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Found 1 result

  1. The GIS-Octopus Mapping and Surveying Agency presents Project ORBAT-Kerbol ORbital, Biome and Altimetry, Telemetry of the planets in the Kerbol system GMSA has partnered with DMagic Orbital Science corporation and SCANsat in an effort to map the entire Kerbol system. The aim of the project is to provide space agencies with high resolution altimetry to aid relevant planetary surface operations. Progress has been slow due to a lack of funding but a recent donation from the Mario-Foundation has allowed GMSA to serve coffee again to its employees. Moral is better then ever now. Consider donating to the GMSA employees. We need lots of coffee and every little bit helps! GMSA-KGS Kerbin Global Surveyor Maps Topographic Map of Kerbin by Purple Dan, on Flickr GMSA-KGS1 Kerbin-Mun Global Surveyor maps Mun-Topographic Mun-Biome Mun-Slope Mun-Focal GMSA-KGS2 Kerbin-Minmus Global Surveyor maps Minmus-Topographic Minmus-Biome Minmus-Slope Minmus-Focal GMSA-DGS Duna Global Surveyor maps Duna-Topographic Duna-Biome Duna maps need to be redone, using wrong projection system GMSA-MGS Moho Global Surveyor maps Moho-Topographic Moho-Biome Moho-Slope Moho-Focal GMSA-JGS1 Jool-Laythe Global Surveyor maps Laythe-Topographic Laythe-Biome Laythe-Slope Laythe-Focal I hope you guys enjoy these maps. More are on their way