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Found 125 results

  1. neistridlar

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    My vision for this mod is to create stock alike believable parts to build passenger planes with. It is inspired by Airplane Plus, and will be made to supplement it as well as the stock parts. Here is an album with some concept art and work in progress screen shots: And here is an album showing up the semi finished parts: Parts currently in the mod: Download at: Tweakscale patch by @TMasterson5: I am pretty new to modding in general, so if you have advise or suggestions you would like to offer, please do so. I do believe, however, that I have many of the skills required. My plan is to use Fusion 360 along with Blender for modeling, Gimp and Inkscape for image and graphics editing. I do know a little C++, python and matlab, which might come in handy, though I have never programmed anything with more than a command line interface, so I expect to have a few things to learn if I want to get into that side of modding. Also I want to set this up so that it is easy for someone else to take over in the case that I should disappear (knowing my self I usually don't stay focused on one thing for more than 1-2 years at a time), so any suggestions as to how to accomplish this would be welcome. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  2. I have seen one other suggestion topic about this before and it was abruptly closed and not re-opened again. Really my question is why don't we have propellers yet and what might the chances of us getting them be? (And yes, I'm aware of mods, but I happen to like playing games stock)
  3. Airplane Plus Powerful stockalike parts for aircraft enthusiasts. Feedbacks would be helpful. And if you have time, please take the Poll: Click here to vote on what part do you want to be added Download at: Spacedock · Curseforge Want to support me? You can on either of these: PATREON User Patches: Tweakscale Compatibility RPM Compatibility AJE Compatibility F-16 Cockpit RPM Remotetech Config Community Tech Tree Sound Issue Workaround is under "Issues" Below If you want assist in hovering, I recommend this mod I'm using Craft Files (Click Image): Release 22-24: Release 20: Old Files: Extra Images: Old Part Selection Images: -- Collection of Aircraft Photos: Old Album: -- Huey in Action: Machbuster Video: Extra: Demonstration of the Tilt-Rotor function, assisted VTOL landing and New Diagonal Gear Other videos: Latest Changelog: Installation: Remove old folder if there's an old installation. Copy the GameData folder into your root folder. -Included in the pack are AirplanePlus and Firespitter folders. It also packs ModuleManager* *I do not own these mods, I merely packed them in for Airplane Plus to be functional and avoid linking downloads for dependencies. Big thanks to their Authors. FAQ: License: *I only take credit on my parts. Firespitter and Modulemanager which are included in the pack are made by different authors with their own licenses. Most performance configs powered by @Tanner Rawlings Shout out and big thanks to @acc for doing a test run back then. @kiwinanday helped a lot on producing important info in reconfiguring performance, thanks a lot!
  4. Huge thanks to @Azimech, whose incredible advice made this craft pososible. This craft is a full stock, 1:1 scale replica of the Boeing Pelican Ultra, a cargo ekranoplan/aircraft. This Colossus would have carried massive amounts of military hardware long distances, primarily across the sea to maximize fuel efficiency. However, it never made it past the concept stage, and now only exists in the form of vague specifications and inconsistent artist renditions. Having taken 5 months to complete, being composed of just under 3,000 parts, weighing in at 1.8 kiltons, with a wing span of 150 meters and being 120 meters in length, this craft is by far the largest and most ambitious project I have ever undertaken. The craft is also full to the brim of stock mechanisms. It utilizes 4 of my T-4650 stock turbofans, which together produce nearly 19,000 kN of thrust. The craft’s entire nose section rotates upwards to reveal the cargo bay, this is made possible with what is perhaps the largest stock joint ever created. The joint in question is made up of an orange tank that is held within a fairing precisely tuned to its diameter. It also features a ramp, which is incredibly mundane by comparison. All this work on to ensure that the craft could feasibly be used to transport payloads would have been for naught if the craft didn’t actually have any payload capabilities. Fortunately, this craft can easily carry payloads of well over 1000 tonnes, although it’s exact upper limit is as yet unknown. To get this beast into the air, a huge number of hidden control surfaces are used. The center of lift is also placed in front of the center of mass to ensure that it flies nice and easily. Download: (<-- As well as additional screenshots) Part Count: 2857 Irrelevant Information (AKA Gloating): -You could play a full sized game of Football (Soccer) on this craft’s back across its wings. -The cargo bay is so large that you could easily fit a 747 inside. -With full payload this craft is both larger and heavier than the Saturn V. -This craft produces 24 times the thrust of a 747. -I think you get the point.
