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Found 58 results

  1. In a shock news release by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it was revealed that rumours of man's exploration of the moon in the Apollo program, having been observed by alien beings, were in fact true. Pictures released today, show these alien creatures in close proximity to the astronauts of the Apollo missions, appearing to observe and even interact with them. More information on this late breaking story and additional pictures, as we get it.
  2. frizzank

    [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Frizzank Aeronautical Space Administration presents - Apollo, Gemini & Mercury. Pronounced like NASA but with an F (FASA) FASA is going to be transferring to NathanKell. I no longer have enough free time to maintain FASA and he is a great choice for it. I gave him complete control over the mod but I will keep the original up on Kerbal Stuff just in-case anyone still wants to download the old, non-updated one. Delete the plugin folder reflections no longer work as of KSP 1.1. Raster Prop Monitor (JSI folder) will need to be manually updated for 1.3 compatibility. RPM Latest download The latest version taken over by NathanKell is here, Module Manager configs make it work with Realism Overhaul. if your not using RO delete the MM configs. FASA/RO Latest Download OLD Stable Full Release Now on Spacedock!!! Google drive 5.44 mirror-click download at the top of the page. Dropbox These are Kerbal versions of NASA rockets, not NASA replicas. Replicas are not the direction I want to go with FASA. I want to keep it fun, simple, easy, and have it be a somewhat stock like in appearance. Currently there are almost 200 parts in this pack and they give you a wide range of options. Helpful but not required mods.... I highly recommend Kerbal Joint Reinforcement to help with larger builds like the Saturn V! Also this pack fixes many bugs including the Launch Clamps going with you to space Real chute module manager fix.(your apollo chutes are messed up) http://www./download/bpig55ly85qawmx/FASA_RealChute_MM.cfg The Apollo CM and Lander were created by DennyTx. You can fallow his development here. Also here is an excellent Skylab part for downloading. Raster Prop Monitor version of Gemini Realism Overhaul Mod Info Want your own deploy-able rover? Just want the launch clamps and none of the fluff here ya go! For CKAN RSS/RO and any other Non FASA mod problems. I work extremely hard to make FASA work well with the stock game I do not provide any support for mods that alter FASA, and I have nothing to do with them. You should ask the associated authors of those mods. A video review of FASA from "The Block Room" Install Instructions All mods reside in their own folder under "GameData" in the main KSP directory. Delete the old version of FASA before installing. The parts folder in the main KSP directory should not have any FASA parts in it. It is no longer used in .20 and beyond. If your upgrading from before .20 your craft and saves will no longer work correctly. Steam install is here. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData The "Squad" folder is the stock parts that come with KSP, any other folder you add is a mod. To remove the mod just delete the FASA folder. If there are any parts you wish to delete from FASA open up the mod folder and delete any folders you dont like, or want. I do this a lot with mods I download. It keeps loading times low and filters out the parts I never use. If your upgrading to a new version "You Must" delete the old version of FASA before installing newer versions! Having older version parts and not deleting them will give you duplicate parts. Something went wrong and FASA broke KSP, HELP!!! Do this first before asking for help.... Step 1- This helps with memory problems. Delete the FASA mod. Run KSP again. From the main menu, click on settings and then Graphics at the top. Change your "Texture Quality:" to the Eighth Res option. Click apply then exit KSP Re-install FASA and try running KSP again. If nothing is working or some parts are missing, something is seriously broken with KSP continue to step 2 Step 2- This helps with broken or missing parts. Start with a fresh instal of KSP. If you like you can copy the previous install somewhere else as a backup first. If your using steam, right click on the name in the library and click delete local files. Navigate to the steam game directory and verify that the Kerbal space program folder is gone. If it is still there delete it! C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ After its done double click the Kerbal Space Program name in your list of games and select install. If its a regular version of KSP. Delete KSP and then re-install it. You should now have a CLEAN version of stock KSP. Open the file Copy all of its content into your main KSP directory. If you put it in the correct spot you should get a confirmation popup asking if you want to overwrite the folders and files. Say YES overwrite all folders and files. You should have a clean version of KSP and FASA only. Run KSP and see if it works. If it still crashes on load, verify that you have enough free memory to run KSP with mods. If you have less than 2gb of RAM you are going to need to upgrade your system or install fewer parts. Whats with the sandwich? The Case of the Contraband Corned Beef Sandwich Change Log Special thanks to Tosh, the original Gemini creator. DennyTx for the Apollo parts,NovaSilisko, Captain Slug and Tiberion for their help making this mod. Lots of pics! License/EULA All Rights Reserved I try extremely hard to make this mod as compatible and bug free as possible but I can not guarantee that it will work flawlessly in every situation and on every system. This just releases my liability in those situations. By downloading FASA or any piece of software you understand that you are taking a risk of permanent damage to the system or device it is downloaded to, or installed on. Installing or downloading any software may have unintended or undesirable effects to the system or device it is downloaded to or installed on, and I Frizzank, the developer of this software can in no way guarantee that something will not go horribly wrong when using or downloading the FASA mod. You, the user of the mod FASA takes full responsibility for any damage, real or simulated that may happen to any system, software or device it is downloaded to or installed on. Also by using this software you release anyone else from any liability for any damages, forever. FASA is created and maintained by “Frizzank†@ KSP Forums, and is the author of the FASA mod. DennyTX is the author of the Apollo LM parts, CSM and any others authored by him in the part cfg. DennyTX maintains sole ownership of the parts authored by him and they are used in FASA with permission from DennyTX. You must get written permission from Frizzank to use or redistribute anything in this mod in other mods. Credit for the original Gemini mod goes to Tosh. Reflection plug-in released as Public Domain as was the original plug-in by Razche and modified by Starwaster. Raster Prop Monitor Source code and full license information available at Special thanks to SundayPunch NovaSilisko Captain Slug Tosh bac9
  3. Johnster_Space_Program

