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Found 1 result

  1. THIS THREAD IS DEPRECATED! This mod has been taken over by @MOARdV and is maintained in his thread here: CREDITS First things first: Big thanks for RPGprayer's "Position/Navigation Lights" AddOn, from which the Aviation Lights originated. Additional credits go to @Deadweasel, @Why485, @GROOV3ST3R, @JDP, @J.Random and especially @MOARdV for their great help/maintenance with/of this addon. Because I personally have my focus elsewhere and sadly do not play KSP much at this time, community member @MOARdV kindly took over maintenance of Aviation Lights temporarily and fixed it to work with the most recent KSP version. INFORMATION I've implemented two types of standard aviation lights: Navigationlights (often called Positionlights) are a safety feature on every plane bigger than an ultra-light. They indicate the orientation of the plane for other air traffic, so they know in which direction you're going. For that, the international standard of a red light on the left wingtip, a green one on the right and a white on the tail was set. Example for the correct use in KSP: But, of course, this is KSP. You can just put them on where it looks cool. Warninglights (More commonly reffered to as "Strobe&Beacon") are flashing lights to enhance detection range in bad weather and to warn other air traffic and ground personnel. Beacons are mostly mounted on tip of the vertical tail on smaller planes, or in the middle of the fuselage (top and/or bottom). They're red, bright and flashing to indicate that parts of the airplane (engines) or the airplanes itself are moving or about to be moved. Strobes are very bright, white, fast blinking lights which are mounted on the wingtips (next to the red/green navlights) and sometimes on the tail (next to the white navlight) on larger planes. They're in fact so bright, that they remain off until the pilot lines up on the runway, so the ground personnel won't get blinded if they stand right next to it. Due to popular request, I now also included the amber warning light by Deadweasel, which I just adapted to the new file system and values. Screenshot with all lights in the pack (click to enlarge): But, as I said before: Who cares if you just want to built a disco on your deep-space-vessel? INSTRUCTIONS The Aviation Lights Addon is very easy to use. Just download the .zip (link below), and extract it to your main KSP Folder. Every file should go to the appropriate place! All lights can be found in the 'Utility' section ingame. Just put them on, set Action Groups, and you're good to go. There are 5 Modes: OFF (standard), FLASH, DOUBLE FLASH and INT (Interval times are measured on those of real airplanes, but can be altered in the .cfgs) and ON. The Navigationlights come in four different colours: white, blue, red, green. To further differentiate them they also have light grey casings. The three types of Warninglights include an amber and a red beacon as well as a white strobe, which have dark grey casings and are very bright. DOWNLOAD CHANGELOG LICENSE This AddOn builds on content originally made by @RPGprayer. Used with permission. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License