  5. 1:1 Scale Replicas Full stock, full scale, full power In a scaled-down universe filled with scaled-down kerbals, it's easy to forget how big real planes are. F-15 Eagles and F-14 Tomcats are over 60 feet long, dwarfing pilots and ground crews. Cargo planes are absolutely massive, with the C-5 Galaxy coming in at almost 250 feet long with 220 feet of wingspan. Additionally, the amount of detail that can be achieved in a replica is limited by size - parts are only so small. 1:1 replicas can better mimic profiles, cockpits, and wing shapes, making them as visually accurate as possible. Yakolev Yak-38 Forger Boeing-Saab T-X Trainer Aircraft Dassault Mirage 2000 North American F-100D Super Sabre Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 North American F-86 Sabre Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Dassault Rafale Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightning II Republic F-84 Thunderjet Concorde McDonnell Douglas F/A-18B Hornet General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Grumman F-14 Tomcat (NEWEST VERSION) Grumman F-14 Tomcat McDonnell Douglas / Boeing F-15 Eagle Boeing F-15 ACTIVE/STOL/MTD McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Lockheed NF-104A "Zoom Climber" Fairchild-Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Sukhoi Su-27M/Su-35 Flanker-E More will be posted as I make them. Feel free to contribute you own scale replicas or suggest new build ideas!
  6. Carrier Vessel eXpansion You can Download it here! Album: Images: Videos: What is CVX? CVX is a low parts mod that allows you to build a Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier. The mod currently contains 5 parts: 1 screw, 1 rudder, 1 hull, 1 radar tower, 1 bridge tower. The idea behind CVX is so players can explore Kerbin while carrying aircraft and not have to worry about having enough fuel, or... You just want an aircraft carrier without worry about tanking your cpu with parts count. What is Included? 5 parts: 1 rudder 1 screw 1 hull 1 radar tower 1 bridge tower Why only one carrier? More ships are on the way. Soon I'll be releasing a Wasp-class LHD, Essex-class CV (for recovering the Kapollo) and an Admiral Kuznetsov CV (for all you Krussians) in the first phase. The second phase is experimental carriers such as a submersible carrier and a helicarrier. Why are there no weapons or radar? There are already mods covering that, and a list of recommended mods are further down the page. Where can I get that F-14 craft? The F-14, made by GrandAdmiralJon, can be found here on KerbalX. Recommended Mods: BDArmory (Continued) [1.3] (maintained by pappa_joe) SM Marine [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] BoomsticksRev3 [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] Master Tech Weapons [1.1.3] (TMasterson5) Blue Hawk Industries [1.1.3] (TMasterson5) MalFunc Weaponry [1.1.3] (Themorris) North Kerbin Dynamics [1.1.3] (harpwner) Never Enuff Dakka Redux [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] Kerbal Attachment System [1.3] (maintained by IgorZ) Kerbal Inventory System [1.3] (maintained by IgorZ) Hanger Extender is helpful for building very large crafts. Hanger Extender (recompiled for 1.2/1.3 by Alewx) The following is for placing the carrier in water. VesselMover Continued [1.1.3] (maintained by pappa_joe) Boat Launch Central [A channel marker buoy made by SpannerMonkey(smce)] For use with Kerbal Konstructs. [1.2.1] Hyper Edit [1.3] The following is for keeping the massive vessel together. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement [1.3] Arrester Cable and Hook, By Flywlyx Aircraft Carrier Accessories [1.3] Bugs and Issues: The big glaring bug this mod has is the Boat Kraken in 1.1.3, this is where the vessel is flung into the atmosphere, caused by a floating point error. The release of KSP ver 1.2 fixes this so there is nor more the need for either use FAR or AirPark but both are excellent mods, try them anyway. The new current problem is the stock joint system, where even rigid attachment will allow parts to separate, KSP's attachment nodes weren't designed for such heavy masses. I recommend using the cheats for both inserting into the water and operation until Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is updated. Change Log: Version 0.13.1: 1.3.1 Compatibility Update: -Dependency Update Version 0.13: 1.3 Compatibility and Fixes Fixes: -Fixed Fuel Capacity in Nimitz Hull -Fixed Engine Thrust Added: -Added Reaction Wheel to aid in turning -Added Support for USI Life Support -Added Support for Aircraft Carrier Accessories (Nimitz Catapult and Toy Box Catapult [for Future Top Secret Vessel] -Added Pre-made Craft Files -Updated Dependencies 0.12: Various fixes and adjustments: -Models and Dependencies updated to KSP 1.2 -Model recompiled as a second attempt to fix the Light Dim Bug. -Added normal maps -Added new hull textures -Added new resource, KSteam -Adjusted screws (still not perfect, still goes too fast for a carrier, 40m/s, but hey this is a game.) -Adjusted Buoyancy, hull rests at waterline. -KSP 1.2 has better floating point so no more boat bounce -Fixed phantom forces with rudder, but is as useful to steer a carrier as a fly swatter. Hopefully a solution coming soon. 0.11: fixed issues with rudder settings. 