    First Blueprint Design Attempt

    What do you think?
  4. jebidah'sleftthumb

    American landing site

    I think I found an American landing site on the mun. It's a large obliesk with an American flag with a small lander. Anyone know the history of it, why its there? Thanks in advance :) Also to confirm finding it was an accident. I've never heard about it before, and happened to stumble across it on my second mun landing
  5. Hello all! Just wanted to share a project I've been working on for entirely too long. I started out wanting to create a more generic launch platform for general use in KSP, but quickly snowballed into an attempted recreation of the Apollo Mobile Launcher and Launch Umbilical Tower. I remember seeing the outstanding documentary For All Mankind when I was a kid and absolutely -loving- the shot from the elevator of the tower going up and seeing the behemoth Saturn V squatting right in front of the camera. Further review informed me that this elevator was actually located on the Mobile Service Structure (MSS), but I was nonetheless inspired to attempt to recreate the launch-day experience of an Apollo astronaut. So far I have created the launch platform (with some interior, even), the ground support structures, the LUT itself, the hammerhead crane, the damper arm, and swing arms 9 and 6 - all with animations. As stated earlier, I wanted the user to be able to experience the actual route taken by the astronauts on launch-day, so I have included functionality to take the ground-to-pad elevator, walk down the mobile launcher corridor to the elevator room, ride the elevator to tower level 320', then traverse the walkway and crew access arm to the Saturn V command module. The screenshots included here are adapted for the FASA Saturn V. I'm trying to gauge community interest in this thing in an attempt to motivate myself to finish it. Here are some videos of the project: The Apollo Astronaut Pad Experience Demo of currently implemented features TODO: Swing Arms: Lights? Complete arms 1-5 and 7-8 Mobile Launcher: Add Blast Shield Tether Tie-Downs 0' - 80': Add equipment boxes, etc. Complete water pipes / quench stuff 100' - 360': Add equipment boxes, etc. Complete water pipes / quench stuff Complete Propellant pipes 200' - 300': Add swing arm walkway supports 300 - Bottom of umbMount z-fighting its support 320': Add escape lines? Car (9-seater)? 380': Crane 25 TON 10 TON sign
  6. It would be officially released in Poland in October 19. When I first time peeked on trailer, I thought it's some new sci-fi, until i realized that tech is not very much sci-fi Does the movie is good? PS Neil Armstrong is my childhood hero along with Yuri Gagarin even though I like watching Pete Conrad Apollo 12 landing video than Apollo 11, not know why
  7. Hello there! Lets introduce myself, I am a big fan of the aerospace, and what I love above all is the inside of cockpit space craft, I like to remake missions from inside cockpit, with the IVA mod (ASET) on the last ksp updates. The matter is that I would like to make some missions with the Making history Spacecraft but I don't have the knowledge and the time to make by my own all the IVA cockpit... Someone could make it?
