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Found 1 result

  1. Rather than pushing for an autopilot, what about having the blue maneuver cues displayed for launch and reentry? A player could configure the specifics of how they want to execute their gravity turn. The maneuver cues could guide the player in the execution of their gravity turn and you could even have "bugs" display desired v. actual acceleration on the accelerometer (g-meter) to the right and speed up/down cueing similar to but not identical to angle of attack (^oV display). The aerodynamic challenges of keeping the craft stable through aggressive maneuvers would still be present. The same could be set for precise reentry or even aerobraking. This would also allow players to see challengers posed by having to fly over-complex, maneuvers. So I guess the flight director would have to be tied to much more intricate launch/reentry/aerobraking maneuver planner. Perhaps this could be incorporated into the tech tree or a VAB/SPH upgrade? In real life, airplane flight director cues are magenta. Since we already have blue maneuver cues and magenta target indicators on the navball, I'd keep the same symbology and colors that players are used to. Is this feasible for stock?