0.10: Initial Release Additional Credit: Snjo and RoverDude: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with C.V.X.) RoverDude: for Community Resource Pack (Also packaged with C.V.X.) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  7. The Ministry of Space (Aeronautics Department) (MAD) proudly presents it's first product! No dependencies, but works well with FAR. Uses stock mk1 IVA. Download Parts: Known bugs: Options: Planned: If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Licence: LGPLv3
  8. Low Altitude Mountain Race. The challenge: Go to: 8 degrees, 9’ 12” S, 179 degrees, 6’ 14” W Fly the route outlined on the map below (and demonstrated in the video) at the altitudes indicated as fast as you possibly can. Scroll down for the rules and details. This is almost due west of the Desert Runway. Start anywhere behind the ridge shown in the video. The course runs in a sort of loop inwards into the mountains. You begin with an altitude restriction of 2700 meters. That gives you a bit of leeway at the start. That restriction continues until the 3600 marker on the map (shown on the video as well) where you have a ridge to cross. Keep at 3600 until you make a 90 degree right turn and then you can ascend to 3800. Stay at 3800 until you after you cross the penultimate ridge and need to make a nearly 180 degree turn. Fly over the last ridgeline and then fly back to your starting point by whatever route you wish. The altitude restriction changes all occur in level areas between ridgelines, so you can adjust anywhere between the ridgelines. I threw together this video which I hope clarifies the route. It is a combination of flights since I did not have the best camera perspective all the way through one flight. I also had a few crashes. If anything is not clear, please ask in the comments below and I will try to clarify anything you are unsure of. The Rules: Run this route in as fast as you possibly can, keeping below the altitude restrictions. 1. There will be two classes: Modded, and Stock Craft . Kerbal Engineer is fine for either class as of course are any mods that do not affect flight (environmental, etc.). 2. No VTOL, angled engines, reverse placed engines, reaction wheels or inline stabilizers (aside from what is already contained in the cockpits). Reverse thrust is fine (eg Wheesleys) as are any quantity of airbrakes. Drag chutes may be used for landing, as long as you are not actually landing vertically with a chute. The spirit of this is about good flying and good aerodynamic design. 3. Style points for flying the whole thing with stability off. 4. Even more style points for flying this whole route as low as you possible can. Except for the last ridge in the 2700 section, every ridge can be crossed at least 100 meters lower than the stated restrictions. 4. If you break an altitude restriction, add 15 seconds to your time. (this might need changing, it is an arbitrary number I came up with. I am open to suggestions). If you do break it, you must get down below as soon as possible. If you are above the restriction for more than 5 seconds, you are disqualified. There is no way to police this. Really, just do this in good faith. No taking a 15 second penalty and then just flying at 5000 meters the whole way. 5. You must begin the race landed at a complete stop, takeoff horizontally, and must land horizontally and come to a complete stop. 6. Time will be determined by subtracting your start time from your end time. Therefore, take a screenshot just before you power up and just after you have landed and come to a complete stop. 7. You may make as many attempts as you like. If you have the Mission Builder, you may launch from that and save yourself having to fly all the way. It is also not too far from the Desert Runway (due west). Once you have arrived, save the game, so you can quickly reset if need be. 8. If you do not have the Mission Builder and have to fly, you can bring drop tanks, carry your plane under a larger craft to save fuel, edit scripts or do any other background cheats to shorten the trip, whatever. This is about the race, not about how you got there. Infinite fuel is fine for either class as well. 9. If you can, post a video of your run. It would be fun to see some good flying. 10. This race works on the honor system. Fly fast and fair. 11. No prizes. Just do it for the glory. MORE PHOTOS under the hidden tab.
