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Found 1 result

  1. It seems that there is an important number of tank and armored vehicles lovers there so it makes me think to share my pictures of the Saumur tank museum where I went in 2013. That museum was particularly interesting with their operational Pz VI ausf. B and also their Schneider CA1 (now the oldest operative tank in the world as it's from 1916). My only regret now is to haven't took much more pictures of some vehicles and all the others I missed... Some of them also really are of a bad quality () as I used a 2006 small camera at the time. --- The 1918-1940 French tanks exposition. Saint-Chamond WW1 tank. Renault FT "Female" tank with its 8 mm Hotchkiss machine-gun and a "Male" 37 mm cannon exposed in front. Renault B1 Bis heavy tank. With its 75 mm anti-fortification cannon, its turret 47 mm anti-tank and an impressive armor it is still considered by many as the best tank of at the beginning of the War. Alas, its crew of 4 was unable to keep a good efficiency with its poor internal conception and a bad repartition of the task. The tank commander was alone in its turret, having to give orders, aim the cannon, fire and reload it. It's easy to imagine what a mess it quickly became. Without forgetting that only the leader tank got a radio onboard for a link to the commanding officer, the others still having to use flags and hand signs to communicate between each others. Somua S35. --- Germany and Axis 1939-45 collection. Panzerkampftwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II a.k.a "King Tiger" (Konigstiger). This last nickname became legendary with the time but alas was never used by the Germans. The unit present here is one of the very last still operational. The museum crew is keeping it in a perfect shape for its yearly demonstration. You can even enjoy a traditional oil leak! 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Selbstfahrlafette Sd.Kfz.4/1 based on an Opel Maultier ("Mule") with another 6 tube 15 cm Nebelwerfer. This vehicle variant was mostly used by Waffen-SS units. One legendary Sd.Kfz. 251 in its 251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen variant. One famous 7.5 cm Pak 40 cannon is visible just behind. Panzerkampfwagen V Panther. Shamely this is my sole picture of the Sd. Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad. Easy to see here why so many guys killed themselves while driving it at more than 80 km/h. Sd. Kfz. 135 Marder I tank destroyer. Sd. Kfz. 124 Wespe 10.5 cm self-propelled artillery vehicle. 5 cm Pak 38 (L/60). Panzerkampfwagen III ausf. H and what I could get of its turret. Panzerkampfwagen II ausf. C and its Panzer III bigger brother to compare their size. 2 cm Flugabwehrkanone 30. One of the poorest light AA cannon of the conflict in this variant of 1930. Panzerkampfwagen VI ausf. E Tiger and its Totenkopf officer model. 2 cm Flakvierling 38. Despite the lack of "punch" of its 20 mm round against the specialized and armored ground attack aircraft it still was a nightmare for the Allied crew at low altitude. The impressive 155 mm self-propelled artillery vehicle Sturmpanzer 43 a.k.a Stupa by the German troops. Like the "King Tiger" it is know more well know under the nickname of Brummbär (Grouch)... which again is a nickname from the Allied forces. This one got hit in 1944 by four different shot of 75/76.2 mm shells that created an intern detonation, initiating its 155 mm munitions and blowing the casemate away. Impressively it was recovered by another crew which return it to an operational status for the rest of the war. Panzerfeldhaubitze 18M auf Geschützwagen III/IV (Sf) Hummel self-propelled 155 mm howitzer. Fiat Carro Armato M15/42 from the legendary 132nd Armoured Division Ariete which fought in northern Africa. Impressive to imagine how these guys were courageous to keep on fighting in these tanks from another age. --- The Curiosity Room Colonial helmet. Rocket Propelled Grenades. Panzerfaust 30 and 60. Multiple 105 mm shell of fin stabilized kinetic energy penetrator. Stabilized shell (actually a wind tunnel model) and a U.S 106 mm recoilless round at the right. 40 mm Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot - Tracer. A belt of 20 mm rounds from one French AMX-30B2 Main Battle Tank co-axial cannon. 127 mm rounds. One 105 mm M1 High-Explosive shell. A HEAT shell is on the upper left and another rocket assisted HEAT round is on the right. Euromissile HOT 1 (Haut subsonique Optiquement Téléguidé/High Subsonic Optical Remote-Guided) anti-tank missile. Crazy configurations of Aérospatiale ENTAC (ENgin Téléguidé Anti-Char) anti-tank missiles. Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath remote controlled demolition vehicle. Humber Hornet with a dual Malkara anti-tank missile launcher. Volkswagen Typ 128 Schwimmwagen. Another APFSDS shot. Euromissile Roland surface-to-air missile. Original poster of the awesome movie The Beast (La Bete de Guerre in France). I was about to keep on posting the others pictures but just discovered that all the work I made this morning to replace them on Imgur were not saved... so I will remake it tonight and post them tomorrow. There is the Warsaw Pact room, Allied Room, French Room and the last room of other nations with some beautiful pieces (including my favorite MBT).