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Found 1 result

  1. This mod is obsolete. Replaced by OPT_Reconfig A single-config mod. Converts all OPT Spaceplane Parts for deep integration with the Wild Blue Industries mods. Due to the popularity of OPT_USI, and interestingly, my migration to WBI, this was bound to happen. This modlet has been provided as its own mod due to the complexity of WBI. The many adjustments expected to come may make it impractical to provide this as merely one among the static MM patches already provided within the OPT downloads. Download :: SpaceDock :: GitHub This modlet will: Remove dependency on Firespitter and Interstellar Fuel Switch (except for the required portion used by Night Mode made by @stali79 ) Support Snacks and TAC LS. Do not install together with USI LS and my OPT_USI. You will get no support. Integrate Pathfinder, Snacks and AirPark. This modlet does: Adds resource switching to all parts with few, OPT-specific templates to reduce clutter when picking modules. Cockpits and cabins get fuel, KIS and snacks options. Cockpits get AirPark feature. Nose parts also get a SAS package. Cargo and hollow bays get fuel, KIS and snacks options. Remaining fuel tanks, inline SAS and wings get only fuel options. Labs get Doc Science Lab features. H cabin gets KIS and snacks options, and Geology lab, but no fuel. H noses get fuel, snacks and SAS options. Antenna gets WBI Geo scanner features. This modlet does not: Afford access to the full spectrum of WBI tankge options. If anyone asks (and I'm expecting it), I will gladly allow this but only for the cargo bays and hollow fuselages. Support other life support mods.