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Found 3 results

  1. I was working on a rocket using this fairing when I had to exit the game for a min, leaving it on the launch pad. When I came back the base was larger then normal and now the shell is in all of it's sections, exposing the inside and making editing the shell harder. https://imgur.com/0zmiPaR https://imgur.com/ShSJIlq
  2. Hello Friendly KSP Online Community, I am using an AE-FF2 Airstream Protective Shell (2.5m), and it will not release the attached probe. I have decided to edit the save file to try to free the probe, but before I take that drastic step, I would like to appeal to the community for help. Did anyone else out there have this issue? I tried to attach a screenshot, but I can't. The probe is just hanging there in space, invisibly attached to the Shell Plate. The separator I used is blown off, and wiggled its way out of the gap between the Probe and the Shell Plate. Th
  3. Hi, I'm having a strange problem with the Payload aerodynamic cowling *Fairing) separation on my "Rover Payloader". Basically I'm trying to place a Science Gathering Rover at a location on opposite side of KSP spaceport, and using a rocket launcher to place a cargo pod into sub-orbital trajctory, so it re=enters, and through staging eventually lands my rover on parachutes. The problem is when I STAGE the Fairing, the shell itself detaches but not the support structure holding the rover, nor the base - so I am left with the base and this structure attached to my rover which is now qu
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