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Found 47 results

  1. Asteroid Belt

    This has probably been suggested before, but an asteroid belt seems like a good idea. I'm not very experienced with KSP but I've heard that there's a bunch of asteroids near a certain planet (Dres?). But a proper belt of asteroids would be amazing IMO. Why? Well, it's a reliable place to get asteroids from. It would add a certain amount of extra danger to travelling to distant planets because travelling through the asteroid belt would put you in danger of your spacecraft being destroyed. Does anyone else think this is a good idea?
  2. I got this idea from watching a E sized asteroid get an encounter with Minmas, the Mun, and obviously Kerbin all in one pass by of Kerbin. This put it's orbit to where it could make contact with Jool at some point and it did. It actually ended up becoming captured by Jool by making a close pass by of Jool, then Tylo. The idea it gave me was instead of having several premade moons orbiting the gas planet of KSP, it would be more interesting to see randomly generated asteroids (possibly larger than the ones we have in game now) orbiting Jool as pseudo moons. With Jool's IRL counterpart (Jupiter) having 60+ moons and most of the being very small bodies this would make sense. it could also be neat to see Eeloo have very small moons (smaller than Gilly even) to have analogs for Pluto's moons Hydra and Nix. I actually decided to visit this new moon of Jool. I named it "The odyssey". I was super afraid of it being ejected from the Jool system so I moved it's orbit past that of Tylo's and below Bop's. It also was extremely annoying to visit as it orbits in the opposite direction that Jool rotates and the other moon's orbit. Also ignore the cloud mod I have for Jool in the 2nd image, I did not install any mods that changed the asteroids to spawn around Jool.
  3. Hey guys, So... I captured my first asteroid using the grabber and I pushed it into a Kerbin orbit... I left it on it's journey to Kerbin with an alarm set and went off to other missions... I went to check on it days later and now the front half of the ship is inside the asteroid! If I release the grabbers then the whole ship blows up, If I EVA a Kerbal I can fly them around inside the asteroid but they can't get out of it, nor can they get back into cockpit. I reloaded save file so the are back in cockpit now... I've never lost a Kerbal and I'll be damned if I'm gonna lose one now! lol... Is there a way to edit the save file so the vessel is back attached to the outside surface of the asteroid, or floating near it?... pics below showing attachment and heading back to Kerbin, and pics showing what I found days later when I checked up on it...(The last pic is simply moving the camera inside the asteroid allowing me to see the front of ship and I could EVA a kerbal and fly him around within his prison of space rock and metal
  4. Preventing extinction event by Class E Asteroid impact. Aerobreaks and everything my friend! Doing things the kerbal way
  5. Hi. I see from a vessel enumeration run in an almost new career game that there are some asteroids up there already. Are more asteroids spawned as the game progresses? Do they keep spawning? Are they ever removed? My intention is to 'identify' one or more asteroids as 'interesting' for contracts. I guess the contract could spawn the asteroid, but it seems like a cooler solution to pick one of the the already spawned ones, if there is a good one.
  6. So I poked around in the Tracking Station, and saw not one but TWO Kerbin-intercepting asteroids. I was thinking of watching them come down, but since Kerbin was rotating I had no idea where it would come down. Anyway, I overdid the time warp and they both impacted and disappeared off the radar, without me seeing where they landed. All I know is that it's somewhere around 50 degrees north. Is there any way I can locate them? Would my orbiting survey scanner be of any use? Would I see a dot of ore concentration? It has a short band, surface scanner, everything.
  7. ReMeMber the KANTERBURY ! Ice Hauler from The Expanse; Stock Kerbalified. Oye Beratnas, Kanterbury be chowing A'rocks all cycle long. The SAS is pomang kaka so use your RCS for fine navigation, sass? Kewe to pensa? For the Earthers: This is a sort-of-replica-what-I-call-Kerbalified-version of the Pur'n'Kleen Ice Hauler Canterbury, from the series "The Expanse". While it's designed to look (nearly, but not quite unentirely) like the ship its based on, it is at The Expense of making the thing work reasonably efficiently in KSP. So, part count is a low, low 200 It's those damnable RCS ports. I've kept everything else to a minimum to keep that count down; there's plenty of room for improvements on this vessel if you've got a computer to handle it. This thing will probably accommodate at least four Class A 'roids, maybe even six but for now there's just two grabbers. With the launcher this comes in at pretty hefty 372 parts. Fortunately by orbit you'll have ditched 172 of them. Mechjeb can get this thing to a circular 250km orbit without too many issues, though you will need to help steer the nose to the correct heading a little if it starts to tilt away from it. Don't forget to 'Control from here' on the command core (as pictured) before launch! CONTROLS AG1 Toggle Clamps AG2 Toggle Drill AG3 Toggle Drill Harvesting AG4 Toggle Solar Panels DOWNLOAD Kanterbury.craft 238Kb DOWNLOAD (craft with launcher) KanterburyLauncher.craft 459Kb Have fun, oyedeng!
