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Found 13 results

  1. hAhAhhaAA u did ti Ok you clicked on it. The game is this. Write a funny reason why someone should click on this thread. E.g. poster: You should click for cookies posteer: you should click because it says so posteh: clik bc yes ill start. You should click for Lucida Sans!!
  2. Title says all: What have you been playing recently, other than KSP? I've been playing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, and a lot of Garry's Mod. Absolutely fantastic games. What about you guys? hah, like anyone reads the first post, mad props to you if you're reading this
  3. In my years of playing KSP, I dont thing I have ever played a full game of post-0.90 Career mode. SO I DECIDED TO FIX THAT! HAHA! I also have a self imposed rule that all flights that are not immediately reverted are simulations- as in, I cannot quickload or revert during "real" flights. THAT MEANS IM GOOD RIGHT??? Otherwise, it's just Normal mode. I did not have plans to make this until I realised this was my first time. So there are no screenshots of the obligatory Jumping Flea replica and my test flights, in the Void series. The unsuccessful tests of Void "Baby" 1-3 do not have screenshots. But Void "Baby" Four DOES!!! Test simulation of Void Four this concludes the first and second flights. I am very very excited to do moar.
  4. ever encountered something small, kinda “ocd-inducing”? (NOTE: id you are like most people and these kind of things make you uncomfortable/drive you up the wall/ANGERY, look away!) for example I just noticed that the “according to all known laws of aviation...”(it’s on this thread, to see for yourself just click off this thread on mobile) tag makes it so on mobile, the tag goes slightly off the screen of the browser, making it so that I have to zoom out to not get an annoying side scroll bar. And, look at my pfp. Hanson’s there, all happy but there is one star... ONE STAR THERE. Just that one star makes me nope. by the way there are ACTUALLY TWO! One is above me. The other is very faint and next to me (zooming in is [un]advised.) what other ocd-inducing things have you seen.
  5. LETS GET THINGS STRAIGHT 1. 2. This is me explaining basic KSP using only the 10k most common English words. (yes it’s based on that one xkcd) 3. I have no idea where to put this. It’s in Fan Works for now. 4. I’m using way too much bold. 5. Here we go! This will be updated. When I’m happy and finished I will say so and leave this to die in page 7 of fan works. 6. THIS WONT BE VERY ACCURATE REMEMBER THAT PLEASE because I have a very limited word choice THANKYOU 7. I will be excepting words in ‘single quotes’. I need them sometimes to define things. 8. Here we go! Fr now KSP Explained with the ten thousand most common English words 1. What is KSP The game Kerbal Space Program is A game that you pay for that shows space and going to space pretty well. It has big space car things that make fire to help them go really fast into space. Sometimes you can decide to have small green people ride into space. You control the big space cars using your computer. Even the real people who do real things in space really like this game.
  6. So the game is this: Post false facts that are misleading and you could be tricked by them. Rate misleadingness on a scale of 1-15. Example Player 1: Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mt. Everest, did so while chasing a bird who had taken his prized potato away. P2: 1/15 wut the heck The Schrödinger's Cat parodox outlines that a cat in a box must be considered, for all intents, simeltainously alive and dead. I'll go with the Schrödinger's cat one to start.