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Found 1 result

  1. With the release of MechJeb 1.9, the Autom8 module was finally released to the public (although in an early beta fashion). Now with the 1.9.1 release, things have got stable enough that a few scripts started popping up, and I've decided to create this new thread to focus on Autom8 script discussion and release. I'll try to keep the OP updated with links to any scripts posted here, and any documentation related to it. Documentation Links Autom8 manual Scripts FlyMeToTheMun - Automated Kerbin -> Mun flight [ ] [by r4m0n] Mun to Kerbin Return - Automated Mun -> Kerbin return and landing [ ] [by olex] Spaceplane lander - Automated spaceplane landing from orbit [ ] [by olex] Using Scripts Click on the script link (I'll try to keep all scripts in pastebin for now); Click on Download; Save the script as something.lua in KSP/PluginData/mumechlib/ In the Autom8 console, type: dofile("something") ??? Profit! Sending Scripts Create and test your script. Reading other people scripts is a good way to see how it works in general, and the Autom8 manual should help with what you need for your specific ideas. If you can't find it on the manual, post in this thread and I'll try to clear it up, or add new functions when needed. With your script done, send a copy to pastebin (bonus points for using Lua coloring ). Optionally, you could also upload a video of your script running so people can see what it does. With that in hand, just post a name for the script, the link to the pastebin copy and optionally a link to the video, and I'll add it to the script list. This thread is for Autom8 scripting discussion only, please direct any other MechJeb related discussion to the main MechJeb thread.