  8. Hey all since i just landed my first asteroid in ksp i decided to make a challenge out of it, like with ssto's is a challenge not many people had taken and since it isn't rewarded by the game it would be worth to cheer up players who made it here on the forum. (Also most of this challenges topics are pretty old or outdated so why not making a definitive one?) Already landed an asteroid? Try the extra challenges down below! Rules No gameplay mods or cheats (Informative and visual mods are ok) You should tell what mods you used in your post All parts must be stock duh! You must provide proof you captured an asteroid and landed it, either videos or screenshots containing important events like launch, maneuvers, burns, reentry and landing. For a bit of glory you can land a asteroid you already captured, but you will not be recognized for it in this topic (hurrah for personal achievement! You can use any number of vessels you need Rules (Moded clients) No cheat or autopiloting mods You should tell what mods you used in your post Do something worthy for the mods you're using (Ex: if your mods have powerful engines, land your asteroid far away from you got it, or use mod with bigger distances between planets etc) You must provide proof you captured an asteroid and landed it, either videos or screenshots containing important events like launch, maneuvers, burns, reentry and landing. For a bit of glory you can land a asteroid you already captured, but you will not be recognized for it in this post (hurrah for personal achievement!) You can use any number of vessels you need Awards: All awards will have a prefix letter for the class of your asteroid! Asteroid lander: Land an asteroid on kerbin KSC Asteroid lander: Land an asteroid near ksc ( must be landed on the shore where ksc is, planes can't win this award) Amateur Asteroid lander: Land an asteroid on the mun or minmus Expert Asteroid Lander: Land an asteoid on another planet or moon Runway Asteoid lander: Using a plane land your asteroid on the runway and then land your plane (not chutes allowed on the plane, you can use them in the asteroid) Asteroid collector: Land 2 or more asteroid at ksc (Prefix all the letters of your landed asteroids) Simple rockman: Land your asteroid using a single vessel SSTO rockman: Land your asteroid using a SSTO (no refueling) Extra challenges and Awards: This extras will get you to special metions Fat starman: Land the asteroid while riding it infrom an external command pod (Scream YEEEHAAAAW! while doing it) Armageddon: Destroy a ksc building or a big ship while landing your asteroid (without destroying the asteoid too) My rock, my house: Land your asteroid along with a surface oupost (Must have a crew capsule or laboratory, an atenna and must generate power) +Bigger house: Expand the outpost and make studies about your asteroid in your science lab Return to sender: Re-launch your asteroid from it's current planet and send it back to it's original SOI (Sphere of influence) you can use any asteroid already landed at any place and send it to any original SOI. Bunny hop: make your asteroid bounce 2 or more times ( high enough to be noticeable on pics or video) when landing it, any method you use is valid. Duoble the rocks: Land 2 asteroids at almost the same time. + Amateur on any place where you can use chutes +Expert in places with thin or no atmosphere Triple the rocks: Land 3 asteroids at almost the same time + Amateur on any place where you can use chutes +Expert in places with thin or no atmosphere Multiply the rocks: Land 4 asteroids at almost the same time + Amateur on any place where you can use chutes +Expert in places with thin or no atmosphere Stone skipping: make your asteroid touch water before landing it Ready for transport: Land a rover carrying your asteroid and move it form the landing point. Unique Awards: This awards will get you to hall of fame Heavy duty: Land the most massive possible asteroid you can find Lightweighted: Land the lightest asteroid possible (protip: use drills to get rid of its mass) Far away: Land you asteroid to the farstest place you can from it's current position (you can move an asteroid to increase distance between places before sending it to your destiny) Ant: Land your asteroid with lightest ship possible you can build Elephant: Land your asteroid with Heaviest: ship possible you can build When completing the challenge be sure to pick up your shiny medal! Made by @Evanitis, thanks a lot for the desing! Asteroid landers: @Speeding Mullet Class A asteroid lander, and simple rockman, honorable mention for trying to get fat starman, and a runway landing, rip patcan kerman. Class C asteroid lander, and simple rockman for his second asteroid. @purpleivan Class A expert asteroid lander ,and simple rockman for landing his potatoroid on duna. Special mentions: @Speeding Mullet Landed a surface oupost on kerbin and awarded my rock my house! @purpleivan Landed an asteroid surface outpost on duna and awarded my rock my house! Hall of fame: @Speeding Mullet Lightweighted with a class a asteroid (0.22484t when landed) , Elephant With a ship having a mass of 1560.48t (671 parts and 73.5m height) and Heavy Duty with a class C asteroid (mass of 85.10606t when landed) @purpleivan Far away for landing his asteroid on duna after capturing it on kerbin. I hope you enjoy landing an asteroid for the first time, or completing the extra challenges. See ya later!