  8. Far side lunar landing in RP-0. Tsiolkovskiy, large lunar impact crater located on the far side of the Moon was considered as a potential target for Apollo 17 mission. Due to a different geology landing on the far side could have returned significantly more scientific value than an additional mission to the near side. NASA however vetoed this idea as too risky, and Apollo 17 instead landed in the Taurus–Littrow valley on December 11, 1972. Mod list:
  9. A Kerbal Apollo - An individual take on manned Apollo missions Since the Apollo program is my favorite part of historical manned space exploration, I have decided to play some Apollo missions on KSP (You might be aware of this if you have been following the What did you do on KSP today thread, but I am redoing this, this time with pictures and somewhat more detailed descriptions). I only intend on playing the manned missions, so flight tests like Apollo 6 will not be included (This means that I will begin with Apollo 7) and also, these missions will not be exact recreations, albeit I will do their rough objectives. (Apollo 8 for example will still be a Munar orbit mission) I also consider to include some of the cancelled missions (Perhaps Apollo 18 and 19, which means some additional Mun exploration), so this will not be just a purely historical recreation of the Apollo missions. The Skylab and ASTP missions will also be included, since I consider them parts of the core Apollo program as well, due to their use of Apollo hardware. Meet the Apollo Kerbonaut Group 1: - Pilots: Jebediah Kerman, Herfrid Kerman, Dooddon Kerman, Theoler Kerman, Buremy Kerman, Rocan Kerman, Melney Kerman, Geofcal Kerman, Samsel Kerman - Engineers: Bill Kerman, Haldos Kerman, Ludbree Kerman, Sigble Kerman, Jensey Kerman, Rodous Kerman, Mind Kerman, Jenlock Kerman, Newdan Kerman, Harmon Kerman - Scientists: Bob Kerman, Gilely Kerman, Ribley Kerman, Harlong Kerman, Bartgel Kerman, Hanton Kerman, Duwig Kerman, Aldrick Kerman, Macdon Kerman Mods used in this savegame: Bluedog Design Bureau (For the Apollo, Skylab and Saturn parts) Kerbal Attachment System (For the containers to carry mission equipment) Kerbal Inventory System (For the inventory inside the LEM containing equipment) Surface Experiment Pack (For the surface experiments used on the Munar surface) Tantares (For the Soyuz parts used in ASTP) USI Exploration Pack (For the rover) DMagic's Modlets (For several minor modlets) Modular Launch Pads (For the Saturn IB/Saturn V launch towers) Final Frontier (For the ribbons for the Kerbonauts) Feedback is welcome
  10. The journey to the Moon would take a few days and on July 20th, 1969, the LEM would safely touch down. I decided to do a Saturn style Eve mission, actually sending a Saturn V Replica to the surface of Eve. I'll try to return the 3 brave Kerbals in it on July 20th. Do any of you do some Apollo 11 anniversary stuff as well? Update July 20th: We now have confirmation that the lunar excursion module has safely touched down in the sea of tranquility. Congratulations to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin! To celebrate the Moon landing, which occured at this moment 49 years ago, here's the Saturn V from the previous video launching back up from Eve and returning to Kerbin:
  11. Barzon Kerman

