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Found 2 results

  1. When I enter the administration building if I mouse over any item, the menus disappear and show the space center view. The only way to view the actual admin building menus is to put my mouse in the top right corner where "Exit" would be. Clicking where a menu item may be, for example the Public Bailout strategy, will register the input click and, if I put my mouse in the top right corner, will show that I clicked on the strategy/program and give an explanation. Moving my mouse from the top right corner though, causes the whole admin menu/facility to disappear and shows the space center again. Is there a fix to this, are developers aware of this bug? Should I re-install? This issue was not present before the 1.1 update.
  2. Could someone try this on a fresh install or an unmodded save?: Try to get any amount of Open-Source commitment after 50% Patents licensing. On my game, it looks like Patents Licensing is adding Field Work and Contract percentages together, instead of applying them to their relevant sources separately. BACKGROUND: It looks like the Patents Licensing strategy actually adds together the percentage gains from contracts and field work, while Open-Source Tech Program does not. I want to commit 54% to Open-Source and 46% to Patents Licensing, but it appears that 49% commitment to Patents is all one can do with any other science gains strat, though you can commit to 100% Patents. I generally never encountered this before due to starting a new career every time I fill out the tech tree, or maybe commit 100% to Patents. This is the first time I've tried to reach 100% (or 99% at least) reputation, and has never come up before.