  9. Star Shooter KerbalX craft File here! So I made this rocket because I thought it would be a fun challenge and I've not really seen anyone do such a thing before. The first challenge came when I realized the "payload" would need to be placed near the bottom of the whole setup for purposes of easy attachment (I didn't want loading the Asteroid to be a complicated task). The 2nd hurdle was that the forward tank and engine nacelle would need to eject FORWARDS during flight and would need to ACCELERATE faster than the ships current speed to get out of the way (trust me it took way more tests to figure that out than probably should have!). The solution to this is to release the Front Tank/Engines when fuel is about to run out. The tank naturally accelerates forward and downwards safely clearing the path for the Star Shooter. During Stage 2 (tri-rocket configuration) you can fly to a stable orbit, or ditch the outer rockets so they can burn up in the atmosphere and continue your circulation burn on the Stage 3 dual Thud motors. I like to fly this rocket at half throttle until stage 2. After which full throttle is just fine. So far I've only tested it with a Class B Asteroid (technically meteorite) that weighed a mere 6.5 tons. I would be confident in payloads up to about 15 tons and of Class B asteroid size or smaller. Try it out and check out the video if you aren't convinced! Let me know what you think of her!
  10. This challenge is fairly self-explanatory - there are two modes - Armageddon mode and Deep impact mode. In Armageddon mode, you must create a space shuttle, and rendezvous with an asteroid, redirect it into Kerbin orbit, and (safely) return. Refueling in orbit is allowed. In Deep Impact mode, you must construct a spacecraft in orbit; one that utilises a space shuttle cockpit (Mk-1, MK-2, or MK-3 plane cockpits), and is capable of not only redirecting an asteroid into Kerbin orbit, but into LKO. This is so because, let's be honest, building a spaceship in orbit just to redirect an asteroid is complete overkill, so I added some extra difficulty. Mission goal: Rendezvous with an asteroid and redirect it into Kerbin orbit. +20 points. Armageddon mode general goals: Realism 1: Make your space shuttle NASA style, ie: the shuttle mounted on the side of an External Tank, with two SRBs on the side. +15 Movie Madness 1: Have two small SRBs on the sides of the shuttle itself to help boost it into either the orbit or to help with the rendezvous. +10 Movie Madness 2: Use a gravity assist of the Mun to help reach the asteroid. +15 Michael Bay 1: Blow up the space station you used for refuelling (if you used one). +15 Crew Safety 1: Include some form of launch abort system on you shuttle. +5 Movie Madness 3: Keep on using you SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) even after you've ditched the ET. +5 Crew Mobility 1: Include some form of rover in the cargo bay of your shuttle (even though you don't need it). +10 Big Dreams: Use RSS or some other large rescale: Multiply your total score by 5. Impress me: Points determined from how impressed I am. Deep Impact mode general goals: Realism 1: Build you spacecraft in orbit using NASA style space shuttles (see above) and Russian style rockets (I won't be that specific, but make sure it looks like the Proton, has 3 stages; the 1st stage has 6 engines, the next has 4, and the last stage has 1). +15 Movie madness 1: Use the nuclear engines as your main form of propulsion. +10 Aesthetics 1: Have two SRBs mounted on the side of your spacecraft, even if they have no purpose! +10 Crew Safety 1: Have some form of escape pod on your spacecraft. +5 Crew Accommodation 1: Have a crew capacity of 8. +5 Big Dreams: Use RSS or some other large rescale: Multiply your total score by 5. Impress me: Points determined from how impressed I am. Leaderboard:
  11. 2014 JO25 Flyby The asteroid 2014 JO25 will come about 1.8 million kilometers from Earth on April 19, and should get to an apparent magnitude of about 11 at it's brightest. Here is a map of it's path through the sky: I'll try to observe it's motion with a telescope. I've never seen an asteroid before!
