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Found 5 results

  1. Launch scheduled for November 11 at 1237 GMT (7:37 a.m. EST).
  2. Easy Mode: Do a manned flyby of every body in the Antares system found in this mod. You may only use stock parts and stock game mechanics. The only other mods allowed are visual aid mods such as Kerbal Engineer and Trajectories. Then return all astronauts safely to Kerbin. Normal Mode: Do a grand tour of the Kerbol system on the way home. Hard Mode: Land on everything except the stars and gas giants. Do atmospheric flights of the gas giants. Extra Hard Mode: Do the same with the Kerbol system. Ultra Hard Mode: Impress me. How to Impress Me: Figure it out. *BTW This must be done in KSP 1.2.2.
  3. So, my idea/ Next play. I found two solar system mods that work together, the Extra solar and antares mods. the antares mod on its own is a big expantion to the game, but whith Extra solar added, it makes it a bit more fun as it is about 3,000,000,000km away from the main anteres system. My proposition to anyone whith the experience/corage/time/idiocy to take it up is to visit each planet and plat a flag at the northen most point ( for planets that can actuly be landed on and are not gas/water) If you do this, in 1.2 as well ( just to make it even harder) you will be, in my eye's atleast, a god among kerbals. Addendum: Any FTL travel mod is open to use, in fact, Id call it essential to compleat this chalenge. Feel free to use non FTL travel if you feel like spending days waiting to get anywhere. Addendum2: you can ignore the valintine system if you want. Its is the 3,000,000,000km away system, If you do get there, i would prais you like scott.
  4. I Thought i'd post a pretty easy challenge The goal of this challenge is to send a Cygnus spacecraft to a space station it can be your own original space station or an actual ISS or ISS inspired space station. Make the Cygnus as realistically as you possible same goes for the Antares rocket you will use to send the Cygnus up to the space station and try and make it as realistic as possible Note: when i say realistic i mean the design Mods allowed: Tweakscale KIS (for cargo) Vapor Vent Infernal robotics Winners 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good luck!
  5. ThiccRocketScientist

    How cool is the Antares rocket?

    Dear Community, Who else agrees with me that the Antares Rocket is super cool looking? Seriously. It is simple, nice, and pretty sweet to put lightly. Until the craft had a launch failure in the 10's. Sweet mod that adds them So rate how you like the Antares rocket on a scale of 1-10