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Found 2 results

  1. Whenever I design a space plane I almost always find that it'll want to pitch down when full of fuel and pitch up on re-entry and almost empty of fuel. So far my solution has been either have the wings way back which makes the pitch down even worse and take-off's a pain or have too much fuel so that I can move it all forward on landing which is wasteful (and uncontrollable if very low on fuel). So I've been playing around with a third option, have some flaps which pushes the nose down on reentry/landing (so more like a trim tab). I've had inconclusive results so far, it does seem to push the nose down but often not enough to stop the plane flipping upwards. Am I onto something here and just need more/bigger/better positioned "flaps" or is it a wasted effort?
  2. I've been having some problems with the ailerons, when I try to roll the plane they start to spazz out. Is this a bug? I have a recording of it.