  9. The challenge: build an aircraft that can take-off, land and fly in either direction. * Extra credit: Try to build an aircraft that can successfully change directions mid flight. RULES: 1. You must have a pilot. 2. The craft must take off horizontally. No VTOL. 3. No additional reaction wheels (and bonus style points if you can fly yours with SAS off and all internal reaction wheels turned off) 4. It can be a palindrome aircraft, meaning it is symmetrical front and back, but that is not a requirement. Otherwise, anything goes. However, this challenge is about design, not about getting around rules. I'm sure I forgot some detail, so just bear that aforementioned in mind. I built this one a while ago and had a play with it today, as well as took this footage. (I still have not figured out what I am doing for @Triop's Temple rally, so this was a fun distraction). It is certainly not my most fun plane to fly, but it more or less works. I created the challenge because I am keen to see how others solve the problem.
  10. [LOOKING FOR HELP DEVELOPING THIS MOD AND UPDATING TO 1.2. PLEASE EITHER POST IN THIS THREAD OR PM ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT. MODELLING, TEXTURING, OR CONFIG WRITING EXPERTISE GREATLY APPRECIATED] We at Instell Incorporated pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We wish to give our customers only the greatest and most fashionable ways to ride their reusable ICBMs. Our engineers are ready and eager to work on any project that can get them close to the liquid oxygen again. Here at Instell we have only the best of experimental technologies, because finished products are just too mainstream. Why spend precious funds on testing when the customer can do it for you? At Instell we believe in shooting for the moon, and even if we miss, our craft melted on the way up. SCRAMJET ENGINES! New from Instell, the Semi Combustible Ramjet. Have you ever thought that stuffing air and fuel into a tube until it exploded was a bad idea? We did, but we kept trying anyway until we figured out that shoving more air in makes it explode out the back of the tube! [WARNING - Sharp edges, high temperatures, and ludicrous G forces may cause death, dismemberment, and or hallucination] We at instell incorporated are proud to offer a selection of two wonderful scramjets: XE-101 and the XE-202. Both are scramjets and are built to propel your spaceplane to hypersonic speeds. They become more powerful and efficient the higher they are and the faster they go. Advantages of scramjets: Very efficient at high speeds/altitudes Very light Can function at very high altutudes Is the physical representation of acceleration Does not require intake hogging However it poses a couple of challenges: Must be going past mach 3 to function Engines have a tendency to cause other parts to overheat due to atmospheric heating. Engines are more efficient in the upper atmosphere ELECTRIC ENGINES! Introducing the XE-303/E electronic turbofan engine! This engine is considerably more simple to use than our Scramjets. This engine is excellent for subsonic crafts, especially those on other planets. Since it doesn't rely on combustion to power its turbine, it will run in any atmosphere. It's perfect for aircraft transports on other planets! Advantages: Can run in any atmosphere Small onboard battery supply Cheaper than a traditional basic jet Very quiet Makes for a great air conditioner in a pinch Disadvantages: Cannot go above Mach 1 Can only be radially attached A bit bulky PULSE DETONATION ENGINES! Introducing Instell's latest work of mad science: The XE-404 Pulse Detonation Engine! This engine is the perfect companion to the XE-101 and 202. It has a maximum speed of mach 6 and sounds like a mosquito screwing a dragon. Despite using the most advanced coolant systems that Jeb could find in his junkyard, this engine still has a tendency to overheat, so watch out! Advantages: Can easily take a SCRAMjet up to the required speed. Has a speed ceiling of mach 6. Operates well in the same flight conditions as a TurboRamJet. Can cook a burger in 6 seconds flat. Disadvantages: LOUD!! Cannot reach as high of an altitude as the XE-101 and 202 Can overheat easily ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To-do list: Get G.O.N.A.D.S. working properly Cool fuselage parts Better model for Casper better (stockalike?) textures better models in general more engines, the more experimental the better Changelog: v1.6.1 Repackaged for 1.0.5 v1.6 Added XE-404 "Jackhammer" Pulse