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Found 3 results

  1. Game: "Du du du... So, U want to play KSP?" Me: "Yeah..." Game: *Pulls out gun.* "Not today buddy." So, Yeah. Can't play the game at all due to this bug. I'll post all the things you guys need but any ideas on how to fix this? Most of the text doesn't work and is replaced by it. Time warp doesn't work. Running through the launcher doesn't work. Steam not working and even checking the files using my own eyes and Steam's find no errors. Maybe 1-2 but it goes down to 0 every time I check it. If redownloading doesn't work I'm going nuclear. (Aka nuking it from space and redownloadin
  2. So... FIrst things first: I have no idea where this should go. Why? I have no idea what #autoloc is and what it means and if it pertains to a subcategory in the forums. I just started a Career game yesterday and had just gotten to SPH level 2, so basic action groups were available. This was everything except the custom ones, of course, as well as all the flight input stuff under the #autoloc action groups. I wanted to set an action group to Action01, but that was not available, because it was only SPH Level 2. Despite this, I got curious and clicked on the Action01 in the #autoloc he
  3. Whenever I go into action groups it has the normal ones then #Autoloc_ followed by a number then below loads of things like pitch, yaw, translate L/R etc. Running 1.7.1 (latest version). I've tried reinstalling the whole game (without mods) but the issue is still there, I didn't remove any of the files that the uninstall didn't remove (settings, logs, old saves that kind of thing). Also the issue is still there with newly created craft and newly created games. What on earth could be going on? Edit: I've just noticed an autoloc (which was off) in the settings as well, is this all
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