    (WIP) Apollo D2

    Hi, If anyone wants to work on this mod with me they are welcome to, just P.M me! Anyway, I will be creating parts based on the General Electric Apollo D2. For information about the D2 see here:
  12. In my near to 1000h of KSP I have built many rockets (not that much SSTO or planes but rockets). I wasnt everywhere but where I was i did it with a return and as much science as possible. Interessted in space flight all the time and a fan of the Saturn V i built last month my own Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V (Set 21309). With that model i tried my first ever "real life build" in KSP (full stock! - i dont use part mods). I'm really happy with it so i want to share it with you! The NASA Apollo Saturn V is designed for Mun and is capable to do a equatorial landing. It should be much forgiving as i over engineered it a bit. Check the staging all the time because KSP make a mess with it after you redock the lander (LM) to the comand module (CM). For the return acending with the lander make sure do DEACTIVATE the main engine of the LM after touchdown on mun. Otherwise you can't throttle up and press space (staging) to leave with the top of the lander. Use the correct timing with the CM to have enough fuel for the rendevouz and docking. Now to the special one. After using the Saturn V i tried to pump it up a little bit to be cappable for Duna... and it worked! I also added a lot of science (sorry that i wasnt able to include also the science jr... i will keep going to try that in a B version)... This is the NASA Apollo Saturn VII. It's a little more challenging to fly and is able to do a equatorial landing on duna. The hardes point of the journey is the return from the Duna surface to the orbit. Make sure to deactivate the mainengine of the LM and enable SAS. Wait for the CM in orbit and lanuch. Make a proper acending and keep an eye on the Duna atmosphere. You dont have much fuel for this manouver. Probably practice this manouver with the use of the "CM+LM" craft and cheat it in a duna orbit (ALT+F12). For the descent of the LM don't go in to deep. Use maximum of half of the tank to slow down. Just use the engine to brake near the surface. Let the paracutes do the main work but they are not able to slow you down enough. They need time so keep the path flat. Its just a practice thing. After you are able to land, start and redock you can use the Saturn VII in carrer. With small modifications its usable in mid-to-late-techtree. Have fun with it! Edit: Pictures are the VII for Duna. No Action Groups needed except "ABORT!" this can be use if the s*it hits the fan until 2nd stage after that its not usable anymore (decoupled). You can do everything with "Space" (Staging).
  13. Ol’ Musky Boi

    Favourite real world Rocket?

    So I was thinking about my favourite real world rockets yesterday, and got curious, what are your favourite rockets?(specifically the booster stage, not the payload). I quite like the Soviet R7, an ICBM repurposed as a spacecraft? Hell yeah!
  14. ChickenNugget

    Apollo 11 Lander Replica

    So I'm pretty new to Kerbal Space Program (haven't even really left the kerbal system yet even though a probably could, because I just love mun/minmus missions), and for a while I've been messing around with stock Apollo replicas, and just general stock replicas of real life missions. Making an apollo lander in stock KSP, without any of that fancy DLC is naturally a pretty big challenge, but I'm really proud of this one and felt like sharing It houses 2 brave kerbals, and although the video below was made very lazily using cheats, I can guarantee its ability to land on the mun and then rendezvous with a CSM in any mun orbit (Even at the edge of it's SOI) with a bunch of fuel to spare. One of the things I really dislike about this craft is how easy it is to break the landing legs unless you're going <0.2m/s on a flat surface, but cutting the fuel down enough would change that problem (a better player than me could probably land and return with the ascent stage alone, which quite literally has surplus fuel to the moon and back). If anyone wants the .craft file, let me know. I haven't posted it here because A. I'm not entirely sure how to do so and B. I've heard some people are protective of these files and I can't quite figure out why, or if any of these reasons may apply to me. Crappy "Showcase" video made with OBS, Movie Maker, and a whole bunch of debug menu. Yes, I know that in real life the CSM and LEM docked while still attached to the lunar injection stage. Image Album Thanks for looking
  15. This is my attempt at making a Saturn V in the new DLC, IT needs some work, but it will function. If you want to fly this, you'll need to decent pilot and manually activate things past the third stage, further instructions are on the KerbalX page, I will be updating this craft soon to make it better and more optimized. As for right now I think its a pretty good replica of the real thing. Craft Download Page
  16. I am working in a mod that adds huge parts for youtube videos. I am talking about facades that you cheat somewhere and make a video on that. First plate texture( very high, 4060x4060p, it can take some time to load on the post, if you have a slow internet connection)
  17. IgorColombini