Detonation Engine Added XF-35B SuperBullShark to demonstrate XE-404 Added F-38 Mako just for fun v1.5 Added RI-01 Hypersonic Intake Added Mk.1 Battery Fuselage Remodeled XE-303/E XE-303/E no longer needs IntakeAir to function, but does need to be in an atmosphere. XE-303/E takes way less electricity to run. Removed G.O.H.N.A.D.S. until I can get the damn thing to work. Added new parts onto IX-102 and IX-201 v1.4 RETEXTURED ALL THE THINGS! Tweaked G.O.H.N.A.D.S. to actually do the thing that it was made to do. Added XE-303/E Electric Turbofan engine (Thank you firespitter for your wonderful plugin) Added IX-201 to showcase the new engine Added fairings to XE-101 v1.3 Added G.O.H.N.A.D.S. (Gunkworks Oxidizer-augmented Heat Neutralizing And Dumping System) Updated IX-102 with new part, can now survive more abuse! v1.2 Added IX-203 (X-43 style aircraft) Edited IX-102 spaceplane Lowered thrust of Houdini to 70 Lowered thrust of Leech to 35 v1.1 Added particle effects nerfed engines slightly v1.0 release Download (KerbalStuff): [instell Incorporated is not liable for crafts melting or disintegrating from heat or acceleration, warranty void if engine exposed to fire.] License: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
  11. So someone recently challenged me to make a replica of the Quinjet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is a cargo VTOL aircraft with a similar purpose to Boeing's V-22 Osprey. I wanted to make my replica unique, so I decided to make some stock electric/jet powered propellors for the VTOL function. But I've never really delved into the world of stock propellers before. So I was wondering if any of you had any tips on building them, or which design would be most appropriate (are high TWR propellors even possible)? Preferably they need to be relatively low profile, although I acknowledge that I may have to lose some aesthetics for functionality. The design for the aircraft will probably use MK3 parts although I could switch to MK2 for lower mass. Any help/criticism is welcome!
  12. We've seen the cockpit and structure mods like Airplane plus、Aviation Cockpit、AoA tech、Quiztech、Nice MKseries Body,and we have the B9 procedural wings and procedural part to make more available room for editing. With the AirplanePlus' raptor engine、the QuizTech's VTOL engines and by editing the .cfg file myself, the thrust system is also not problem. However, even with these classical good mods, during my aircraft building process i still encountered some problems. The biggest ones are: Blended Wing Body、Curved wing edge、Curved(Hook) Surface. And with the famous mods that i already have, i have no idea how to make it better. So i'd like to ask veterans for help, about any mod that possible would be helpful for make the aircraft building closer to the there topics above. 1. The Blended Wing Body (smooth transition between fuselage and wing)is a big problem when we build those gorgeously shaped 3rd-generation fighter jets like Su-27 family、F-16 and more extreme examples like B-2 、Boeing X-48. We can make other jets(like mig21、typhoon) more real (because they have comparatively less smooth transition, like almost a cylinder fuselage with a wing ) by simply using the normal structures and wings parts, and F-22、J-20 can also be real (because the stealth planes all have simpler shape without that much curved lines and surfaces) . But it's really hard to make the transition smooth in su-27 and f-16. 2. The Curved wing edge: First only the WWII planes use elliptical wing like spitfire, and we have some mod for that cute little one. But many other planes also require round tips of the wing, i remember that in the old Procedrual wings(not B9 procedural wing), we have round editable wing, but that mod doesn't seem to fit in KSP1.4.x. I know that this is easier than the blended wing body transition, because by modifying carefully we can make the straight lines together look like smooth line, and that's exactly what i've been doing all the days. However there are some real "monsters", even harder than the SU-27's strake wings, for example, f-18: I tried a lot about f-18's strake wing, and failed. I also tried to search others' good design on the kerbalX, and failed. All of them didn't make the beautiful curves good enough. It seems that straight lines can't be made up to that kind of curve line. 3.Curved(Hook) Surface: Well i know this is too much and hard for KSP, the game's operation principles requires the mod makers themselves to build the 3D model and texture, so making a procedural curved surface is too difficult. But still i'm holding some hope that someone may know any mod with some "hook surface" part or even function. Let's take my old crafts for example, these are almost the limit that i can reach: The blue one's curved lines are made up by many adjusted procedural wings, and when i look closer i feel really unsatisfied. (The J-20's curved line is between the canard and main wing)
