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Found 4 results

  1. I've often wondered what the deploy function was for on winglets and tail fins. They didn't seem to have much use at all. So I've never, ever bothered binding that function to an action group. This is my current "Science Plane" - It's got an octo for stability control - a load of science bits a couple of engines and two tail fins, the reaction wheel is not necessary, I just like it for making "on the spot" turns instead of faffing around taxiing in a circle. Its ugly but it flies pretty well and it does the job. The wing section at the front is for a kerbal to stand on whe
  2. Just wondering. Can you land using drag alone? Parachutes don't count here.
  3. While using them, my craft started spinning, so naturally, I wondered if I rotated it a bit, I could slow it down with the spinning. I'd also like retractable propellers for drag reasons. So, does it work? I've seen airbrakes used as wings for cruise missiles, which means they are aerodynamic, so why not propellers?
  4. I copied my design for an Mun and Minmus LV-N passanger craft. Seen here docked to miner. Inflatable heat shield, reaction wheels, MK2 landing can cockpit, MK3 passenger cabin, cargo bay for science, life support and light cargo, Fuel tank, with radial LV-N, this version miss the airbrakes but the follow up has 6, landing legs on wings to get it wider. In 1.13 I could aerobrake this at 40 km then comming back after an dip outside Kerbin SOI, it would put AP around 200 km. in 1.2, going below 45 km makes it tumble even with rcs and vernier running returning from Minmus so speed wou
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