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Found 2 results

  1. Are there any mods that add more anomalies to discover? Bonus if they're compatible with Galileo Planet Pack, but it would be nice to have more things to find for any system in general.
  2. So, I had dabbled in SCANsat prior to 1.2, but now that Kerbnet is here I'm quite content with the stock solution. I'm presently living happily with Kerbin and Mun each having a triplet of relay satellites. Having over a dozen probes other spacecraft with probe cores, sometimes anomalies show up... And sometimes they don't. It seems as though one given probe sees a handful of them, another probe might see the same ones or different ones. I found one on the Mun and landed near it - the lander probe core never saw it no matter how close it was, but the surveyor that marked it with a waypoint spotted it from the SOI change on. I'm wondering if this is limited to a vessel or a core. I.e. if I have 30 probe cores on one craft, am I more likely to find more anomalies, or would 30 separate probes do the trick? Does anything reset them so it's prudent to check again later? Do different cores have better odds? Do the old ore survey scanners come into play? Why isn't there a KSPedia page that gets me pointed in the right direction with definitive answers? Despite the rant, I'm mostly just curious. I'm excited to start finding some of the easter eggs I've never seen for myself, but I just wonder what it'll take to be sure I've got them all. Prior to 1.2 I've only ever spotted the closest few to KSC and one Mun arch. Today I've found the Armstrong Memorial with the help of my probes - yay!