  13. Due to a major financial scandal, Kerbin's main supplier of prop engines can no longer deliver. The timing could not be worse as KSP is launching a new Duna programme, with a focus on exploratory aircraft that can deliver good science. Plans are afoot for serious fuel mining and processing infrastructure, but this is still costly in time and resources. Creating multiple fuel stations around the planet is not viable at this time. They need an aircraft with range. The challenge: Build an aircraft for Duna, and fly it as far as you can with the fuel you are carrying. The winner is the one who flies the farthest. The only rules are: 1. It must be rocket powered. No props or Kethane-powered mod jets . 2. It must carry a Mobile Processing Lab. 3. It must not go into orbit. Ceiling is 16,000 meters. 4. No drop tanks. Too expensive to replace and/or recover. 5. It must be a real plane, meaning it has lift and could take off and land multiple times. 6. Mods are fine, but the engines must be stock. Details: Cheat or Mission Builder yourself to any location on Duna. Fly your plane as far as you can, and when you land, hit F3 to show your total distance traveled. Any mods (other than mod engines) are fine except infinite fuel or anything that breaks the spirit of the challenge. Mods and stock parts will be two different categories. A plane is considered stock if it has no modded parts. Non-parts mods have no bearing on that. Your plane can be as big or small as you want it. It can have tons of stability enhancements or none at all. It can be piloted or probe cored, but you must have a full science crew in the lab. I suppose a really keen person could build a flying fuel processor and go forever (and serious kudos if they do), but the spirit of the challenge is single flight range and that is what you will be judged on. This idea came about while I was tooling around in Mission Builder, modifying a plane I built for Kerbin to see what I could do. I got a fair distance (well, for me, anyway) and I thought it would be cool to see how others solve this problem. Partly this is selfish; I want to learn from you all :-) On my to-do list for work is to get upskilled in Adobe Illustrator. It may take a bit, but I will create a badge for this challenge. My first attempt with the lab. Okay, but needs a lot of R&D.
  14. A fully operational carrier hull and bridge. As opposed to Eskandre's excellent Nimitz, this one has a ski-jump. It's not actually based on any real-world aircraft carrier, but it probably most resembles the Russian Navy's Admiral Kuznetsov. The lifts and hangar are fully operational. The mod is actually just a single part that comprises the hull, deck, lifts and bridge. It generates its own power, but it's meant to be used along with other ship mods for engines, radar, antennae, defence systems, etc. [MOD - Download link removed due to missing license - sumghai]
  15. Ok this is somthing i think is IMPORTANT for KSP, being able to trim you planes Have you ever made and airplane and started flying it around the world (or just a long distance) and had the plane slowly start pitching downwards? If u just left the controls alone you would eventually crash right. Well this is why i want AIRPLANE TRIMMING please help me notify squad and get this to be a feature ingame because its so frustrating doing long straight flights on kerbin. So please help me notify squad about this If you want more info on what trimming is just read this little bit of info its fairly simple: You can also find videos on yt on how trimming works and its uses! To squad: please add this its much needed. You could make it like and optional clickable button when u right click on a probe or a cockpit but man would this be useful. Besides real airplanes use this in pretty much every airplane today so why not add it in ksp?
  16. Dr.Narwhal

    Military Aircraft

    Hello, this is just an open decision about the design of KSP Military Aircraft. Feel free to upload pictures of aircraft. Feel free to have constructive conversations about these aircraft.
