinking about the idea, the first chapter will take awhile, but there will be a Gas Giant about 8 Jupiter masses in the habitable zone that captured a habitable planet between the size of Earth and Mars as it migrated, and towed along a Mars sized moon, and the Gas Giant orbits a K type main sequence. Here's the basic plot; A primitive medieval civilization, an early space faring civilization, two Moons, two civilizations, what would happen if they made contact? Several years after an Asteroid hits a city, and kills millions, a scientist convinces his government to fund a space program, several years after it starts up, they find that the nearby Moon they call 'The Twin' hosts an Avian civilization a few hundred years of development behind them, realizing that the civilization may teach them more about their early development, they start a mission to make contact, and bring both of their civilizations to the golden age. @Atlas2342 @Findthepin1 Want to help with this one as well?