  12. Hi guys. So i'm baffled as to where my resources are going? i'm mining on a classE as i plan to take it to Gilly, and in 1x speed the resource weight from the asteroid goes down. and the weight of the ore tanks fills up. Great. All fuel on my ship is already full. the only thing to fill up are the ore tanks. when i timewarp to 100 1000 10000 etc the speed at which the resources drop from the asteroid begin to increase, as you'd expect. but the speed at which the tanks fill up slows to a grind and ultimately stops??? on my convert-o-tron unit, no ore is being converted to anything. everything is stopped. i have no idea where the resources are bleeding off to? i'm over 300 hours on ksp with solid mining experience never seen this before. the mining equipment and tanks are all stock parts. only engines/decals and other parts unrelated to the mining process are modded. is this a bug? Please help! Thanks.
  13. I'm pretty sure I can change the texture on an asteroid, and I know how to dynamically change textures in KSP, but does anybody know the name of the transform for the asteroid model itself? Basically I need the name of the mesh so I can call SetTexture on the Renderer. Also, what is the name of the texture file for the rocky asteroid texture (and for that matter, magic boulder)? Anybody know? @JPLRepo, can you shed some light on this? Thanks for your help.
  14. Hello. I am currently playing with asteroid and I have an issue with attitude control of one of them. I have USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies installed. This mod modifies the mass and density of asteroids as so they are bigger and denser than stock (a C'ish' asteroid becomes big as an E'ish' one and so on). In order to steer the asteroid I have placed 2 ships on the opposite sides of it and they are equipped with a lot of RCS. When the ships are detached the RCS is behaving like it should but when they are attached to the asteroid not even a single drop of monopropellant is used and I have to rely only on reaction wheels for attitude control. How is that? Is there any option that can enable the RCS to work even when attached to an asteroid. As a side note I would like to stress that I do have Mechjeb installed too and I tried fiddling with its options but to no avail. Thanks
  15. Borealis mission

    The mission is aimed for exploring 2 asteroids and 1 dwarf planet with an unmanned craft This is the craft you need: it needs scientific instruments ,an individual engine and powerful antenna ,just try to make it as small as possible,okay? Your first stop will be an asteroid You must flyby 15 meters above the surface of it Next step is to flyby Dres .Your periapsis must 75 000 m above Dres. And the last place to visit is Gilly ,you need to establish an orbit around it with periapsis of 55 000 m The difficulty varies in type of propulsion you use! Ion propulsion is hardest, Liquid fuel propulsion is normal,and non individual (another stage with engine) is easy. And remember kids NO CHEATS!!!!mods that dont brake the challenge can be used ,it is not considered a cheating!You can still change route if you want so....But you still need to visit all 3 of them!GG have fun
  16. Reading an article on fast spinning asteroids, I thought about the possibility of anchoring a habitat and refining complex to such a body with a tether long enough to create useful artificial gravity. The next thought was to tether two asteroids together to make a dumbbell spinning around a common center of mass. Suddenly all the problems of weightless mining and materials handling are moot. Each asteroid can be treated as if it were the top of a mountain, and all directions are down. However, , there is the problem of manoeuvring megaton masses into close proximity. Then just the other day I watch Cody repair a broken Crooks tube and I had a couple of ah-ha moments in one. Lace a contact binary asteroid into a pair of nets/bags with the mouths toward each other. As the asteroid spins, apply a thin layer of ice to the widdershins side of each half of the pair whilst it is in shadow, for the sun to evaporate as it rotates into light. Unless I'm completely mistaken, this should slowly accelerate the asteroid's rotation, eventually causing the two halves to separate. Coating the spinward sides with a material that is efficient at both absorbing light and re-radiating it as heat, adds in the Yarkovsky Effect. Slowly lengthen the "laces" until gravity is sufficient for mining. My guess is 5-10% of Earth normal gravity would be sufficient to hold machinery "down" and keep liquids settled in covered and suitably baffled containers. Has anything like this been considered seriously? Would it work?
  17. Hi Folks, first time poster, long time lurker, so please be gentle. I've recently accepted a mission to tow a Class A asteroid into Kerbin orbit. Except: I can't find any class A asteroids. I've got class E (huge) right down to Class C (Medium) but no class A asteroids. There are about 7 asteroids visible from the tracking station. Question: am I missing something? Do I need to send out a scanner, or just wait until a class A asteroid meanders into tracking station range? For info, I'm playing career mode with kerbnet on and standard difficulty settings. Thanks in advance!