  17. Castille7

    Sanchez Besa

    Sanchez Besa By: K&S Technologies Group To have lived in this era would have been so fascinating to me. That's part of my motivation when building these early aircraft. When I start these projects I look for pictures online and find one that I like, then begin to build it. Then I find myself struggling to build an engine to accommodate the craft. This is where team work helps. Klond once again built this brilliant little engine that's perfect for the craft giving it that real life feel. Engine work by klond The engine is actually two contra-rotating units, totaling 20ish-kN and somewhat of a gas hog. Props are non-adjustable. Engine derived, and very similar to the one on the Craft File Parts: 167 Mass: 5.545t Height: 3.6m Width: 11.6m Length: 7.5m We were enjoying this Three Engine Version and wanted to share it. She's a little delicate but another fun flight with much more power. Three Engine Version An Early Flights Video you may enjoy
  18. Wyleg's Wonderful Workshop Parts for aircrafts. Mk3 HVC cockpit Heavy heat-shielded cockpit for reusable trans-atmospheric spaceships. Provides high visibility for its crew. Holds up to 4 kerbonauts. Now features working RCS! Cockpit is WIP - currently it lacks IVA and there's no cabin illumination. T-10 Air Intake This intake resembles the one used on Sukhoi Su-27 family of fighter jet aircrafts. It also should fit other replicas such as MiG-31 Foxhound and F-14 Tomcat with this distinctive shape with sharp edges and rectangle-ish frame. Intake is designed to fit stock 1.25m cylindrical jet fuel tanks. Changelog Imgur album: link Download: Spacedock W3 Fuselage Texture Custom texture for Procedural Parts designed for aircraft fuselages that fits nicely with stock parts and B9 Procedural Wings. Download: Spacedock
  19. EdAY


    It's been quite a time since I did my first post (which I guess is much of a clickbait as I never found time to upload stuff, Sorry for those who got click-baited). I guess this would classify as my first real post then! So I spend a lot of time looking for fun mods. Much of my craft files contain mods, and I hope you enjoy my crafts . This is the Jet-F6. And also check out my kerbalX stuff (including this!)
  20. Blind/Bored Aircraft Facilities is glad to open the Public Overhaul Workshop. Disclaimer: english isn't my native language (french is) be tolerant for error and weird phrasing of a sentence. I do my best. Also feel free to correct me. His goal is to help others aircraft company by fine-tuning, repair, enhance,..., their craft. For now this thread only concern about atmospheric(KERBIN) flying vehicle excluding vtol, ssto*, flaps engine and rocket. Space shuttle and ssto are accepted but I'll only take a look at their atmospheric standalone performance, don't blame me if it loose deltaV. I prioritize submission for Kerbal Express Airlines Challenge. To be select your craft must be nearly finish in its general design, be submit in this KerbalX hangar (Public Overhaul Workshop - request) and have a post you've make on this thread that contain the information listed below. Available mod: Tweakscale, Airplane+ and KAX I work on latest version only; 1.4.3 Needed information (unit; km, m/s, m, G, kallons, metric tons(t)(1000Kg), kallons/s, funds or $): -General parameters with min/max/target value (if applicable); cost, mass, speed, part count(max 300 without strut), fuel, range(speed*fuel/fuel_burn_rate)(at cruise), cruise altitude, cruise speed, cruise efficiency liberty( | most_eff_fuelBR - actual_fuelBR | or | most_eff_range - actual_range | )(does it need to be the most efficient), passenger, cargo capacity(mass), take-off speed,and more. -Any other constraint like don't move wing or no clipping. Autostrut(Y/N). Mod you allow me to use from the list above. -Describe your problem and what you want me to do. -Some info about the craft, PICTURE please. (I need to know if its for Kerbal Express Airlines as passenger count change) -Make a small speech on why I should help. You can see if I decide to work/am working on your craft here: Public Overhaul Workshop - WIP When job will be done I'll make a post here. You can also check here: Public Overhaul Workshop - Job done I would apprieciate to get feedback. If you post in an other thread a craft I worked on please mention my pseudo or for KEA challenge BAF POW. If I get enough participation I may recruit more engineers to help me. Otherwise don't usurp BAF name.
