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Found 2 results

  1. Launch scheduled for November 11 at 1237 GMT (7:37 a.m. EST).
  2. This mod adds various solid rocket motors of Orbital ATK (Thiokol) to the game with a low memory footprint. Real Solar System / Realism Overhaul is supported, thanks to @raidernick for making the configs. To use with RO, simply download RO, install this mod, and let RO patch all these parts to its real numbers! Contents Star 3 Star 4G Star 5C Star 6B Star 9 Star 13B Star 15G Star 17A Star 20 Star 27 Star 27H Star 30BP Star 31 Star 37FM Star 48B Star 63 Castor 4A Castor 30A GEM-40 (GL & AL) GEM-46 (GL & AL) GEM-60 GEM-63 & GEM-63XL Pictures: Download: SpaceDock Changelog Version 4 - 14th June 2019 Support for KSP 1.7.2 New GEM-40 model & textures (Air- & Ground-lit) Added GEM-60, GEM-63, GEM-63 XL New model for the Star 48B and Star 48BV General rebalancing of the parts Version 3.9 - 14th June 2019 Support for KSP 1.6.1 Version 3 - 13th March 2016 Redone colliders Uploaded to SpaceDock Version 2 Version 1.1b - 28th August 2015 Version 1.1 - 9th July 2015 Version 1 - 7th August 2015 License All rights reserved. Rights for the booster name & concepts of course belong to Orbital ATK. Upon request (by PM), I allow other users to include some of these motors in their own mods, but they need to name me as the original author of these parts.