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Found 2 results

  1. Community Real Agency Pack v1.1 for KSP v1.3.1 Intended for RealismOverhaul The Community Real Agency Pack (short CRAP^^) is a collection of real world agencies and companies and serves as a manufacturer-framework for modders who make replicas, but can't really decide which manufacturer a part should get, or simply don't bother with that. The mod started out as a small private learning project, the "Real Agencies Collection", which I have now 'transcended' into some sort of extended community project, since there was 'some' interest in having such a thingy. RAC and CRAP are essentially the same thing, RAC is just for KSP 1.2.2 and CRAP for 1.3.1 and has localization, and now a few MM patches for funky integration with DecalStickers... The pack contains large 255x160 .png logos for view in mission control, as well as downscaled 64x40 ones for the vehicle assembly building's manufacturer tabs. Almost all logos were taken from wikipedia, and carefully hand-scaled and resized to fit the KSP needs. And to round it up, it contains a neat selection of background info, in multiple languages, powered by wikipedia and the copypaste foundation, although I'm not really sure where all that info gets displayed, haven't see any of it pop up anywhere yet, hmm... *strokes beard (Translation/localization WIP) In a few words: CRAP is an agency framework, mostly intended for use with RealismOverhaul. Furthermore: The CRAP serves as well as reference for any modders, who make replicas, but aren't sure what exact manufacturer tag one should apply for having the parts in the proper manufacturer categories. The CRAP heap of agencies is (hopefully) regularily updated, by... heaping up more... agencies , or whenever someone has the needs to add manufacturers, that our poor eyes had eluded before. Currently available agencies: (For exact manufacturer tags, see "agents.cfg") Antonov Army Ballisic Missile Agency (ABMA) Aerojet Aerojet-Rocketdyne Airbus Airbus Defence & Space ArianeGroup Arianespace ATK BAE Systems Bell Aircraft Bendix Aviation Beriev Blue Origin Boeing Boeing IDS Bosch Bristol Siddeley California Institute of Technology (CalTech) Chrysler Convair Daimler-Benz Delco Electronics Douglas EADS EADS Astrium Embraer European Space Agency (ESA) Fokker General Electric Aviation General Electric Godrej Grumman Honeywell Hughes HVA Peenemünde IBM Ilyushin International Launch Services (ILS) Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (ISSR) Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) KB Khimavtomatika KB KhimMash KB Yuzhnoye Khrunichev Krasmash L3 Electron Devices (L3 EDD) Lockheed Lockheed Martin Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Martin USA Martin Marietta Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Matra Marconi Space McDonnell McDonnell Douglas Mikoyan Gurevich Mitsubishi Mittelwerk GmbH Moog NASA North American Aviation (NAA) North American Rockwell Space Division (NAR) Northrop Grumman NPO Almaz NPO Energomash NPO Lavochkin NPO Mashinostroyeniya Orbital ATK Orbital Sciences PA Polyot PA Yuzhmash Pratt & Whitney Raytheon RKK Energia RocketLab Rocketdyne Rockwell International Rolls-Royce Roscosmos RUAG Space Safran Siemens Snecma Sukhoi SNTK Kuznetsov SpaceX Teledyne Technologies Thiokol TsSKB-Progress Tupolev United Launch Alliance (ULA) United Technologies U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Voronezh Mechanical Plant Yakovlev Requirements: ModuleManager, if you want CRAP integrate itself with blackheart612'S DecalStickers mod. Recommendations: Makes not much of sense if installed on a stock "Kerbalized" game, since only very few Kerbal-modders use actual manufacturers. Install yourselves a fully fledged RealismOverhaul suite CRAP integrates itself nicely with DecalStickers, you can boldly sticker-bomb you rockets like no man has sticker-bombed before^^ Installation: Standard procedures apply, first delete any old installments, if present. Extract the contents of "GameData" from the downloaded archive into your ".../KSP/Gamedata/..." folder, keeping subfolder structure. Voilá. Install DecalStickers and its dependencies (firespitter plugin) according to points one and two. Support: For any manufacturer update requests or bug report, please don't hesitate to open an issue on GitHub: Or post here in this thread. If you want to participate in any way, just poke me with an ad-equate poking stick, probably the type beeing used on Soyuz keyboards, I like those a lot^^ Credits: Original Creator: Jan Hoyer (KSP-Forums/GitHub: h0yer) The entire RealismOverhaul team, because reasons. TiktaalikDreaming (KSP-Forums) for providing the "North American Rockwell Space Division", "General Atomics" and "Electric Boat" logos and his continuous support. For credits on all other logos, see "CREDITS.TXT" inside the compressed archive or view: DOWNLOAD: GitHub SpaceDock Source Changelog: v1.1 License: GPL-3.0
  2. Chapter 1: Jeb his Check As an fighter pilot in the Kerbal 1st air company, jeb had much experience in aircraft so he was elected as one of the 4 test pilots of the biggest project the kerbal government ever planned to do... Their own space agency.. Jebediah Kerman, Bob Kerman and Valentina Kerman were the first 3 kerbals to be elected when the KSA ceo decided 3 was enough for that moment.. They underwent many special tests to see if they were up to the high standards, as seen with the last 5 sattelite launches Gee Forces can rip stuff apart.. First the health check was conducted! Jeb had to run for as long as he can after a piece of cake.. He managed to do that for 15 minutes untill the man running away from jeb got tired... Anyways! Jeb passed everything in this test just like bob and valentina! Meanwhile Werner von kerman was designing an orbital pod which had enough space so the kerbinauts could conduct some tests! Werner told the KSA that he needed another 3 weeks to complete the design untill further notice the kerbinauts would fly the flight sim...