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Found 5 results

  1. Ever since I found the fantastic Heisenberg mod by @Angel-125, I've wanted to fly an airship around Kerbin and see the sights, especially since its terrain is probably the most interesting in the unmodified Kerbol system. I was planning to just have reports in a similar fashion to my mission report thread, but then I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to write my own fan-fiction story. This is taking a lot of inspiration from Angel's own K.E.E.P story, but I hope to weave in some elements from @adsii1970's Kerny Kerman's Journals and @Just Jim's Saga of Emiko Station, if I can. (Big shout-out to you guys by the way - your stories are fantastic!) This story centres around the United Kerbin Ship Deep Purple, which is a nuclear-powered flying aircraft carrier propelled by six electric ducted fans. It is equipped with two rovers and a tilt-rotor helicopter which allow the crew to explore the places where the seventy-metre airship cannot go. After a nuclear war decimated Kerbin 2000 years ago, radically reshaping the surface and forcing Kerbalkind underground, the Purple's mission is to build up new and detailed maps of the planet, and boldly go where no Kerbal has gone in millennia. On with the prologue, where the Purple loads up on its cargo and makes its first flight out to the Island Airfield. Thank you for reading Please tell me what you think...this is my first fan-fiction, and I'm sure there's room for improvement. (Chapter list is below).
  2. One of the reasons I created the Heisenberg mod and the recent Buffalo Wings update was so that I could go explore Kerbin. I haven't done that before, and it seemed like a good thing to do. The idea originated from watching EJ-SA's "Kerbin Exploration Initiative" streams and from the Elcano Aviation Challenge. I had the notion of making an epic story out of the mission, with lots of dialogue and plot twists, but after months of modding, I'm still not finished with my mods, and time constraints mean that I wouldn't be able to do my story justice. So rather than let my hard work go to waste, I opted for a more traditional mission report with news reports sprinkled in that's relatively light on story. I can update it when I have the time, but at least I get to play KSP again instead of just modding it. Chapters Prologue (this post) Chapter One: The Five New Guys Chapter Two: That's No Data Glitch Chapter Three: Well, It Looked Good On Paper Chapter Four: Southbound And Down Chapter Five: Graviolium Chapter Six: Away Teams Interlude Chapter Seven: Dream A Little Dream With Me Chapter Eight: Never Goes As Planned Chapter Nine: Astronauts and S.A.V.E.s Chapter Ten: Going For A Swim Chapter Eleven: All That Glitters Chapter Twelve: Revelations Chapter Thirteen: Lucky You... Chapter Fourteen: That's No Mountain... Chapter Fifteen: Pyramid Schemes Part 1 Chapter Sixteen: Pyramid Schemes Part 2 Chapter Seventeen: Kosmodrome Chapter Eighteen: Space Racing Chapter Nineteen: Munshot Chapter Twenty: Landfall Chapter Twenty One: Full Circle Epilogue --- Mod List Prologue
  3. So I just recently read @Angel-125's K.E.E.P. mission report, and I saw all of the cool things that could be done with his Heisenberg Airship mod, and it got me to wondering-is it possible to build a base in Jool's atmosphere with Heisenberg airship parts? It would be a pain to get to, but it would be awesome once there. Tell me what you think, and maybe I will try to do it.
  4. A small 5 kerbal VTOL with science lab and more. Here's pics and a link for the download for those interested. Link to your future with Kerbal Carriers and the Bangin Bobby.
  5. I got into contact with the people updating the airship mod. Here's the link to the real page. My original post follows... Hello, I think I fixed my account. I'm Hooligan Labs who made the Airship mod and others long ago. I'll have some time over the holidays and I heard that the Airship mod was broken. Is Jewel still here? Is there an interest in having me fix the Airship mod? I would probably throw in some features and updates as well.