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Found 3 results

  1. Well, I've had 0.9 (Release Candidate to use poncy terms) out for a bit, and no-one seems to have complained, so it's time to call this a release. This mod started as a way of not-quite-cheating-outright. Basically, for when most people would have been sane and just enabled the infinite fuel, I added these parts (or actually, a primitive early version of them) and still flew, and checked fuel and all that, they were just absurdly overpowered. In fact, it started with that RSS-start-on-Mars mod. Because as hard as launching from Earth, landing on Mars, taking off again, returning to Earth is. It pales to the horror of doing it the other way around. And hell, MARTIANS. But then the parts just sat there for ages. But then I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to do silly Sci-Fi grade stuff?". So I merged the old idea with some new waffle, and then added stuff, and noticed existing mods for Alcubierre drives (thanks @RoverDude) and added warp drives. I added a silly chain of resource convertion, so craft needed some work to function. And here we are. Space Opera. Available for download from https://spacedock.info/mod/1137/Space Opera Or CKAN. The mod contains the parts and resources to enable both sub-light drives and super-light drives. Plus a power generator you will want to use if you're going to use the other bits. For sub-light, the engines (and RCS) run off a resource called Handwavium; Sublight drives are either the long "interplanetary" drive (many G, be careful) or the "planetary" drive, which has a lower thrust and can be carefully throttled for things like landings. RCS is available in 3 profiles and 3 sizes. Handwavium can be either a stored resource for short journeys (aka, to another planet and back) or generated from TaurusFecalium, via a converter; For super-light drives, you will need to grab Rovrdude's Alcubierre drive. You can obviously just use his (which are smaller, so fit those pesky little craft), or use the drives from this mod, which are larger, faster, and more annoying. :-) The hyperdrives come in two flavours (so far). Both use two outriggers that I will not call nacelles. The faster, beefier one, has fixed n\outriggers, while the slightly slower one extends the outriggers when running. Now, to get the warp drives to work, you'll need some electricity and polarity field. You'll need some Negative matter to generate that polarity field. And some Quantum flux to generate the negative matter. Which you'll get from the warp core. Converters all provided. I have vague hopes of making a module that allows a part to produce a "field" to turn off acceleration (G) effects for kerbanauts. Until that distant day when inertial field generators work, I advise disabling the advanced tweak feature of G effects when using this mod. This mod now has a Kottobos review Continued from dev thread;
  2. So this an extension of my Origami Steel idea. So you follow that thread's instructions and just build and post HERE. Must fit in a mark 3 cargo bay and be airbreathing, but R.A.P.I.E.R.s, NERVs or CC engines are allowed if you have jets (or with R.A.P.I.E.R.s they can be in jet mode) onboard. Extra points for SSTOs! Please post the version created in as well as the name. Thank you! Mods are allowed provided they don't affect performances of crafts Fleet Planes: Fleet SSTOs P.S. Order isn't Chronological
  3. So, lets build a plane. Stock. That fits in a mk3 cargo bay. A jet, naturally. So the wings MUST fold. Say they tilt forward 90 degrees and then move back flat against the fuselage. Then it moves on powered wheels. I know. It's absurd. But it's a challenge. Get building!!! Any suggestions, @Azimech and @selfish_meme? Because you two are good at building hinges stock. Is it even possible with ksp physics?
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