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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I present to you the Arrow Bow Archer Dual SSTO, my first ship able to visit the entire solar system and return. It can land on Moho, Tylo, Laythe. Only Eve landing is not possible. I will be uploading the manual to this thing since it explains how this ship works. Here's what you can do: Object Can it reach this orbit? Can it land on it? Which part can land? How difficult is it? Kerbol Yes (fly by only) No N/A Very hard Moho Yes Yes Both Hard Eve Yes No N/A Impossible* Gilly Yes Yes Both Easy Kerbin Yes Yes Arrow only Medium Mun Yes Yes Both Easy Minmus Yes Yes Both Easy Duna Yes Yes Arrow only Medium Ike Yes Yes Both Easy Dres Yes Yes Both Hard Jool Yes (fly by only) No N/A Medium Laythe Yes Yes Arrow only Medium Vall Yes Yes Both Medium Tylo Yes Yes Arrow only Very hard Pol Yes Yes Both Easy Bop Yes Yes Both Easy Eeloo Yes Yes Both Medium Asteroids Yes (near) Yes* Bow (V3.0+)* Medium *Technically you can land on Eve, but you can never go back, since the Arrow lacks the high dv required for Eve, please use the Dart ship to perform this task, but use caution as the task is difficult. *Asteroids can not be landed on, but can be docked to using the Bow with the claw, a feature that has been added on Bow V3.0 and above. Essentially it is the result of over 6 months of designing and testing. As it is this enables you to travel to anywhere. No hacks, all stock, pure SSTO design built from zero. Additional pictures are available in the thread under the spoilers!!! Comes with its own science bay, resource scanners, mining equipment (7 crew, but max 6 crew recommended, see the manual). Can function indefinitely. No solar panels. Lots of controls. It's one giant exploration lab, ship and base. Because some of the functions are more complex I made a beginner friendly guide as well. Read it, skip it, your decision. Tell me what you think and if you find any bugs. Old Links kept only for archiving purposes (please see the post below for the latest version)