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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone remember a really old Scott Manley video explaining why specific impulse is measured in seconds? Or remember a follow-up making fun of YouTube's caption generator? Seeing as it's now April First UTC, I can now publish the story of the Purple Space Program. Inspired by YouTube's caption creator and raised by @GregroxMun's Alien Space Programs, the brave purples of Eve take their first faltering steps into space. Barely. I'm Not Manley.1 Fly Safe! [1] No matter how you interpret that, I think it's funny!
  2. I started a playlist of the KSP April Fool videos I found on YouTube. A short channel search plus my basic feed gave me this list. Please watch and +1 these videos if you like them, and make suggestions for additions to the list. Or build your own, or whatever; let's showcase April First 2017 in Kerbal Space Program.