  21. The Delta Velocity Family* *If you count 2 aircraft as a family Built In V 1.3.1, Compatible with 1.4.# Family of 2 long ranged, rugged, supersonic aircraft. Delta Velocity The default variant, longer ranged than the -S model, great for exploring Kerbin. Top Speed: 296m/s at 1000m in horizontal flight Max Ceiling: about 11.5km Custom Actions: 1: Toggle Speed Brakes and Flaps 2. Toggle Speed Brakes, Flaps AND Thrust Reversers Delta Velocity - S Science Variant, faster than default, great for researching Kerbin. Comes With Science Equipment Top Speed: 328m/s at 1000m in horizontal flight Max Ceiling: About 13km Custom Actions: 1: Toggle Afterburner 2: Toggle Speed Brakes and Flaps WARNING: With the S Variant, it is known for Kerbals to go spaghetti when exiting the rear science bays in the rear, causing death. Proceed with caution. Gallery: Jeb shows off the science area on the -S model Check out those afterburners! Almost there! At the south pole at last! Download: (Dropbox) Delta Velocity Delta Velocity - S
  22. Kronus_Aerospace

    Large Scale Stock Jet-Fighter

    This craft is fairly fragile due to its high maneuverability, large part count, and mass. So I recommend using Unbreakable joints This craft is a massive highly maneuverable jet-fighter style aircraft. This jet is extremely stable in flight, to the point where SAS is entirely unneccessary. This craft uses canards made from clipped Big-S Elevon 2’s to control the pitch and the rest of the control surfaces to control roll (besides the one on the tail fins of course). This craft also has a ridiculous amount of yaw authority, like too much. Pulling a hard yaw maneuver with this craft will immediately max out the accelerameter on the Nav-ball, so yaw at your own risk. Download link (and additional screenshots): Craft Mass: 87.1 tonnes Part Count: 392 Flight Characteristics -Rotation Speed: 50 m/s -Max Speed SL: 346 m/s (Just barely Supersonic) -Cruising Altitude: 9500 m -Max Speed CRZ ALT: 298 m/s -Stall Speed: 20 m/s -Max Dive Speed: 460 m/s -Sea level TWR: 1.78 (Will drop as the craft acellerates) This craft was inspired by the works of Servo, I highly recommend that you check him out. Servo has also made a large fighter aircraft inspired by this craft. It's quite awesome so check that out as well! Side Note I accidentally posted this craft on the wrong section of the forums. The topic is still there unfortunately as I do not know how to delete a topic. Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. Good evening everyone, and I hope everyone has see ' Worzel Gummidge' because I need you to bring your best thinking head with you. I have just started designing aircraft and cargo aircraft in particular. Most are just very basic designs until I get the hang of all the parts, but what I need is some help with refining anything I do build. If any of you have built, or do build, aircraft then I would like your help with the process of improving the design. What do I look at? What should I start with when trying to improve the performance of a design? (beyond just using bigger engines, etc,) What needs to be tweaked? What should I always have? You get the idea...any help would be appreciated. No jerks.
  24. Kronus_Aerospace

    Large Stock Fighter Aircraft

    This craft is fairly fragile due to its high maneuverability, large part count, and mass. So I recommend using Unbreakable joints This craft is a massive highly maneuverable jet-fighter style aircraft. This jet is extremely stable in flight, to the point where SAS is entirely unneccessary. This craft uses canards made from clipped Big-S Elevon 2’s to control the pitch and the rest of the control surfaces to control roll (besides the one on the tail fins of course). This craft also has a ridiculous amount of yaw authority, like too much. Pulling a hard yaw maneuver with this craft will immediately max out the accelerameter on the Nav-ball, so yaw at your own risk. Download link (and additional screenshots): Craft Mass: 87.1 tonnes Part Count: 392 Flight Characteristics -Rotation Speed: 50 m/s -Max Speed SL: 346 m/s (Just barely Supersonic) -Cruising Altitude: 9500 m -Max Speed CRZ ALT: 298 m/s -Stall Speed: 20 m/s -Max Dive Speed: 460 m/s -Sea level TWR: 1.78 (Will drop as the craft acellerates) This craft was inspired by the works of Servo, I highly recommend that you check him out.
  25. Kronus_Aerospace

    747-8 Replica Full Stock

    This craft is a stock replica of the Boeing 747-8. This craft was largely inspired by the excellent works of Gman_builder and DavidN, whose accounts you can find here, For this craft I aimed to replicate the exact look, design, and function of the 747-8 as closely as I could, the resulting aircraft is my most accurate replica to date. One huge source of part count is the GEnx-2B turbofans, which all together contribute about 600 parts. Admittedly a lot for a purely aesthetic component. However, the craft would have looked a bit silly with just the dinky Goliaths powering it. Download (As well as additional screenshots): Part Count: 1150 Craft Mass: 414.6 tonnes Craft Specifications -Rotation Speed: 70 m/s -Cruising Altitude: 8000 m -Max Speed at CRZ ALT: 254.7 m/s -Stall Speed: 45 m/s -Maneuverability: Slow, but Responsive. -Action Group 1 toggles the flaps, for this craft they are simply used as airbrakes rather than for increasing lift.