    Alguem pode deixar o link pra dowload de uma replica stock do saturn-v para simular a ida da apollo?
  18. What i need to unlock all parts for Lunar (Munar in this case ːsteammockingː) orbit rendezvous? I loaded my old save i not played it for a while i felt a bit like chaeter but it's my save afterall i not want start game all over again ːsteamhappyː So what i need to unlock all this Saturn V like stock parts?
  19. Astronaut John Young has died.
  20. SpaceTrashCan

    Stock Space Race Replicas

    Hi there, I've decided to share my collection of crafts from teh space race era with the community. I think the 60's and 70's were what you could call the golden era of space flight with massive goverment founds for Roskosmos and NASA and extremly fast developments. Me, as a big fan of the spacecrafts of that time i decided to build stock replicas as good as i could and share them. Since i hardly found any stock replicas of those craft (aside from Apollo) I would also love to see your stock replicas of those crafts I built Vostok, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I haven't build Voskhod yet since it would only be a slightly changed up Vostok. All my craft have acurate replicas of the lifters too. It was important to me, that all lifters and Spaceships have teh original staging I will include the downlaoad links if you want to download the craft. Vostok Mercury Gemini Soyuz Apollo (15)
  21. Just a short, simple mission. In honor of the 49th anniversary of Apollo 8's, I decided to recreate it with the stock Saturn V that I've been working on for the past two months. SA-503 stands tall on the pad, with Bill, Jeb, and Bob nestled safely in the CSM. Liftoff! The S-IC thunders skywards, burning literal tons of propellant every second. The five KS-25 "Vector" engines on the S-II take over. Mere minutes later, the S-II exhausts its propellant, and the S-IVB handles the task of circularization. The single Vector on the S-IVB burns to near-depletion to send Apollo 8 on a course to the Moon. The SLA is blown clear of the S-IVB, freeing Apollo 8 from the stage. Looking back on the S-IVB after it performs a short burn to put it on a Munar impact trajectory. The additional tankage visible at the top of the stage is a mass simulator for the LEM (which IRL wouldn't be flight ready for another two months). Apollo 8 enters Munar orbit after a six-hour coast. Surveying the surface of the Mun. Kerbin rising above the desolate surface of the Mun catches the three Kerbonauts by surprise - a blue jewel against an endless sea of space. Jeb rushes to get the camera. "Oh, my God! Look at that picture over there! Here's Kerbin coming up. Wow, is that pretty!" - paraphrased from Bill Anders. The best shot of the bunch, cropped and rotated to match Earthrise as best as possible. Hope you enjoyed this little read. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you out there!
  22. kerbinorbiter

    In the footsteps of Mercury...

    Project Gemini, NASA's second human spaceflight program designed to test the hardware for use with Apollo and its associated moon shot. Real life backstory and information KSP (with pictures from real life to the corresponding images) On May 25th 1962 the challenge to land a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth had been set. At the end of Project mercury, after Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper had flown aboard Faith 7. At the end of the program NASA originally planned to use Apollo to test hardware for the moon. as that wasn't ready, a mercury MK-2 capsule was proposed, this was to be the capsule we now know as Gemini. Gemini 1 was a test mission and so was Gemini 2, Gemini 1 was intentionally burned up on re-entry, Gemini 2 was a test of the heat shield this was successful . Gemini 3 the first of the manned mission with the capsule "The Molly Brown" as a reference to the survivor of the titanic disaster Molly Brown, and because Virgil "Guss" Grissom's capsule had sunk. However the original crew were: Alan Shepard and Tomas Stafford The capsule's code name was GLV-3 12558 Gemini 3 patch FLIGHT: The only major issue was the famous case of the space corned beef sandwich that John Young had smuggled into the capsule i hope you enjoy please let me know how i could improve. also huge thanks to all of the people on the forum that have helped make my first year here special THANK YOU! GEMINI IV Gemini 4, James McDivvit and Edward White, the first spacewalk by an American. With the first rendesvouz attempt which failed because of the lack of practical training White would be the second man to "walk" in space, and the first American to do an EVA. He enjoyed the experience and was reluctant to return inside the capsule, he did eventualy and on the 48th orbit they planned to re-enter the computer failed so on the 62nd orbit they did a rolling re-entry which was used in Project Mercury EVA in KSP, all i have because well more important parts are in the Gemini 3 section OH HI KSC! Next mission will be done in around an hour: Apollo 7 (Although the Gemini program is interesting Apollo is my main focus)
  23. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Apollo Style Redux v2