  18. Asteroid Interceptor

    I was not sure where to put this and this seemed to most relevant place. If i'm wrong i do apologize. In 40 days an asteroid is going to impact Kerbin. I want to catch it and put it in a stable orbit to use as a mining station for re-fueling. So I need a ship that can grab it, divert it from an impact then maneuver it into a stable orbit around Kerbin. I am probably going to have to assemble it in orbit, one section at a time with docking ports but aside from that i just don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
  19. I would like to know, but don't know where to look for the following: Weight of all asteroid classes Total ore in each class I plan on, or am hoping to be capable of taking asteroids to the surface of Kerbin, and then relaunching them into orbit once again, just for the fun of it.
  20. Hi I've played the game for quite a while now, i've buld stations and have been to Jool to. Now i'm fokussing on Asteroids. And i have 3 Questions, some of you can maybe answer me 1. I mostly only find Class C and D Asteroids. Class E ones are quit rare are they? 2. I want to catch myself an Class D or E Asteroid and bring it to low Orbit to build sort of a Base or Station on it. Do any of you have experience with that or have inspiring Asteroid Bases build? (Because i'm kinda always thinking about star wars like asteroid bases here ) 3. So I've already caught myself a Class D one and got it in a almost circular Orbit (as close as my skill level allows it haha). And i talked to a friend about it, if thats now a moon (natural satelitte) or a "unnatural" satelitte (since it was not captured by natural forces). I would say it counts as a Moon, and my Kerbin now has 3 Moons What do you think about that? o.O Thanks for the answers in Advance Sorry for the Bad spelling
  21. Hey. Novice kerbonaut here. I took on a contract that required me to capture a class E asteroid around Minmus. Many brave kerbonauts have tried and failed. (6 to be exact, 2 died whilst performing an aero braking maneuver, far too early along the tech tree) in trying to maneuver a 1900 ton monster of a rock which could be used as an orbital refinery. At this point I'm a year away from failing the contract, and the encounter occurs in 200days. I figured I'd mine the ore out of it and capture into Minmus. But the question remains. If I mine an asteroid to its empty mass, does that change its class? Any answers are welcome
  22. Hi, New to the forum and new to capturing asteroids on KSP. First time approaching a class A asteroid. At first I cannot seem to get closer than 200m to the asteroid using RCS and docking mode. When I use engines I get up close and find the asteroid is a perfect cube. I've a feeling this is a bug. I can't dock to it or anything. Is this a bug or an easter egg? I've uploaded two images to google docs:
  23. Asteroids personally should have a real impact on the planet its hitting (Kerbin) You know how 1.2 (or sooner, idk) introduced procedurally generated craters on the Mun? Why not make it to where when an asteroid hits Kerbin. It adds a procedurally generated crater! Aswell as particle effects to the asteroid entering the atmosphere and on impact, add a texture of the impact like this. And after a minute or so it looks like this So it looks like it cooled down. The real reason i'm asking for this is because I think this would give a better point to redirect asteroids. I will not expect this feature to be added anytime soon. But i'm just asking for asteroid realism. Simply because right now there really isn't any point in redirecting asteroids. This would give a real point to redirect asteroids. So us, the KSP community, can have some fun redirecting asteroids. - Sincerely, KerbalMan32
  24. Finally getting the tech nodes for some grabber mechanisms and I have a couple very lucrative "take tourists by an asteroid missions." The randomizer has very kindly provided me with an asteroid that is in orbit of Kerbin; it it did toss in a bit of a wrinkle: it is ~140-degree inclined orbit (or thereabouts). So what is the actual method to determine the launch time and inclination for this sort of rendezvous? What tools does the game provide to allow the user to determine where the nodal line is, what the actual inclination of the target is, etc.? I tend to approach problems like this with a "tinkerer" mindset and then use "simulation mode" (in Kerbal Construction Time) to get things figured out. In this case I've created a "Grabby Ship" that has about 10k dV at launch and launched it in a couple of different retrograde orbits. However both times, the size of the burn necessary to align the inclinations from 180 to whatever it actually is for the asteroid was gigantic: I'd have very little dV left with which to alter the asteroid's orbit and put it into a nice parking orbit of Kerbin. I'm not even entirely sure what the damn thing's inclination IS, and apart from using a space craft that is in orbit and looking at the AN/DN divergence values I'm not sure if there is a better way to determine it.