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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I've been on this forum for a long time, and I've recently found it annoying how whenever I type in : ) (I've put a space in there so it doesn't change), it automatically changes to . This is really annoying, as some times I just wanna express with the text, and not with the forum emojis. Maybe an option could be implemented like 'Automatically turn text to emojis' enable/disable or on/off. Have a happy holidays, TCIS : )
  2. Hello. In the past 2 weeks, I have gotten countless emails from Steam, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole bunch of other sites regarding either requesting a password change, or blocking a sign in to my account. I had none of these emails in the past, but now apparently everyone wants access to my various accounts. What should I do? I've already changed passwords, put two-factor authentication on, made fake accounts with similar names and passwords (to try and fool them), but why are they targeting me, of all people, me?
  3. I currently have a bug that literally made me stop playing KSP. That is, a random annoying line that follows the camera, no matter what i do. It occurs at some places, like being at a desert, or on the Runway. The line can be white or black. If you are curious enough, Here is a picture about the bug. It is still there even though i've deleted Scatterer and AVP. I made the picture giant so that you can notice the line easily. I've also placed an arrow pointing towards the line. I've tried forcing OpenGl, But that didn't help. Forcing Directx9 didn't help. Even forcing DirectX11 didn't even help. I've searched everything on google, but i didn't find a fix. This bug didn't appear before 1.4 I play on 8x antialising because i love realistic things. If you have a fix that doesn't involve lowering the graphics quality or changing the antialising to 4x, 2x or off, then, it may help. [Don't send annoying posts please.] Version of KSP That i use now is 1.4.4 with making history.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a somewhat heavy modded version of ksp (70+ mods), but it's all running exceptionally well, especially since i changed the launcher to the 64 bit version. However there is one thing that annoys me to death: when i load the game i receive something like 25-30 notification "this mod is not compatible" or "new version released" of that particular mod, and they get repeated. For the 2nd one i know that I have to find in the settings how to disable the check ( and i might have found them) But I cannot find a way to solve the 1st problem, especially the 2 mods that are doing this are KER and docking alignment, that haven't got a proper 1.31 patch and get the message like 5 times each at the start. How can i solve this? thanks for everyone who will reply
  5. please delete this post. I figured out a fix for my problem
  6. KSP 1.2.1 crash Report Game crashes every 30-120 mins after reverting to SPH, VAB and flight. Mods: -NearFutureProps -MechJebAndEngineerForAll -ModuleManager -PlanetaryBaseInc -Chatterer System Info: -Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz -4.00 Gb RAM (3.24 Usable) Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 -32-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 A few logs: I have 18 other crash logs, all by the same cause (I assume) and every file 'crash.dmp' has no data. I hope you can fix this or at least tell me what what the problem is (and possibly how to fix it myself).
  7. I have yet to play the game, I just bought & downloaded it through steam and it is stuck loading and a black screen with a loading icon on the bottom right. I tried exiting out and opening it again but I keep getting the same problem.
  8. This one isn't high urgency -- it's not locking up the computer or anything -- but I'm paranoid and wondering what's going on. When I start KSP, a few seconds after the Main Menu appears, the game seems to hang for a second or two--except that the music keeps playing just fine and the mouse cursor still works (though if you mouse over any menu items or click on them, they don't respond). Once the game gets past the hang, everything works perfectly, and the hang doesn't occur again unless you exit KSP and restart it. The hang also doesn't recur if you return to the main menu from inside the game. KSP version, no mods. The problem started occurring two or three months ago; I had not made any patches or hardware changes to the computer around that time. The problem happens every time I start KSP, even if no other programs are open at the same time. However I do seem to have a minor glitch with one other Steam game (a menu hiccup, curiously), and an occasional window-resizing glitch with a couple of online flash games that use Unity (is flash-game Unity the same Unity used by KSP?) So, off the cuff it looks like it might be a bug in Unity, but I wanted to get the official word.
  9. So very minor thing but I noticed the sound coming from the birds when idling in the Kerbal building overview (where you choose what building to "enter") the bird sounds are on the music slider in the settings while the ambient slider seems to do absolutely nothing there. It would be ok if the birds were doing something cool like Mozart or AC/DC but they're just annoying and I like the music in the rest of the game Is this really intentional or could it perhaps be moved over to the other slider?