    "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown Welcome to Apollo Style Redux! This is the second version of this heritage challenge, a reboot of a reboot by @Xeldrak The rules are: You MUST use your own rocket NO orbital construction OR refueling You have to have a Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (LOR) mission design, (in the case of Kerbals, probably MOR) You NEED a separate Munar Excursion Module (MEM) and a Command/Service Module (CSM), consisting of a Command module (CM) and a Service Module (SM) No MechJeb, KOS is permitted for all phases of the flight PLEASE note that visual mods (EVE, Scatterer, SVE, SciFi Visual Enhancements, etc.) are NOT considered modded, with an exception - mods like VSR, which replace models of the parts, making craft incompatible with stock saves Mods are allowed, but you will get a modded badge You MUST document the mission in one way or another, I don't care if it's video, pictures, or anything else (just please don't make 2-hour long videos!) NO unintentional decoupling NO SRBs or LRBs (radially decoupled) The main goal is to land a Kerbal on the Mun and return him back safely, but not in any way - Apollo Style! You start with 50 points, but can gain or loose points by achieving the following mission/design goals, achieve negative objectives, like killing Kerbals, which greatly lower your score Goals The 3 Little Kerbals - 3 Kerbals on board the spacecraft (1 remaining in the CM, while the other 2 land on the Mun) +20 A Flag on the Mun?! - Plant a flag on the Mun (Non-cumulative, 2 flags do not get 10 points) +5 Mun Buggie - Have a Munar Roving vehicle (MRV) on board +15 Abort! Abort! - Have a Launch Escape System on the top of the rocket +15 Konked Out! - Kill a Kerbal -25 points per Kerbal Return for Free - Have a Free Return trajectory on the way to the Mun +10 No More MEM! - Dispose of the MEM by crashing it into the Mun (without Kerbals inside of course!) +5 Up, Up, and Away - Make the MEM two-stage, leaving the descent stage and its engine on the Munar Surface +20 Look on the Bright Side! - Land on the bright side of the Mun +10 Shut Away From The World - Put the MEM behind some sort of fairing +5 Down Under - Put the MEM under the CSM during ascent +20 Splashies! - Splash down in the ocean on Kerbin +5 MEM Hugger - Dock to the MEM using the CSM +10 SubSat - Deploy a small sub-satellite before returning to Kerbin (Like the PFS sub-sats deployed during Apollo 15 and 16) + 10 Minmalist! - Do it on Minmus -5 No More Docking? - Decouple the docking port on the CM right before deploying parachutes +5 Parachute Problems - Have 3 main chutes and 2 drogues on the CM +10 Saturn-Alike - Make the launch vehicle (LV) resemble the Saturn V (S5) Additional Goals Landing Accuracy Land within 5 km of the Neil Armstrong Memorial (NAM) +5 Land within 500 m of the NAM + 10 Land within 50 m of the NAM +15 Land within 5 m of the NAM +20 I was roving on the Mun one day... Test Drive - Drive beyond 100 meters of your lander +5 Proper Shakedown - Drive beyond 2 kilometers of your lander +10 Gone drivin' - Drive beyond 5 km of your lander + 15 Are we there yet? - Drive beyond 10 km of your lander +20 Munar Scientific Experiments Package (MunSEP) Your MunSEP must have a power source that can keep it alive for at least 6 hours, at least one science experiment, and be controllable (have a probe core on board) Minimalist - Deploy one MunSEP at the landing site +5 That'll Do - Deploy two MunSEPs at the landing site +10 For Science - Deploy two MunSEPs at least one kilometer from the landing site (at least one kilometer from each other) +15 Science Extravaganza - Deploy four MunSEPs at least one kilometer from the landing site (at least one kilometer from each other) +15
  24. staalman12

    Saturn V spacecraft issues

    So I was trying to launch the FASA Saturn V rocket, but every time I turn on SAS, it shakes itself to pieces, and if I don't turn on SAS, it rolls and yaws uncontrollably. Is anyone else having this problem, and how do I fix it?